3 obvious signs your hot girlfriend is using you as an ATM

Any man who has experience with dating extremely attractive women (The 9s and 10s of the world), know that they come with a different set of rules in terms of game. I’m not going to get into it here because I’ve written and talked about this ad nauseam on my website.

That said, any man who finds himself in a relationship with a super hot girl might be blind to the fact that she is a financial leech. She’s there to drain you of your resources before moving onto the next target.

Now let’s not confused this with gold diggers. Gold diggers are women who are looking to stay with men who are worth 7 or 8 figures. They have no intention of going anywhere and attempt to lock him down by having his kid.

We’re talking about “quasi sugar babies” as I’ve affectionately named them. These women are parasitic and will suck you dry before you realize what’s happened. Having tangled with these sluts a few times, I’m going to put you up on game in terms of how to identify a woman who is only with you to bleed you dry.

#1 – She lets you fuck her without a condom

Now this isn’t for the reason you think. Remember quasi sugar babies aren’t looking for anything long term, they’re not looking for a relationship, and they’re damn sure not looking to get pregnant because kids will effectively end her lifestyle and lower her value on the market.

The REAL reason she lets you raw dog her is because she wants to get you hooked. Look guys we all know unprotected sex feels the best…..especially to men. QSBs know this and use it as bait to hook you and draw you in. They know that more girls require the dudes they’re fucking to use condoms than ones that don’t so lettin’ you go bareback puts her above those other women which puts her in position to cash out with YOU.

I’ll let you guys know right now, when I was down in Vegas I had a few main chicks and what they all had in common was that I didn’t have to use condoms with any ‘em. Of course I made sure they were on birth control and were keeping up with it and I never had anything close to a close call.  But the girls I wrapped up with didn’t get as much time which was the vast majority of ‘em. But the girls I didn’t have to use condoms with always got much more of my time and attention because unprotected sex is better than fuckin’ with a condom….we all know it.

Again, QSBs are keenly aware of this distinction so they make sure you know up front she’s a girl you can raw dog but it’s a strategy and a really good friend of mine had his girlfriend do this to him. Check this shit out:

When they first started dating, they didn’t use protection but after about a month she all of a sudden told him he had to start using condoms because she didn’t wanna get pregnant even though she was on the pill….yes pregnancy is possible on the pill but it’s over 99% effective. Well he thought she was fucking around on him which is entirely possible and might have even been the case but he told me she called him from a different number because her phone had been cut off. She said she was something like $300 past due or some crazy number like that. Anyway, he paid her bill, she thanked him said she would pay him back, and he says “don’t worry about it’s fine”. He said that she told him not to worry about condoms for a while. Well obviously he put 2 and 2 together and knew that she let him fuck her without a condom BECAUSE he paid her phone bill….quid pro quo. So from then on he paid her phone bill so he could keep having unprotected sex with his own girlfriend.

THIS IS HOW THESE WOMEN OPERATE. They give you the good shit early to get you hooked, then take it away, so they can price gouge you for it later and keep you paying. Unprotected sex is a quasi sugar baby’s weapon of choice guys, trust me.

They’ll also do it with rent, or electric bill, or car payment or any other bill they have and they work it the same way that girl worked it with my buddy. They’ll talk about how they can’t afford this bill or that and if you swoop in to pay it for them, all of a sudden they’re not worried about their birth control failing. Funny how that works right?

#2 – She has fake tits but is young and unmarried

A young girl with fake tits and is married most likely married the guy who paid for her tits…fine, he gets her youth and beauty and paid for a bigger set of tits for exclusive rights to her vagina and in exchange she gets to live a great life without worrying about money. Fine….that’s how it works.

But a young girl who has fake tits and ISN’T married almost certainly DID NOT pay for them and I KNOW this to be true because multiple strippers have told me this. (not that you needed me to tell you this). A couple strippers me and my buddies used to do blow with on weekends told us that young hot girls never pay for boob jobs….INCLUDING THEM. It is always a man who pays for them.

