3 Reasons why it’s good for men to stay in the anger phase of the brother pill

Back in February of ’15 I wrote an article on Return Of Kings entitled 3 Unintended Consequences of Taking The Red PillIn that post I highlighted the many phases a man goes through when he finally allows himself to accept brother pill/red pill truth. One of the phases highlighted was the anger phase:

This stage happens almost immediately after the shock wears off. You become angry with women, your parents, the world, even your dog because you realized you’ve been sold a bad bill of goods by everyone around you your whole life. You shake your head in disgust as you remember past relationships and how plainly obvious it was they were cheating on you.

I followed that up with a podcast version a couple years later:

The anger phase of brother/red pill discover seems to be the stage that lingers with a man even if he’s moved on and changed his life. Incidentally enough, it’s also the phase that catches the most heat. Women the world over consistently vilify men for being “jaded” and “bitter” when they exercise discretion when selecting a girl to spend his time with.

Of course, men here know that’s just a shaming tactic women use in an attempt to keep us from using what we’ve learned about them to not keep making the mistakes with them that landed us in the negro manosphere in the first place.

But I would submit to every man reading this that staying in the anger phase on some level works in a man’s favor when dealing with the second sex and here are 3 reasons why.

#1 It keeps you on your Ps and Qs

Remember that pang in your stomach you felt when your girl’s phone buzzed for the 2nd time in 5 minutes? Remember when she lied and told you it was “her Aunt”? Remember the anger you felt when you found out that not only was it not her Aunt texting her at all hours of the night, but that it was the dude she was fucking on her days off?

Bitch be cool!

That anger keeps you alert and aware of behaviors that could lead to infidelity. When your woman asks you if she can go to the club with her girls, you’ll tell her that she can do whatever she wants but if she decided to go, you two are finished. When deciding on whether or not to make a woman your main chick and you discover she was cheating with you on her last ex, you’ll decide not to make the mistake of committing to her.

A man who’s never really been angry with women is a man who is ripe for the picking by women. Females know the difference between a man who won’t let her get away with bad behavior because he’s been burned before, and a man who let’s her do what she wants because he doesn’t care. She respects the man with relationship battle scars because she knows he knows what women get up to if given too much freedom and she has to respect it.

#2 Women are attracted to the threat of violence

I wish a bitch WOULD swing on a nigga…

Whether they admit it or not, women are attracted to violent men. Yes, we can be politically correct and say they shouldn’t be but facts are facts. Women are far more attracted to men they aren’t 100% certain wouldn’t put hands on them than men they’re 100% certain would not. I touched on this last summer when I wrote about Nicole Brown’s attraction to her (allegedly) murderous ex husband, O.J. Simpson:

No, it is not okay to beat your wife for no reason. And no, Nicole didn’t think to herself “Boy oh boy I hope O.J.’s in a bad mood so I can get my ass kicked and call 911 again!” But excitement, whether it be terrified excitement or not, is still excitement. And no matter how much she complained to friends and family members, no matter how many times she called the cops (who, more often than not, didn’t file a report at her request), she was always going to love O.J. His abusiveness and volatility only deepened her feelings.

Not that you’re going to always have an angry disposition around your women, but when you verbally reprimand them, your anger will be on full display. She’ll know you’re not fuckin’ around when and if you raise your voice at her.  If a woman really likes and respects you, this keeps her around. No she won’t like it all the time but she’ll absolutely respect it which is the most important element when it comes to the dynamic between you and your girl.

Most men don’t dare yell at their women and for good reason. All she has to do is make an accusation and you’re likely to spend 72 hours in jail before getting railroaded by the gynocentric court systems. But so long as your game is tight, you’ve got your shit together, and your woman knows what is and what isn’t allowed, she’ll never think about getting the law involved because you hurt her little feelings.

#3 It helps you avoid simp behavior

Simpish behavior is indicative of a man who either hasn’t learned his lesson or a man who is a glutton for punishment at the hands of women. Simps are afraid to show anger because they’re afraid of women. But when they show it, they’re less likely to engage in simpish behavior.

If you’re dating a girl and things seem to be going well but out of the blue she hits you with “Hey boo, my cell phone bill is past due and I don’t have the money to pay it. Can you float me until I get paid?” you’re going to drop her like a bad habit because you remember how pissed off you were the last time you gave money to a girl who ended up bouncing like a bad check the minute her cell phone bill was paid.

Bitch you better pay your own goddam phone bill!

Keeping your past experiences in the back (and sometimes in the front) of your mind when dealing with women and remembering how angry you were when you figured out she was fucking you over makes you a bad target for women looking to freeload off of you.

Anger is good in moderation

Like I said, I’m not suggesting you walk around with steam coming out of your ears and snapping at any and all females who say anything to you. Not at all. But keeping a low level of measured anger at your disposal at all times is good for a man who can control it. It let’s women know that you’re not to be fucked with and women respect a man who isn’t easily taken advantage of and conducts himself as such.

Grab your Y-chromosome and allow yourself to exhibit the masculine trait we like to call anger. Let the beast off the leash every now and then and you’ll be surprised at how your women start responding to you.

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