3 reasons Men fall in love with sluts so easily

Most women in America are sluts. There’s no two ways about it. I can’t give you percentages, I can’t give you statistics, I can’t give you any of that stuff because I don’t need to. Men and women alike in this country are well aware of the fact that most of the women in the U.S. Have slept with Men into the double digits and that automatically qualifies them as sluts.

If you’re reading this article, you know that sluts make terrible wives, bad girlfriends, and horrible mothers. I’m not breaking news here or telling you anything you don’t already know. If you’re here, you understand that very clearly.

We also know that sluts are good for sex. Nothing more. And believing anything different will get you burned every single time. Again, we all know and understand this very clearly.

Something else we know and acknowledge to be an immutable truth. An undeniable reality in today’s sexual marketplace is that falling in love with a slut ALWAYS leads to trouble. Heartbreak, financial ruin, paternity fraud, divorce rape, the list goes on and on.

With all of this knowledge and understanding, why then, do we continue to fall in love with sluts? We can all be meathead red pill guy and say “I’d never fall in love with a slut!” But we all have in the past and most of us will in the future.

I’m as guilty as anybody for falling in love with sluts. I’m not gonna sit here and front like I’m captain fucking red pill and tell you guys I didn’t fall for a woman I knew I had no business falling for. I’m not gonna sit here and tell you guys that when I found the red pill I became completely impervious to the wiles and temptations that only a slut can provide. I’m a man just like you. I’m as susceptible to the things sluts tempt us with as anybody out there and even post-red pill digestion, I’ve fallen into this trap many times.

So now we ask the question why do we fall in love with sluts? Well the answer to that is because it’s almost too easy to fall in love with a slut and that brings us to a more important question which is WHY ARE SLUTS SO EASY TO FALL IN LOVE WITH?

That’s the question I intend to answer as well as how to reduce the odds of making this egregious mistake that is incredibly difficult not to make. Even for red pill “superstars” like myself.

#1 – They’re attractive

The hotter she is, the harder you’ll fall

And don’t come at me with fat ugly sluts. Nobody falls in love with fat ugly sluts except for extremely low value Men who are not interested in raising their value.

Yes, low value Men listen, watch, and read me but these are guys interested in raising their value and improving as Men. Whether you’re high value or aspiring to be high value, you’re not falling in love with fat ugly sluts. At best, you use them for the occasional slump buster.

But the reason we fall in love with sluts is because they’re attractive. And as Men we want to be with attractive women. Not difficult to understand there. A lot of sluts are attractive, some are very attractive, and some are hot. The hotter the slut, the easier you’ll fall in love. You know it, I know, it, and she knows it.

Don’t be meathead red pill guy and come at me with the “I don’t care how hot she is”….yeah you do…..we all do. We’re Men and we’re visually motivated. Only when you understand what motivates you can you be self aware enough to understand that the reason you’re catching feelings for the purple haired tattooed slut you’re banging is because she’s got big tits, a fat ass, a navel piercing, and a pretty face that looks even prettier when it’s wrapped around your dick.

#2 – Sluts know how to fuck

Sluts are experts at getting fucked

Sluts have had years of practice honing their skills in bed. Practice makes perfect and trust me when I tell you the best sex you’ll ever have is with sluts.

And don’t come at me with “Yeah but I’d rather have a virgin.” We all would. But I’m told sex with virgins are terrible. I’m sure they get better with practice but the more experienced a woman is between the sheets, the better the sexual experience she can provide us. Simple math.

Sluts will drain your balls like no other. They know how to move, they know how to squeeze your dick with their pussies, they know to contort their bodies in every position, they know how to look good during sex, they know how to sound, they know what to say, they give unbelievable blowjobs, they swallow your loads, they’ll let you blast your loads in their faces and just about anything your degenerate mind can dream up. These bitches give you the porn star experience because they have as much experience as porn stars.

Everyone of us here has spanked the monkey to porn. A lot of us either have or have had a porn addiction. The things that female porn stars do on screen is nothing short of magical. Yes, I said magical. Don’t be the “I hate porn” guy. Porn is awesome and you know it. You’ve got the hottest girls with the best bodies, beautiful faces, performing sexual acts and looking great while doing it. That’s why it’s great and that’s why it’s addictive.

When you get with a girl who sucks, fucks, moans, swallows, and lets you do anything you want to her, that’s addictive. And if she’s even half decent looking, you’ll get hooked. And before you know it your brain is releasing dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin which are exactly the same chemicals it releases when you’re feeling what you think is love.

