10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Air Max 95

Check out 10 surprising facts about one of the most embraced Nike products ever, the Air Max 95.

10) Air Max 95 was one of the first pairs to make a blast on the resell market

The Air Max 95 is part of a distinctive chapter in the sneaker resell market. In 1996, Japanese sneaker fans were one of the first ones to pay astronomic prices ($1000-$3000 USD) for a pair of Air Max 95s after the sneaker sold out in a matter of hours in their country.

9) Even Nike was surprised

The Swoosh Brand was caught off guard by Air Max 95’s success in Japan but they quickly brought it back in bigger volumes and more colorways. In a matter of months, every Japanese sneaker store managed to re-up on the kicks just so they can sell out once again.

8) Laces was replaced by zippers (temporarily)

At the time Nike considered that laces were a thing of the past so the Air Max 95 received a zipped up edition. Fortunately, Nike reconsidered and the Air Max 95s got their laces back.

7) A series of robberies begun

US-based sneaker stores were NOT the first ones to be robbed for their merch back in the ’90s. As you can see above, Japanese sneaker fans did just about anything to get their hands on the Air Max 95s.

6) The bootlegs

Nike’s creation was one of the first pair of kicks to be heavily bootlegged. Some bootleggs were creative to say so but most pairs were funny-looking to say at least.

5) There’s also a boot edition

That’s right, Nike turned the Air Max 95 into a boot as well.

4) Criminals’ footwear of choice in the UK

According to a statistic, the Air Max 95s were the criminals’ footwear of choice in United Kingdom in the mid 2000s.

3) They were never cheap

The Air Max 95 was never a cheap shoe. In fact, Nike’s creation was priced at $140 back in 1995 when it first hit the shelves and it now retails at $170 USD.

2) Original sketches looked different

Different from what you might think, the original sketches looked different than the first edition of the shoe. Even so, the changes made in the production line were highly embraced by the fans.

1) The name came later

At first, the Swoosh Brand named their creation Air Max just so they can add “95” to the name sometimes in 1999. As we can see above, the original boxes are solid proof for this fact.

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