3 reasons women forgive cheating and 2 reasons Men don’t

The vast majority of relationships end in female infidelity. Most relationships don’t come to a nice clean ending. It’s never an amicable agreement between a man and a woman. The typical American relationship ends when the male finds out that the female’s been cheating. He either catches her or she leaves, then he later finds out.

Some of you might be thinking “Well wait a minute! Relationships end when men cheat too!” and you would be right, but that’s the exception. When a woman leaves a man because he cheated, it isn’t the first time he’s cheated and it’s likely not even the first time he’s been caught. It’s that she’s finally had enough and her pride won’t allow her to stick around even though she still loves him. For a woman to leave a man he’s gotta cheat and cheat a LOT, and even then she’ll stick around a little longer than she should and a lot of those women end up going back at some point.

But all it takes is once for a man to find out his woman’s cheated and the whole thing is over. Women forgive cheating at a far higher rate than men do and I’m gonna give you the reasons why, so let’s start with 3 reasons women forgive cheating

#1 – Post selection

Men who regularly consume manosphere related content are familiar with a concept called pre-selection. For those of you who aren’t as familiar, pre-selection is when a woman becomes more attracted to a man because she sees that other attractive women are attracted to him.

For example if a girl is at a party and a guy walks in with a good looking female, his attractiveness is signed off on by other attractive females, which makes him more attractive to attractive females. In their subconscious minds, women think “pretty girls like him so he must be attractive” and most of the time it doesn’t even matter what he looks like. He could be as ugly as homemade sin. But if a man is seen in the company of attractive women, other attractive women are more attracted to him because attractive women know that other attractive women don’t hang around men who aren’t attractive. They don’t know what it is about him when they see him but the pretty girls who are in his company, they don’t have to know. Women like her are signing off on him which makes him pre selected.

O.J. was pre and post selected. This is why Nicole stayed with him

What happens when a man cheats is “post-selection” which is pre selection inverted. It has the same effect (confirms his attractiveness) but it hurts because infidelity hurts everyone.

Keep in mind that women will forgive cheating so long as the side chick is attractive. It gives them a complex, it hurts their feelings, and they don’t like it but if a man’s paramour is attractive, she’s far more likely to forgive him. It won’t be easy but she will because in her mind she’s thinking, “Well she’s pretty and he wanted to fuck her and he’s still fucking me so I’m still pretty and attractive to him.”

Remember that this is on a subconscious level. Women who get cheated on can’t explain why they find themselves more attracted to their husbands and boyfriends but post selection is the reason why.

#2 – It confirms attraction

Women these days do their level best to try to convince people that they’re different from most women, or that they’re unique or special in some way. They’ll say things like “I don’t care what people think” or “I don’t like trends” but then they go right to facebook and talk about how awesome their fake lives are and post a picture of their unicorn frappuccino LIKE EVERY OTHER WOMAN.

Women are hive minded gents. What that means is that they don’t think individually. They think as one singular brain. If a woman sees that every other woman is wearing something, she’ll buy it too. If a woman sees that every other woman doesn’t like something, then she doesn’t either.

I remember one girl I was fucking not too long ago said to me “I know I’m not supposed to like Kanye West but I LOVE him” Nobody told this chick “hey you’re not supposed to like Kanye!” She simply assumed she wasn’t supposed to like him because that’s what most girls say. She felt the pull of the hive mind that every other female subconsciously obeys without even thinking about it.

Girls “hate” Kanye because every other woman says they do

The same concept applies to men and their attractiveness. A woman could hookup with a guy and start dating him and she might think he’s the hottest, sexiest male on the planet. Her panties get wet when he walks in the room, he makes her weak in the knees just by looking at her.

But if she doesn’t see that OTHER women find him attractive….f she doesn’t see OTHER women hitting on him or looking in his direction when they’re in public, she starts to question whether or not he really is attractive.

He might look like the love child of Ryan Reynolds and Shemar Moore; he might be 6”4, have washboard abs, a square jaw, and chocolate brown eyes. If she doesn’t see other women are attracted to him, she loses attraction to him because she is a slave to the hive mind as all women are.

