• Africa

    Pastors Are Not Angels

    It is so easy to look at men of God and think they can put an end to all your troubles. It is very easy to look at them and conclude they have the solution [...]
  • Game For Men

    Why Many Men Fail to Become Select

    In my book, Nice Guys and Players, I talk about how women divide men into two categories for dating: select and non-select.   Select men are men who in general have a combination of looks, body, [...]
In the Spotlight

If Dating is a ‘Game,’ then Someone HAS to Lose

by Alan Roger Currie in Dating Tips 0

If you read my article from last week, you will see that I divided all methods of getting a woman to engage in sexual activities with a man into five general categories: ·  Attraction ·  Seduction ·  Dishonesty [...]
Black Community

How to Stand in Love By: AH3

January 10, 2017 0

    Perhaps a whole Book can be written on this. There’s a false cultural belief that men only want  to live in a way that is uncommitted and disloyal to a woman or a […]