How to Overcome a Disaster Scenario

December 8, 2017 V. 0

When faced with overwhelming circumstances and aspects of a disaster scenario, no matter whether in an urban or a natural environment, a lot of our previously gained knowledge and presumed preparedness can become nowhere to […]

Health For Black Men

How I beat a caffeine addiction

December 6, 2017 Donovan Sharpe 0

Disclaimer: This is not medical advice, nor is it intended to be. Always consult a licensed physician before starting any supplement regimen. Around this time last year I started getting what I thought were heart […]


IMF-The International Sugardaddy

December 5, 2017 Tony Maceo 0

“I’m asked where is imperialism?” Just look into your plates! You see the imported corn, rice & millet? This is imperialism, Let’s not look any further.”-Thomas Sakara To the world, Hugh Hefner was the ultimate […]


The Importance of Starting a Fire

December 2, 2017 V. 0

Whenever we spend time in the great outdoors, whether camping, hiking or for any other reason, a warm and roaring fire can serve an immense array of purposes and often enough it can become the […]

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