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The Most Rewarding Hobbies For Men

June 21, 2019 V. 0

Introduction A man’s life is definitely not made for sitting around all day, wasting your time away. We can all agree that men need to keep busy, to have a steady routine and a determined […]

Game For Men

Stay True to Yourself

June 19, 2019 V. 0

Introduction Today we have a special topic to discuss, a sort of torch that we want to hand on to all those young, up and coming guys. We now that a nudge, and a burst […]


It’s Just Your Turn

June 16, 2019 V. 0

When talking about women here on Negromanosphere, and moreover about dating and the game, we’re always trying our best to give you the raw truth, the way that things are. Sometimes they’re not really easy […]

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June 11, 2019 Tony Maceo 0

We’ve heard the critiques of everybody from Bill Cosby to President Barack Obama. When a police officer was killed in Jersey City, in July 2014, a local television news reporter identified the underlying cause of […]

Black Community

Tell Black Women to Love Black Men

June 10, 2019 Rom Wills 0

I heard a clip the other day from a prominent Pro-Black scholar.   He was saying that Black men need to love and marry Black women.   It was mainly for political reasons and along the lines […]

Black Community

Who Shot Ya?

June 8, 2019 Marcus Love 1

Now we all knew that this day would eventually come. An on-duty police officer convicted of shooting an unarmed citizen but not without the expected twist: this time, the cop’s a Black man found guilty […]

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