2 more signs you’re a purple pill fake masquerading as a genuine Red Pill Man

Last week I gave you 3 signs you’re a purple pill fake masquerading as a genuine Red Pill Man. I’ve got two more logs to throw onto the fire:

#4- You still think Men and women are the same

Part of unplugging from the matrix means accepting the fact that Men and women are not the same. No, not in the obvious ways like men are bigger, faster stronger, etc. Those are obvious and even beta bitch boys know that Rhonda Rousey wouldn’t last 3 seconds in any ring with Floyd Mayweather even if he were fighting her as a fly weight.

I’m talking about intelligence, gender roles, and most of all education. I talked about the fact that “educated” women are frauds and use their fraudulent college degrees as an excuse not to get into and stay in shape in order to consolidate on a man of value, take a listen below (this rant is epic):

So many men who think they’re Red Pill still don’t understand that the best relationships are the ones where Men are the primary breadwinners, and women are the primary caretakers. As far as household chores are concerned Men take care of everything outside like mowing the lawn, trimming the hedges, cleaning the gutters, taking out the trash and so forth and women take care of all the chores on the inside like doing the dishes, cooking, cleaning vacuuming etc.

Now, to be fair feminism isn’t the only thing that has fucked up gender roles and gender relations. These days it requires 2 incomes to sustain a decent household in terms of having a decent place to live, a car, appliances and all the rest of that. But one could argue that if a couple exercised financial prudence, live below their means, and plan accordingly they could live a very good life on just the husband’s salary, provided he makes enough.

But that doesn’t mean that women aren’t still responsible for their end of the bargain as far as household duties are concerned. Men work all day and many of them are blue collar labor intensive jobs and women still expect them to come home, take out the trash, fix the water heater, and change the filters as they should. But women think that because they sit in an air conditioned building all day chopping away at a keyboard means they don’t have to cook, clean, and fuck.

I’ll use my girlfriend as an example. She has an office job that happens to require quite a bit of brain power.A lot of times she comes home mentally exhausted. And every once in a while if I know she’s had a long day, maybe I’ll load the dishwasher or vacuum the floor or do a load of laundry here and there. That way when she gets home all she has to do is cook and fuck.

Just because this isn’t the norm anymore doesn’t mean it’s not possible

But most of the time regardless of how long or arduous her day is, she doesn’t skirt her household responsibilities. Every so often she’ll leave the dishes for tomorrow morning…no big deal not a deal breaker, but she takes care of it before she heads off to work.

The point is that one of the reasons Devon and I have a solid relationship (for now) is that we understand and abide by traditional gender roles. We know, understand, acknowledge, and execute our responsibilities to each other as man and woman.

Men out there who THINK they’re “Red Pill Alphas” don’t require their women to keep the house clean and do all the cooking…..and these guys are MARRIED. Shit, Devon and I will never be married but guess what, she handles her business because that’s what I require. Why?


Purple pill men KNOW what a woman’s place is regardless of the “stress” her job requires. This is part of the gig. Women bitch and moan about how they want men to man up and engage in masculine responsibilities but when it comes time to cook, clean, do the laundry, and give up the pussy, they don’t wanna uphold THEIR end of the bargain while expecting men to continue to uphold theirs.

My girl doesn’t always feel up to it but she does what she needs to do anyway.

And these Purple pill guys out here don’t put their foot down because deep down they still believe that women are equal to men in this regard. Not even close. Just because she’s mentally tired when she gets home doesn’t mean she doesn’t have the energy to throw a steak in a pan and suck some dick. I know that Devon doesn’t always wanna do what’s necessary but she pulls up her boot straps and powers through it because she knows that in return she gets my protection, my attention, my time, my affection, access to my resources, and my loyalty. She also knows that if she doesn’t uphold her end of the bargain, I’m the fuck up out of here.

What purple pill men have to realize is that what women have to do to get what they want out of you IS NOT THE SAME AS WHAT WE HAVE TO DO TO GET WHAT WE WANT OUT OF THEM.

Men and women aren’t equal and neither are the tasks involved with upholding their end of the bargain. They only thing they’re equal in is importance but unfortunately most “red pill” men don’t understand that.

