3 reasons your woman doesn’t respect you

Of all the elements involved that get women to become and remain attracted to you, respect is by far and away the most important.

Yes, things like confidence, and a domineering personality are important but at the end of the day, if you don’t have a woman’s respect, you will never have her true love or loyalty. You might be fucking her but that is only fleeting if you don’t have her respect.

Men the world over are always confused as to why their women cheat on them when everything seemed to be okay. It’s as though all of a sudden she decided she was going to step out on him and when it happens, he is completely blind sided.

I wish bitch would…

While there are many underlying reasons women cheat, the main reason is lack of respect for her man. Women do not cheat on men they respect. Point blank period. Women that do, are gross outlier situations but that is far from the norm.

On that note, here are 5 reasons your woman doesn’t respect you. Back in my beta blue pill days I was guilty of all 5 of these at some point or another and if you take a hard honest look at yourself, you’ll find that you probably do too.

#1 – You’re afraid to piss her off

ALL men, red pill aware or otherwise are guilty of this. This is emotional laziness on the man’s part. He doesn’t want to deal with a woman’s fits or tantrums when he tells her something she doesn’t want to hear or when he has to correct bad behavior.

You might avoid the proverbial shit storm in the beginning but when you miss an opportunity to check your woman or tell her “no” when she asks for something, she puts this in her memory bank and exploits it every chance she gets.


Her: “Can you buy me the new iPhone?”

You: “Well….I dunno, they’re expensive, ya know?”

Her: “What the fuck? Don’t you love me? I sucked your dick last night and you can’t even buy your girl a stupid phone when she asks for it?!”

You: “Okay, okay I’ll buy it for you.”

“I want that new iPhone!!!”

Red Pill aware male:

Her: “Can you buy me the new iPhone?”

You: :::chuckle::: “Is that a serious question?”

Her: “Yes!”

You: “Hell no, buy it yourself”

Her: “What the fuck? Don’t you love me? I sucked your dick last night and you can’t even buy your girl a stupid phone when she asks for it?!”

You: “First off, no I don’t love you. Secondly, you sucked my dick last night because if you didn’t, you’d be out the door. Buy the phone yourself. I’m not your sugar daddy.”

The simp lost her respect even though he did what she wanted. He’s also $1000 lighter in the wallet. The 5%er not only has her respect, but he has his money. Sure, she probably threw a fit about it but this is merely a shit test. The simp failed it, the Red Pill aware male passed it. He has her respect.

#2 -You’re “All about you baby!”

In a previous article, Can you identify the simp, I pointed out that Michelle was more attracted to Dante because Dante had other shit going on in his life:

Can You Identify The Simp?

Dante has other shit going on in his life. He lifts weights, works on classic cars, and spends time with like minded men. Pussy isn’t his priority and it shows when dealing with his women. Women respect men who don’t put them on a pedestal and occupy themselves with other things. Kevin has nothing going on (except weekend dinners at his mother’s place). All he thinks about all day is Michelle and his actions reflect his simphood.

Kevin was all about Michelle. He texted her first thing in the morning, and all day. She didn’t respect Kevin at all because he didn’t have anything else going on. All he thought about all day was her. Now that certainly didn’t deter her from allowing her to wine and dine her to the tune of almost $100 (and no, she didn’t fuck him), but respect isn’t something she has for Kevin simply because he has made it clear that she is the focal point of his life.

Women don’t want or need a man who needs them to complete them. They don’t mind helping a man to build and accomplish his goals. But they need a man who’s going places and has a plan. It is impossible to be do these things if he is “all about her.”

The minute you say to a woman “it’s all about you baby” is the minute she loses respect for you and it’s only a matter of time before she fucks around on you.

#3 – Your value is lower than hers

Every so often you’ll see a beautiful woman with a below average looking and sometimes even downright hideous men. The first thing that pops into our minds is “He must be rich” or something to that effect.

When a 9 or a 10 is seen with a man who isn’t so easy on the eyes, it’s obvious that his value is higher than hers. Clearly the value he has isn’t his looks but luckily for men, looks, though important to women, isn’t the most important thing to them when it comes to attraction.

In my article If you’re an A+ at one thing you’ll sleep with hotter women than if you were a B- at everything, I pointed out the above example.

If you’re an A+ at one thing, you’ll sleep with hotter women than if you were a B- at everything

If you take a stroll in the ritzy part of L.A. or down the Vegas strip, you’ll see no shortage of six and seven figure sports cars being driven by grossly unattractive men with attractive women in their passenger seats. Fat men, balding men, ugly men, old men and every man in between are accompanied by long haired, large breasted, ample assed young girls who could be porn stars, strippers, or both….

…That’s a subject for another post, but the point is that these men are an A+ in terms of finances.Irregardless of their physicality, their game, or any other marker(s) of attraction, rich men fuck the hottest women and everybody knows it.

If you want to fuck hot women on the regular, you need to understand that your value has to be higher than hers. If you’re not the best looking guy, get yourself into shape, cultivate your talent, gain status, or any number of things that can tip the SMV scales in your favor.

The same goes with women you’re in a relationship with. She got with you because your perceived value was higher than hers. If you let your value slip over time (getting fat, losing your job, status, talent etc.) her respect will dwindle and eventually disappear. This is the time she’ll start to explore greener pastures.

In the end…

A man who clearly does not have the respect of this female

…all of the elements required to earn and keep a woman’s respect are under our direct control. Putting your woman in her place when she gets out of pocket, making her take a back seat to your passions, and keeping your value higher than hers are all things we can actively control.

Don’t get lazy and think that because you’ve earned a woman’s respect and love that you have it for life….au contraire mon frère.

Getting and keeping a woman’s respect is a lot like getting into college. More people have what it takes to get IN to college than people that have what it takes to STAY in college. Keep that in mind the next time you see your woman paying more attention to her phone than usual. You might find that she’s losing your respect and if she is that is your fault.

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