I remember this one girl I used to fuck and she lived for being absolutely abused in bed. I used to slap her, choke her, spit in her face, call her all kinds of names, I’d pull her hair when I nutted in her face and say “You fucking worthless cum dumpster” and all that deep psychological shit that only the most damaged girls love during sex.

What’s more is that she told me she loved painful anal sex and would tell me to pound her harder and she’d literally cry while I was doing it. When we’d have have hot sweaty sex and I used to tell her to lick the sweat off me and she’d do it like she was dying of thirst. I mean this chick was damaged beyond repair in every way shape and form.

I loved fucking that chick and I can guarantee you her notch count was pushing quadruple figures. Sluts know how to fuck guys.

#3 – They tell us things that bypass our common sense and rationality

“I’ve never felt this way about anyone”

Sluts are professionals at bypassing a man’s rational thinking and activating that providers instinct that causes us to become possessive over her.

What I mean is that sluts know exactly what to do and say that will cause a Man’s common sense to be overridden by his biological hard drive to possess a woman’s body.

We’ve already talked about two of things they do which is looking good and fucking good. The better a woman looks the more leeway we tend to give her in terms of bad behavior. The better a woman fucks, the longer we keep her around despite the fact that she’s terrible company.

But because of the internet, and more specifically the red pill, more and more Men are becoming aware that great looking women, women who are great in bed, or both, are almost guaranteed to be poorly behaved. That doesn’t mean we’re not still suckered in by her good looks and great blowjob skills but the fact that we’re more cognizant of the fact that these women are a fucking handful makes us just a tiny bit less susceptible to their foolishness. Not enough to make that big a difference, but enough to make them step up their game with what they SAY to regain full control of the male id.

We all have a “password.” We all have that one thing that a woman can say to us that will completely disarm us and make us completely ignore her red flags. I’ll tell you what mine used to be: “I feel safe with you.”

A personal story:

I remember this one Ukrainian girl i was fucking when I was in Vegas. Her name was Tetyana. BEAUTIFUL girl. Long blonde hair, gorgeous light blue eyes, she was fucking gorgeous.

One afternoon we were walking down Flamingo Road, and we go to cross the street and I pulled her back to the sidewalk because there was a motorcycle speeding along the side of the road.

She was maybe 105lbs soaking wet so I was able to just yank her back to me with one hand rather easily. When the motorcycle whizzed by, she looked me in the eye and said “Donovan I feel so safe with you.”

Turns out that Tetyana had a boyfriend the entire time I was fucking her and when I found out about it I was sick. She had scores of red flags but when she told me she felt safe with me, it blinded me to all of those things and because of that she was able to play me like a fiddle. I was the side nigga who thought he was the main nigga.

That was a rude awakening guys. It took me a while to get over her because I really loved her. I thought she was different in a lot of ways but the only reason I thought that is because of her accent and the fact that she was Ukrainian.

Girls say shit like “I have so much fun with you” They say “I’ve never met anyone like you before” or “I could see us together in the future” or “I would love to give you your first child” or “You make me feel like noone else ever has” “I’m afraid of you because you could hurt me” or the big one “I think I’m falling in love with you.”

Tetyana once told me she wanted to have a little boy who was just like me. She said “Donovan, I want a small copy of you” Guys, I’m 5 years into the Red Pill and I’m actually entertaining serious thoughts of having a KID with this girl! I’m not kidding.

There are dozens more of these hacks to the male brain and every one of us has at least one that a woman could or has used to make you ignore the fact that she’s got blue hair, a neck tattoo, two kids, an alpha ex boyfriend she can’t stop talking shit about, and disappears from Friday night to Sunday morning.

Tetyana had a high paying job, she worked in an field that required her to travel, she was constantly surrounded by wealthy Men, and only facetimed me when she was on her porch smoking. Red flags as clear as fucking day gentlemen but because she said she felt safe with me and said she wanted a small copy of me I ignored all of it and more and she ended up burning me badly.

Truth be told, that breakup hurt me almost as much as my breakup with Amy. Real fuckin’ talk.

Know what your password is guys. Find out what your hack is and be aware of what it is. Because sluts WILL find out what it is and 9.5 times out of 10 they find out before YOU do and when they do IT IS GAME OVER.

Next week I’ll give you guys the last 2 reasons sluts are so easy to fall in love with.

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