And right when she starts to question her attraction to him, he cheats. And just like that, through the shock and the pain his attraction is confirmed. Women don’t want a man that other women don’t want and when a man cheats on her it confirms to her that other women want her man. It’s not the way she’d prefer to get that confirmation but she’d rather have that than no confirmation at all.

#3 – She knows it’s just about sex

Women have more Red Pill awareness than we’ll ever have. They know that men place more value on the way a female looks than anything else. They can say we’re shallow, they can say we only think about one thing, and they would be right. They can be pissed about it but this is how we are and regardless of what they say we SHOULD be, they know what we are.

They also know that sex is not emotional for us and because of that, they also know that when we cheat, we cheat for sex and sex alone. The side chick knows a man’s not gonna leave his wife of 15 years who’s given him 3 kids for her. She knows this. On the other side of that equation, a woman knows that just because her husband sticks his dick in another chick doesn’t mean he doesn’t still love her.

Wives know their husbands cheat for sex and sex alone

This certainly doesn’t mean the wife is okay with him cheating. This doesn’t mean his cheating won’t hurt her. But she knows that he doesn’t love the girl he’s fucking on the side. She knows that men of value reward loyalty, not sex. She knows that sex is cheap. She knows that he can get sex from just about any woman out there, but she also knows that he can’t get what he’s got with her and she knows that HE knows that.

Yes, gentlemen, she’s gonna cry, she’s gonna, she’s gonna throw shit at him, she’s gonna tell him she hates him, she’s gonna smack the shit out of him, she’s gonna lash out and she should. But she’s not going anywhere because even though she has to live with that pain, even though she knows he’s fucked another woman, she knows it was just about sex and nothing else. Maybe she got fat, maybe she was pregnant, maybe she slacked off in the bedroom, whatever the reason he cheated, it was based on sex and sex alone and she knows that his cheating doesn’t mean he doesn’t still love her.

Let’s switch gears here and talk about the two reasons most Men don’t forgive cheating.

#1 – He knows it’s about everything BUT sex

Red Pill aware or not, a man knows that when his woman steps out on him, she no longer loves him. Men cheat mainly for sex but women cheat for every other reason BUT sex. A woman rarely cheats on a man she truly loves if at all. The exception might be to get back at him if she keeps catching him cheating but she’ll only do it once and make sure he knows about it. The intent is to hurt him back and that’s got nothing to do with the fact that she no longer loves him so in those cases that’s the exception.

The look of a man who knows it’s over

But when a woman cheats on a man, it’s over. In fact, it was over long before she cheated. The cheating was just the culmination of her falling out of love with him. Again, men know this so when he finds out his woman’s taken another dick, it never goes away and he never forgives her EVER.

He may stay with her because he loves her, he might stay because he doesn’t have any other options. But whatever the reason he sticks around, he never forgives her.

#2: She is physically tainted

When a man cheats he can take a shower and wash the woman off of him. He can wash off her smell, he can wash off the pussy juice all over his dick, he’ll piss it out, he can be completely clean of another woman.

But when a WOMAN cheats, she ingests his fluids. There are countless articles and studies out there that show that women retain the DNA of just about every man who has ever fucked her. No it doesn’t mean that she’s having all of their kids but when a man shoots his load in a woman, when a woman swallows his loads, she absorbs some of that fluid and that DNA. I’ve even read some semi-satirical half tongue and cheek pieces that suggest that the thousand cock stare is the physical manifestation of all the male DNA a woman’s ingested over the years. Whether that’s true or not is anybody’s guess but theoretically it makes sense.

When your woman takes another man’s dick, he’s marked her. He’s imprinted his DNA in her. She’s tainted. Even if she fucked another dude only once, doesn’t matter, she’s been used as a receptacle by another man and that never leaves a man’s mind no matter how many times he fucks her after that if he decides to stick around.

In the end…

…cheating affects Men and women very differently. The pain is not the same. Because of these differences, women tend to forgive cheating, and Men generally do not. There are scores of mitigating factors but by and large, this is the way it goes.

Arguing or debating with anyone, male or female, is futile at best, frustrating at worst. Best to keep this knowledge to yourself, use it to your advantage, and keep it moving.

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