Top 5 mixtapes of 2017 so far

May 23, 2017 Alexandru M. 0

We are barely a quarter of the way through the year and yet, some pure fire has been laid down in the world of hip hop. From the new work  of meteoric Canadian superstar, Drake, […]

Business/ Finance

Scooping Up That Pension Money

May 19, 2017 Josh Sillito 0

Scooping Up That Pension Money Retirement planning doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with ‘Retiring’. It’s really not even fair to say that everyone wants to invest for their retirement – plenty find so much […]

Black Community

Black Men, Boundaries, and Power

May 18, 2017 Rom Wills 0

Men by their nature are territorial.   In being territorial men in their minds will create boundaries between their territory and the outside world.   In a man’s natural state everything inside the boundary is good and […]

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