I wasn’t surprised when I heard this because rich men buy shit for women all the time but strippers make great money so if they really wanted fake boobs they could just save up so I asked one of the girls: 

“Well you guys are makin’ like $2000 a night, couldn’t you have just saved up?” And she said “Yeah but I’m bad with money….plus I gotta pay the bouncers, the DJ, and the pole dues so even though I go home with a bunch of cash on a good night I’ve never been good at saving money so why save up when I can just get somebody to pay for them for me?”

So I said “but boob jobs are only like 5 grand right? You could have that in a few nights.” and she says “Yeah If you want your tits to leak or hurt or look funny or have huge scars but the best boob jobs are like $15, $20,000” and then she says “I don’t know any stage girls who save money like that especially when they know they can get pretty much anything they want any time they want.”

And guys guess what, she’s absolutely right. Girls are terrible with money. And hot girls who take off their clothes for strangers to make money, blow it all the time and never worry about it because they know they can get some dude to pay a bill when they’re broke. Strippers blow their money on cocaine, expensive liquor, drugs, expensive shoes, clothes, etc.

Now, what’s all that got to do with us? Simple. And listen very carefully because I guarantee yo this is probably something you don’t know unless you’ve spent time in Vegas night life scene: Most men who pay for boob jobs for girls are NOT rich. Yeah they make good money but they’re not ballers. They’re not pushin’ Lamborghinis or livin’ in a penthouse on the strip. These guys might have some money saved up or they have really good credit but they can’t walk into a casino and get a comped a suite or get 6 figure markers.  So a QSB gets her hooks in THAT guy and he ends up either taking money from his savings or financing the surgery which means making monthly payments.

Rich guys don’t have to pay for boob jobs. They can buy the girl who’s already got fake tits. Rich guys let the not so rich guys pay for boob jobs, then they swoop in and steal the girl not having paid for a damn thing. And that’s where guys like us come in.

I’m not rich by any stretch of the imagination but I’ve got a decent nest egg and I could easily afford to buy any girl a boob job right now if I wanted to. And like I said before if you guys are living the red pill life it’s only a matter of time before you start making good money and sock some away for a rainy day.

When that day comes and a quasi sugar baby with small tits targets you and finds out that you’re capable of buying her fake tits for her, and you actually buy them, she’ll send you a breakup text the MINUTE she wakes up in post op. This has happened to many, many men out there. I don’t personally know any men who have been through this, but do a quick Google search and you’ll see plenty of stories involving girls using dudes to pay for their breast enlargement surgery, then ghostin’ on ‘em. Happens all the time.

So if your girl starts talking about a boob job and how she wishes she could afford ‘em you know it’s only a matter of time before she asks YOU to pay for them and if you do, you can kiss her goodbye.

#3 – Her lifestyle doesn’t match her income

Any girl who owns a car like this didn’t pay for it

There was one girl I dated a girl in Vegas for almost a year. Super hot Mexican girl, big fake tits (and by the way she was 19 when she got ‘em and yes she tricked some dude into buying them for her), beautiful face, perfect ass, shapely legs I mean this chick was a hard 10…as in she could literally have any man she wants.

Here’s the thing: When I met her she was a waitress at Planet Hollywood and she eventually got promoted to a hostess but we know waitresses ad hostesses don’t make shit…..even hot ones. But she lived in a an two bedroom two bathroom apartment near the strip, that had a garden tub, a balcony with a really nice view, she drove a brand new Mustang WITHOUT A CAR PAYMENT  and of course she had fake the boobs…..all on a waitresses salary?

It was obvious to me from the start that she was a girl who used men for money because there’s no way she could afford her lifestyle with the money she made. Sure she might have been a stripper but why make a few bucks an hour standing up all day when you can spend a few hours a night shakin’ your ass and make 4 figures in one night?

The point is that if you meet a hot girl who has name brand everything, 70” flat screen, lives in a luxury apartment, and drives a nice car but tells you she works at the mall…you know her lifestyle is financed by other men which means you’re gonna be the next one on her roster if you let her.

Beware, gents…..

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