3 Lies Foreign Women Say To Black Men To Get More Money Out of YOU!

       I get it brother. You are tired of dealing with Single Mothers. You are tired of dealing with fat musty bitches with roman tie up sandals. You are TIRED of dealing with women who have a lack of femininity. You are tired of Dealing with women who have a strong sense of entitlement.  You are tired of hoes expecting you to pay for $200 dinners while refusing to give up the pussy afterwards. Trust me:


You are probably now at the point where you are fed up, looking for options, and ready to start over with NON american Women.  


You are now on Youtube watching channels like The Charles Tyler Show (Who specializes in Black Men in Brazil) , Taylor Made Dreams (who specialize in Black Men going to Dominican Republic), and other channels who specialize on Black Men finding love in other places. Now, you have hope in finding more attractive, feminine, and beautiful women. 


However, you are about to make one huge mistake my friend. You are assuming that foreign women are DIFFERENT from American women. While Foreign women may be more feminine and less combative, they STILL want from you what every other woman desires:        


You still want what every man wants from women:


Let’s not be confused as to what is going on here in this dynamic. As soon as you run OUT of money, these bitches will have no use FOR you. Before you travel to Colombia, Brazil, Dominican Republic, or any foreign country seeking feminine companionship, this is something that you must understand. Foreign women will take the opportunity to use your lack of understanding of their culture against you. Many men have went overseas only to be taken advantage of because you thought a woman was “DIFFERENT” just because the bitch was from Brazil. In this article, I will lay out 3 scams these hoes will try to use on you to extort more money from your pockets. If you follow these 3 steps, you will be able to keep your overseas tricking to a mininum.


 1) Her  kid is sick and in the Hospital and she needs money

Recently my boy came across this sexy big booty and small waisted whore in the Dominican Republic.



This bitch actually thought my boy was dumb enough to tell him that she needed to see her phone  and she wouldn’t be able to talk to him again unless he coughed up some money to help her kid get out of the hospital. 


The fuckery listed in this screen shot is amazing. What she is trying to do is to force him to give her money OR she can’t talk to him again. Of course, he ditched this raggedy ass broke bitch because she was trying to take advantage of him. What made it even worse is that he met her, and she didn’t want to fuck BUT STILL WAS begging for money. 


2) My phone got stolen and I don’t have a Phone…although the bitch is on the Phone messaging you 

This is a screen shot of this hoe who another friend of mines met in  last year. As you can see here, she is stating that she lost her phone. 


As you can clearly see, this bitch cannot spell or write that well. She is telling him that she lost her job in order to get him to start instantly simping. Excuse the stupidity of this foreign hoe. As you can see, the man tells her he is “praying it works out.” He says this because he is not a simp and is refusing to offer this weak ass bitch a new phone. When he refuses to simp, this is what she says:


This hoe grows some balls and asks CAN YOU SEND ME A PHONE? However, isn’t this bitch ON THE PHONE SENDING HIM THIS MESSAGE ASKING FOR A PHONE?


Do not fall for this shady ass tactic brothers.


3) She lost her job

This is actually a good way bitches can get money from men they have fucked overseas. There are a few reasons why. The first reason is you cannot verify if she has a job or not. Thus, you have to take her word for it according to her thinking. Secondarily, she lives in a poor country where jobs don’t pay as much. Now, to keep her on deck, she will attempt to force you into a corner by asking for money. 300 percent of Foreign bitches will ASK for MONEY in developed countries. In the screen shot above, you saw exactly how she tried to gain sympathy by mentioning “she lost her job.” Be very aware of these tricks to attempt to get you to simp.


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