#5- You still believe in NAWALT and “True Love”

Nevermind that Purple pill men still cling to the belief that their “person” is out there. Nevermind that these guys still believe in the bullshit notion of a “soulmate.” No, that’s not nearly as bad as Men who claim to be “red pill” will STILL say shit like “Yeah man, women are fucked up. They’ll cheat on you, they’ll fuck you over, and they’ll take you to the cleaners in family court but not every single woman is like that. Like, you can’t tell me that 100% of women out there is infected by feminism. You can’t tell me that 100% of women will fuck you over if you give them the opportunity.”

Interestingly enough that’s absolutely correct. 100% of women won’t fuck you over or divorce rape you. 100% of women out there won’t cheat on you. But 100% of women ARE female which means they are a slave to their biology which means that yes, ALL WOMEN ARE LIKE THAT.

The most innocent looking girls are the most slutty

Just because a woman happens to be the exception to one aspect of AWALT doesn’t mean she’s a fucking unicorn. Okay so she doesn’t blame shift. But trust and believe that if you get fat, lose your job, and stop keeping her in line she WILL upgrade in the name of hypergamy and she’ll make sure she has your replacement firmly in her grasp before dropping the hammer on you in the form of branch swinging.

Okay so your wife didn’t branch swing. She came to you like a woman and told you straight up that this isn’t working and that she wants out. But you can bet your bottom dollar that when she tells her family and friends why she’s leaving you, she’ll blame you for it. That’s called blame shifting.

What’s that you say? You know a woman who doesn’t blame shift, branch swing, or is hypergamous? Even IF I believed you, guess what…ALL WOMEN SHIT TEST.

That’s right, all women shit test. All women test men they’re attracted to to make sure he’s the man he’s presented himself to be and to make sure he’s still the man she fell in love with. Every woman on the face of the earth shit tests Men and that’s not a bad thing.

Defying one element of AWALT doesn’t mean she’s ‘Not like that.” And just because she doesn’t engage in a particular act to the same degree doesn’t mean she’s the exception to the rule.

All women are like that gentlemen and the sooner you get that through your thick skull the better of you AND your woman will be.

Devon’s a good woman but make no mistake, she is who she is because I MADE her that way. Yes, she has many qualities that elevate my life but she was out there on the carousel just like every other woman is on when they’re single.  She ain’t no unicorn. She is “like that” and she understands this.

No woman is a unicorn

She knows that being “like that” doesn’t mean she’s a bad person or a terrible woman. She knows that her proclivities to blame shift when it comes to her ex is typical female behavior. But she also knows that because we’re both aware of it, she can do her best to avoid the behavior.

Every once in a while I may give her a gentle reminder that she’s engaging in AWALT behaviors but she doesn’t take it personally because she knows I’m trying to make and keep her the best woman she can be and she knows she can’t do that without facing some hard truths about her biology and it’s as simple as that.

Men of different shades, red pill, blue pill, purple pill, we all know and understand that we are aroused by attractive women. We freely admit that we want to fuck the best female physical specimens out there. We don’t deny our biological desire for beautiful women. At least when we’re not in the company of women (blue pill and purple pill guys I’m talkin’ to you here).

So if we freely admit that we are beholden to our biology as males then why the hell are Purple pill men so quick to dismiss female biology? I’ll tell you why. BECAUSE THEY’RE AFRAID.

They’re afraid to call their women out for trashing their ex boyfriends or ex husbands and that you’re aware that there are two sides to every story and that YOU know she shares in the blame for the demise of the relationship.

They’re afraid to admit that their wives would drop them in a New York Minute for Kevin in sales who makes more, is in better shape, is more confident, and is a flat out better option for her than they are.

Purple pill men still believe in the notion of romantic love. They still dream of “unconditional love”.

Devon and I have started watching the series Mad Men on Netflix and in the second episode of the first season, Don Draper brilliantly sums up the bullshit notion of romantic love when talking to a woman who told him she’ never felt love in her life. He said  “The reason you haven’t felt it is because it doesn’t exist. What you call love was invented by guys like me, to sell nylons. You’re born alone and you die alone and this world just drops a bunch of rules on top of you to make you forget those facts. But I never forget.”

Red Pill Men never forget. Blue Pill Men never knew it in the first place. And purple pill Men try to forget but he’s quickly reminded of this when his woman tearfully admits that she got drunk at a company party and went back to Kevin’s place where he his friend Dave, who plays a mean guitar, and his friend Billy the cocaine dealer ran a train on her. And now she’s pregnant and doesn’t know who the father is because nobody used a condom that night.

There is no purple pill, gentlemen. You are either living the Red Pill life or you are not. There’s no in between.

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