2 Ways The Meek Mill/Safaree Samuels Beef Over Nicki Minaj Confirms Red Pill Truth

Most people by now are aware of the run in between Meek Mill’s crew and Safaree Samuels on Friday night at a pre-BET party hosted by D.J. Khaled in West Hollywood.

The long and the short of what happened is that Meek Mill’s home boys “jumped” Safaree Samuels, which most believe stems from their ongoing feud over Nicki Minaj. For those who haven’t seen the confrontation, you can watch it below (spoiler alert: this wasn’t much of a beat down as there is more running and yelling than actual fighting)

Though I’ve been in plenty of fights I’m fortunate to have never been jumped or ambushed by two or more dudes. But if it’s anything like the above incident I’m confident in saying I’d probably be alright. But I digress…

The issue at hand here is not the fact that Meek Mill allegedly bitched out and had other men handle his affairs rather than personally confronting Samuels like a man. It’s not even that Mill and Samuels have beef in the first place.

The issue is that they are feuding over a fucking woman.

Having disagreements and confrontations with other men are an inevitable and necessary part of life. Any man who is successful in his respect field has no doubt had to address, handle, and squash multiple disputes with other men along the way. That’s part of the gig.


But the minute a man spends time, money, and other resources to take care of a conflict over a woman, he lets the world know that he has his priorities out of whack.

All love triangle sagas are rife with red pill truth. Whether it’s Jamal, Keisha, and Michael from down the street or Russell Wilson, Ciara, and Future, all of these scenarios further drive home the iron clad doctrines we already know here in the black manosphere.

That said, here are the 3 most obvious crimson capusule principles that jumped out to me.

#1: Women Need Men To Be Successful

There’s no doubt that Nicki Minaj is as talented as any recording artist out there. Add to the fact that she has above average looks (a 7 at best), a fat ass, and a great boob job, it’s not hard to recognize why she’s one of the most recognizable celebrities out there. But like all women in any given field, she needed men to get to where she is.  Most notably Safaree Samuels.

During Nicki and Safaree’s 12 year relationship, Samuels was instrumental in his main chick’s success in the music industry. The feminist influenced media attempted to downplay his role in Minaj’s success by characterizing him as a minor factor in the creative process. But the more details came to light about what happened behind the scenes, the more it became clear that Samuels was the driving force behind her accomplishments.

Samuels filed a law suit against Minaj last year but manned up and dropped the suit likely realizing he was coming off as a jilted lover trying to take his pound of flesh after being kicked to the curb by his ex. He went one step further and and gave credit to his former girlfriend on The Wendy Williams Show:

[Nicki] doesn’t sit there and do absolutely nothing, but I definitely was a helping force in everything that had to do with creative music. It’s not like I was just a waste man.”

Samuels tells the gossip queen about his split with Minaj

Whoever deserves what amount of credit for her success is not important. The bottom line is that Minaj, like every other successful female, had a man in her corner behind the scenes pulling the strings and greasing the skids to her success.

If no man is an island, the same applies to women tenfold.

#2: Women Will Never Stay With Men Of Lower Status

“Let’s you and him fight”

A standard game doctrine we teach in the ‘sphere is that women never fall out of the tree because they always find another branch to swing to. That is, a woman will never break up with or leave a man if she doesn’t have another “branch” firmly in her grasp.

Another red pill dogma we drive home is that women of higher financial, social, and/or aesthetic status will never stay with men of lower value. For example, Ciara would never consider dating a man like me because her net worth and celebrity far outweigh mine. For this reason, she only seeks out relationships with men of equal or higher value.

Minaj and Samuels were a couple for over a decade. When they started out, Samuels had more value than she did. He had more money, more status, and more power than his girl. But now in 2017, Minaj is worth over $75 million while Samuels is worth a mere $2 million.


You can bet your ass Nicki was fuckin’ Mill long before she split with Samuels

Women are keenly aware of their value as it relates to their significant others. If at any time she realizes her value is higher than his, she mentally checks out and starts looking for a man of higher value. Simple math.

While Meek Mill is only worth $3 million, it’s 33% more than her ex. And that doesn’t account for Mill’s game, social status, and overall influence in the hip hop community.

Nicki Minaj acted exactly like all women do regardless of their net worth or celebrity: 1) She started fucking Meek Mill while still with Safaree Samuels, thereby, exercising her branch swinging tendencies and 2) Mill is a man of higher value than Samuels.

In The End…

…both men end up looking bad because they’re fighting over a woman. Yes, Nicki Minaj is mildly attractive and yes, I’m sure she can suck and fuck with the best of ’em. But no matter how good a woman looks or how good the pussy is, no woman is worth fighting over.

Samuels looks like a butt hurt bitch with that ridiculous law suit he filed against her, and Mill looks like a simp for having deployed his goons to jump Samuels over a post wall, soon to be 35 year old female who’s made her rounds on the hip hop cock carousel.

Both men are obviously successful and can score pussy just about anywhere and any time they want. Beefing over a woman who is a few short years from crashing into the wall isn’t worth it.

Hopefully in a few years they can both look back on this and realize how silly they were because long standing rifts between men over a piece of ass is the behavior of a bona fide simp.

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