Health For Black Men

Shoot Your Shot. . . Or Not

June 29, 2021 Marcus Love 1

Nuh-uh, Brothers, don’t let the smooth title sway you. Two things are a certainty here: One, I’m not a dating coach; and two, this isn’t about shooting your shot to obtain an available woman but […]


Quit The Messianic Complex

June 27, 2021 Sylvanus Omoniyi 0

The world is filled with too many problems and sometimes you get confused in trying to save everyone because of your good heart. The truth is, you can’t save everyone because you will eventually drown […]

Don't Let COVID-19 Excuse You From Working Out While Traveling.
Health For Black Men

Staying in Shape While Traveling

June 22, 2021 Marcus Love 1

So, the next time if any of you so-called alpha males bump into this bona fide, filled with pride sigma warrior, don’t feel intimated to ask me that infamous question from the action flick John […]

Currently chilling in Kenya, my fourth African Country to have visit so far.
Travel /Expat Living For Black Men

Ballin’ Out on an Early Retirement Budget

June 18, 2021 Marcus Love 1

Now whether you’re a man who’s just sold his business, cashed out his cryptocurrency, post-divorced, and/or like me, living well in post-early retirement, I’m willing to wager that most, if not all of us Brothers, […]