3 Reasons American Men are moving abroad

Since the advent of the internet, people are able to share and discover information like never before in human history. If you want to know anything about anything, all one has to do is pull out their phone and voila! Instant access and accurate(ish) information.

Among the valuable information we can access with just a click of the mouse or the touch of a phone, foreign countries is at or near the top of the list. American Men are leaving the United States in droves in search of a better life.

Here are the top 5 reasons why American Men are moving abroad at about the rate that brothers are jumping ship and dating white girls.

#1 – The women

American women are among the worst in the world. Women in the UK, Australia, Canada and more recently New Zealand has started to fall victim to feminism but by and large, the very worst women in terms of long term relationships, motherhood, or anything else feminine are American women by a landslide.

American women are fat, bitchy, entitled, have zero clue as to how to be feminine (so much so that there are classes now to teach women how to be feminine), and make terrible mothers, wives, and girlfriends.

American women cheat on their boyfriends and husbands so often that it’s almost an outlier when a woman is actually faithful to her significant other for a significant period of time. As sad as this is, it’s the new normal.

Because of these circumstances, Men have started seeking greener pastures with foreign women and most of them have great success. Sure, there are adjustments to be made living abroad and eventually becoming an expat but the rigors of accomplishing this seem to be well worth it.

Now there are other Men who completely give up and have relationships with sex dolls, which I certainly cant blame them for. I wouldn’t do this my self but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t understand why Men completely check out of the dating market. Where I have a problem is when these men attack Men like us who actually seek out relationships with actual women.

The video below is my absolutely roasting an Incel masquerading as a MGTOW for telling me that having a relationship with a sex doll (which he is in…her name is “Celestina”) is a better life than pursuing relationships with living, breathing women:

But more and more men have decided that in order to have a decent, normal, healthy relationship with a woman, they get their passports, move abroad, and never come back.

#2 – America hates Men

When you live in a country that does it’s level best to emasculate, minimize, and constantly denigrate you, it’s hard to feel welcome in your own home.

Television, movies, and now even commercials do nothing but paint men as ignorant, irrelevant, stupid, inept beings who would be lost without the all might “womynzzz”:

We can blame this one on feminism. Feminism has successfully convinced everyone, men and women alike, that Men are unintelligent, useless, rapists, who think of nothing but sex all day while drooling out of our mouths waiting on woman to guide us through out days.

What’s more is that the justice system is stacked against Men and I talked about this at length in my latest ebook, Why Men Should Stop Helping Women. Men make up 50% of the population in the U.S. but account for 90% of the prison population (most of those men are black, by the way…) which shines a light on the obvious bias towards women.

When a man justice system which is supposed to be in place to protect all citizens for the egregious crime of being masculine, he’ll jump ship and move to a country that not only rewards masculinity, but encourages it. Living in a country that doesn’t shame or exile you for being a Man is a welcome alternative to living in America.

#3 – Less expensive healthy food

You won’t have to take out a second mortgage to eat clean, healthy food overseas

This is one that most people are grossly unaware of. In America, there is a premium on healthy, clean food that is untainted by harsh chemicals and preservatives. The reason for this is that shit food that isn’t good for you (yet tastes unbelievable) is extremely cheap and available which drives the price of food that’s good for you through the roof.

Foreign countries do have fast food restaurants, and processed foods. But not nearly as much as the United States. Most of the food is far cleaner than what we characterize in the states as “organic” and far less expensive because it’s plentiful and accessible to everyone regardless of socio-economic status.

If a man doesn’t have to pay and arm and a leg for food that won’t kill him in a half a decade, he’ll make the easy decision to become an expat. This is a big one that is underrated but a lot of my friends who have moved abroad all tell me that good, clean food at a reasonable price is what makes living abroad worth it by itself.


Living in a country that doesn’t punish or vilify you for being a man where the women aren’t fat, entitled sluts certainly isn’t easy…at least not at first. Changing one’s life is a process and anything worth having or doing is never going to be easy.

But countless Men have taken the plunge and are reaping the benefits of being an expat. Do a quick search on Facebook and you’ll see that American Men who have moved abroad are living proof that there is a better alternative to living in the U.S.

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