3 Reasons Most Married Men Are Fucking Miserable

It’s common knowledge in the Negro Manosphere that getting married is a fool’s errand. We’re also aware that getting married to American women is definitely a sucker’s bet. But the worst decision a black man can make is getting married to a black American woman.  Not only will she wreak havoc on your life, she will effectively make you all but radioactive. You’ll sacrifice your money, freedom, faculties, health, and in some cases your freedom.

To be fair, American women of all races are capable of destroying a man’s life via holy matrimony but black women seem to relish the opportunity and rarely waste the chance to take a man apart piece by piece.

The raw truth is that married men are not nearly as content as men who are not. It wasn’t always this way as a man who had a loving wife and kids to come home to was far more happy and satisfied than men playing the field for an extended period of time.

But in 2018, the average married man is far more miserable than perpetual bachelors and here are 5 reasons why:

#1 – They’re not getting laid


Put simply, today’s wives just aren’t fucking their husbands anymore. Sure, she gave up the pussy at will when they first got together but that was a means to an end. She knew that she was not only laying the groundwork to control him later, but she also realized that today’s weak minded men will give her sexual equity to be used at her will at anytime without a statute of limitation.

For example, a woman will fuck a man twice a day for the first month, then she’ll throttle the sex in month #2 thinking that because she gave him the bootie all month last month, that it somehow gives her a free pass to close her legs, yet, still deserve the favors and benefits that fucking him regularly affords her early on.

Wives are notorious for pulling this particular trick. They think “Well I fucked him enough the first few years, and had a couple of his kids. So if I let him fuck me once a week, that’s just the icing on the cake!”

“It wasn’t like this when I was dating her!”

Marrying a woman almost guarantees that the sex will fall off as soon as you recite your vows and the drop of is precipitous. One minute you’re fucking her senseless 3 times a day, but the moment you say “I do” her legs snap shut like a bear trap.

Sex is a biological desire for men and if they’re not getting it from the women who are legally required to share a residence with them (read: wifey), his life is miserable.

#2 – Their wives are poorly behaved

There are but a few things that keep a woman in line and well behaved. High value (being in great shape, financially stable, etc.), and leverage. Having leverage on a woman may sound like a bad thing but trust me when I tell you it’s not.

For example, if your SMV is 2 points higher than hers, you have leverage over her. If you make more money than your girlfriend, you have leverage. It shouldn’t take leverage to keep a woman in line, but we don’t deal in the “should” we deal in facts and reality.

The behavior of today’s wives are at an all time low. Weight gain, mouthiness, disrespect, infidelity, and a flippant attitude about marriage in general are just a few examples of how far women have fallen in terms of behavior becoming of a married woman.

The reason wives are so poorly behaved is because they know that as soon as you walk down the aisle, she’s already started the process of consolidating on your present and future earnings. When she has your kids, she knows she’s got you by the balls….leverage.

“Girl’s night out” is a recipe for disaster

Married men can get as mad as they want and threaten this or that but at the end of the day, today’s wives know they don’t have to act right because in the event of a divorce (often initiated by her), they’ll get the kids, child support, and if she has the right attorney (paid for by the the future ex husband), she’ll also get alimony.

When a wife knows that she has a decided advantage in divorce and family court, what incentive does she have to behave herself?

#3 – They no longer have control of their own lives

Being able to make decisions unilaterally is the single most valuable commodity a man has. Want steak and lobster for dinner? Done. Wanna take a weekend biking trip in the mountains with your buddies this weekend. Done. Want to hit the casino and hit on lonely cougars in town for business to score easy pussy ad a free hotel room for the night? Done.

A man who can do whatever he wants and whenever he wants to do it without having to ask “permission” from his wife or woman(en) is far from miserable.

Married men are miserable because anything they want to do, they have to run it by the “boss” or “the Warden” first. And because women want to feel like they’re in charge of everything, their first instinct is to deny the request of the husband.

Steak and lobster for dinner? “No, we can’t afford it and I’m tired of cooking!”

Weekend camping trip? “Hell no! What am I supposed to do? Stay here with the kids all by myself?”

Anything a married man wants to do is always subject to “review” by his wife. A man who has no unilateral autonomy in his life is a perpetually miserable individual.

It is painfully obvious…

…that getting married to an American woman is the worst decision a man can make in his life. The sacrifice of finances, personal freedom, and suffering mental anguish (among other things) isn’t even close to worth dealing with even if you want to live the American Dream and have a family…something all men are biologically hardwired to desire.

Unfortunately the pursuit of the American Dream is what ultimately destroys men. Don’t buy into the myth that married men are happy. Any man who simply takes a look around and see the carnage that is today’s marriages will quickly see that men are fucking miserable…and it’s because of their wives.


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