The 10 Side Chick Commandments

Most high value men with significant others have have a female or two on the side he’s fucking…side chicks. Side chicks a necessary part of life when living the red pill lifestyle. They provide us with trouble free great sex at the drop of a hat when our main chick isn’t acting right, is on her period, or if we just want to stick our dicks in a different pussy.

As useful as side chicks are, they have to be handled with caution as they can ruin a man’s life in more ways than one. Any man who has had a side chick or two in his day knows there are line mines-a-plenty when dealing with these broads…myself included.

That said, I’ve compiled a list of 10 rules to follow to avoid having your life go sideways on account of a side piece who gets outta pocket. Follow these as closely as possible and you’ll drastically reduce your odds of getting got by the often dangerous side chick.

1. Never meet her in town

This is non-negotiable. Meeting your side chick anywhere close to where either of you lives, no matter how large the city, is a huge mistake. You run the risk of running into someone either of you knows and if that happens, it’s a mathematical inevitability that it will get back to your main chick, her husband or boyfriend if she has one and things only get worse from there.

This is the only place you should fuck her….period

Always meet up with her a town or two (or three) over and never let her ride in your car. Side chicks are notorious for sabotaging relationships and allowing her to ride shotgun with you is usually the way they do this. Show up in separate cars and make sure she understands that this is an ironclad rule in your arrangement and that any deviation will result in the end of your affair.

2. No dates

Going out for dinners, movies, or anything that resembles a date is off limits. You don’t want her getting the idea that you might care about her. This arrangement isn’t about romance or feelings. It’s about sex. Nothing more.

Any time she suggests going out, tell her you two are ordering out and renting a movie. Not only does this keep her in check with regards to the status of your arrangement, it minimizes any risk of being seen in public together. If she objects, cancel the meet up.

This is a no-no with side chicks

I’ve had to do this with nearly every side chick I’ve banged. Half the time they fall in and half the time they stop calling. That’s the way it goes.

3. Don’t fuck your coworkers

The pitfalls here are obvious but the main one is that she could end your employment rather easily by filing a sexual harassment claim against you if things go sour. And even if she didn’t, you would both know she’s got that ace up her sleeve that can be played at her discretion.

Not worth the risk

Office romances rarely stay under wraps, if ever. Messing with women who voluntarily play second fiddle to another is playing with fire as it is. Fucking your coworkers is just begging for a world of hurt. Any man who swims in these treacherous waters deserves what he gets. The warnings have been drilled into our skulls since we were young in the form of the old adage “never mix business with pleasure.”

Abide by this rule and you’ll steer clear of this life-altering booby trap.

4. Use a fake name

This isn’t always possible but it’s a good practice to get into. Using a fake name makes it very difficult for her to stalk you (e.g. on Facebook, where she can get familiar with the names and faces of your friends and family), dig into your personal life, or anything else she might do when she starts catching feelings and begins entertaining thoughts of a long term relationship with you.

The less she knows about your identity the more easily you can disappear when the time comes.

Pro Tip: A cheap throwaway prepaid flip phone comes in handy here. You can get the service put in whatever name you choose which further throws her off the scent and reduces her accessibility to you…so long as this is the only number she has to reach you.

5. NEVER tell her where you live or work

A coworker of mine broke this particular rule and saying that it cost him dearly is a gross understatement. Aside from having to find a new job and new residence, damage was done to his and some of his co-workers’ vehicles. His jilted lover also used spray paint to let everyone know who was responsible for her rampage which dug him into an even deeper financial abyss.

Revealing where you hang your hat or swipe your time card is an egregious mistake of epic proportions. Keep this information under lock and key at all costs.

6. Always use protection

One would think I shouldn’t have to put this on the list, but believe it or not there are a lot of idiots out there raw dogging their side chicks.

Things can get pretty messy if she decides to carry the pregnancy to term. Paternity testing drama, child support hearings, awkward visitation, complications with custody arrangements, the list goes on and on. Not to mention your kid possibly being raised by her slutty ass and whatever beta schlub she cons into wifing her up.

Nobody wins in that scenario especially the kid.

It’s bad news to knock up a a random girl but impregnating another man’s wife will complicate your life like nothing else. So unless you’re shooting blanks wrap the fuck up.

7. Do not get attached

Now before Captain Obvious(es) hit me with “well of course not!”, this isn’t as easy as you may think. The sex you will have with side chicks is some of the best you’ll ever experience. Dick-deprived women are experimental, insatiable, and every kind of debaucherous adjective in between. She’ll dress as slutty as you tell her to and will channel her inner porn star that has been begging to surface.

Believe me when I tell you that it is very easy to get caught up in a woman who willingly satisfies your every sexual need every time you meet. Your brain grows more addicted to the dopamine rushes she faithfully delivers with every encounter, and before you know it you’re entertaining crazy thoughts about running away together or whatever other ridiculous scenarios your mind stupidly thinks up in the midst of a sex-fueled psychosis.

The best way to avoid this is to limit your time with her. It won’t be easy to cut back on her ball-draining techniques, but the less time you spend around her, the less likely you are to get attached.

8. Know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em

Being ready to walk away at any time is standard game application, but it’s magnified tenfold with side chicks. If you get the feeling things may unravel get the hell out of there. Females are unstable by nature so be prepared for her implosion at any moment.

Don’t freak out if she starts calling you more or demanding more time. That’s perfectly normal and always happens in the beginning. You’re dicking her good and she wants more—that’s part of the gig. Handle it.

Time to fold

But when she starts talking about a long term relationship with your or getting careless with the covertness of your affair, hit that eject button immediately and disappear. When she starts exhibiting this behavior it’s only a matter of time before she self destructs and if you’re anywhere near her blast radius she’ll take you down with her.

9. She’d better be attractive




If you’re a high value male your woman knows other women look at you. They know other women want to fuck you and sometimes they even know other women are fucking you. She may know you’re cheating but if there’s no evidence, she sweeps it under the rug…..if your game is tight.

Women who belong to high value men understand very clearly that you’re going to have a side chick or two. Believe it or not, females understand sexual dynamics from a very early age which means they already have red pill knowledge without knowing it. They know that most of the time, men cheat mainly for sex.

Fuck her all you want….just don’t get caught

Yes, if her man cheats it’ll hurt her but in the back of her mind she knows that you’re probably not thinking of replacing her with the side chick you’re banging on the side. So long as you don’t get caught, she’ll continue to be your main chick. But if you’re sloppy and get caught it can cause serious problems.

O.J. Simpson’s late wife, Nicole Brown Simpson,  is the quintessential example of what can happen if a man is messy with his affairs. Nicole knew O.J. was fucking around because he’s O.J. fucking Simpson! He was a 6’2” ex football star with movie star looks and Hollywood charisma. Of course he was going to have other women. Nicole knew this and was okay with it…

…until he started throwing it in her face. Women can only take so much of this and after a while she’d had enough and fucked Marcus Allen which lead to O.J. damn near decapitating her (allegedly).

Females know and understand that as a man of value you’re going to stick your dick in other chicks. Like it or not they know it’s inevitable and a part of life. So long as you don’t fuck your side chicks in the bed you sleep in, bring home any diseases, or knock anybody up (because that cuts into her bottom line), she’ll look the other way and continue to be your girl.


No strategy is bulletproof. There’s always a chance things could get out of hand no matter what you do. But if you follow these commandments to the letter you will drastically reduce your odds of having your life ruined by a piece of bargain basement weekend pussy.

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