Black Community

The Leadership Problem in Black America

November 29, 2018 Rom Wills 0

Black America has some issues.   That’s stating the problem mildly.   Whether it’s the racial wealth gap, voter suppression, single family homes, or health concerns, there are obviously many problems.  Although there are many people and […]

Black Community


November 23, 2018 Marcus Love 0

Aww, shheeit! It’s that time of year again. Today’s the infamous Black Friday, the day after Thanks Taking—Oops, I mean, Thanksgiving (that’s another story for another time). North America’s official first day of holiday retail […]


Black Men need to be More Assertive

November 22, 2018 Rom Wills 0

There is a sad situation I’ve observed over the past 40 years.  Black men in general have become more passive.   This passiveness has affected Black men collectively in all areas of life.   Notice I have […]

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