3 signs you’re a purple pill fake masquerading as a genuine Red Pill Man

A lot of guys who FIND the red pill mistake that for TAKING the Red Pill and nothing could be further from the truth. Finding the red pill and actually TAKING the red pill are 2 different things.

But just because someone TAKES the red pill doesn’t mean he’s “red pill.” Taking the red pill means you’re now red pill aware but then DIGESTING and actually LIVING the red pill life is what separates Men who find the red pill from the Men who take and digest it and actually live the red pill life. These are what I like to call “5%ers.”

There are a shitload of men who find the red pill and have red pill awareness but a fraction of a fraction of these men digest it and live that red pill life. I estimate that roughly 1 out of every 20 Men who have red pill awareness actually live the red pill life. 1 out of 20 Men being 5%.

Anyway, there are a few different things that happen to men who find and take the red pill without actually digesting it and THEN living the red pill life:

#1 – They get stuck in the anger phase and become a low level MGTOW which is another name for an incel which is an involuntary celibate. A lot of these guys like to call themselves “Monks” and would lead you to believe that they don’t have pussy because they don’t WANT pussy.

In other words they want you to think they could get pussy if they wanted to but they don’t want to so they don’t. Then they use inaccurate analogies as excuses not to pursue women like “The juice isn’t worth the squeeze” and “pursuing women is like playing Russian Roulette” and both analogies are lazy and wildly inaccurate.

#2 – They don’t fully digest the red pill is that is how they become “Purple Pill”. What this means is that they have red pill awareness and the implement SOME red pill awareness but because the red pill is hard to fully digest, they end up hanging on to a lot of their blue pill mindsets in order to cope with Red Pill truth which is ugly. It’s like taking a shot of 120 proof whiskey then chasing it with 8 oz of water so it doesn’t burn quite as much.

Digesting the red pill is not easy gentlemen. It gives you heartburn, indigestion, diarrhea, it gives you gas, causes insomnia, and gives you a headache. The red pill NEVER goes down easy. A lot of men like to take “pepto bismol” for some of the symptoms in the form of rationalizing bad female behavior:  

For example: “Well, if we as men got OUR shit together, females would be motivated to get THEIR shit together so technically it’s our fault. Women are fucked up but it’s because of US which means it’s OUR fault.” Then he wonders why women still play him like a fiddle once he “gets his shit together” not fully understanding that, outside of sex, women don’t need Men anymore. He wonders why his girlfriend cheated on him with Dave, the unemployed guitar player in a garage band who may or may not have a permanent address when HE has a job, a reliable car, a house, a 401K and a diversified portfolio.

Because he chased that shot of whiskey with a can of coke rather than letting it burn so he knows what he’s REALLY getting into, that next shot makes him cough and now he REALLY feels the burn and ends up throwing up because eventually, that whiskey’s gonna get you no matter how many times you chase it. Red Pill Truth is exactly the same. It WILL eventually kick you square in the balls if you don’t drink it straight with no chaser.

Sugar coating Red Pill truth so you can digest it easier is NOT the way. Most Men who find the red pill end up becoming Purple Pill without even realizing it because they want to sugar coat it.

Now this doesn’t mean they’re bad people. I’ve said before that I’ll never pass judgment on men who fuck sex dolls or decide to check out of the dating market because dealing with women is a fucking headache. As much as I care about my girlfriend, it’s a full time job keeping her in line simply because she’s a woman.

Not something I would do but I don’t blame guys for taking this route

But being aware of the fact that you’re a purple piller masquerading as a Red Pill Male is the first step in deciding whether or not you really have what it takes to live the Red pill life.

Because at the end of the day there is no “purple pill.” There is no in between. If you’re still holding onto beliefs like “there’s someone out there for me who’s a perfect match” and “If I treat her like a queen she’ll treat me like a queen” you’re as blue pill as the Men who troll me on the regular.

All of that said, here are 3 signs you’re a Purple Piller masquerading as a Red Piller.  

#1 – You still believe you need a long term relationship to be happy

When I first met my girlfriend Devon, I was still livin’ that fast Vegas lifestyle. I was doing blow with strippers every weekend, different girls every night, doing wild shit all the time, and so forth. The last thing on my mind when I met her was a long term relationship.

Devon knew how to be a female but she didn’t know how to be a WOMAN. She didn’t have her ears pierced, she didn’t own a pair of heels, she didn’t own any thongs, finger nails not painted.

Now she was definitely fuckable as she has the body of a porn star (and if you don’t believe me you can check my social media feeds), so sex was really I all I wanted out of her at the time. But the more time we spent together, the more I began to like her outside of sex. She was great company, she was kind, she was VERY generous, she was selfless. In other words, she appeared to be potentially a good woman.

Now don’t mistake me here. She wasn’t a unicorn or a snowflake then and she’s definitely not now. Like all women out there she had some shit with her and still does. But 8 months after we met, we went to Hawaii for a week and had a great vacation and THAT was when things started to change. Long story short a few months later I floated the idea of a long term relationship and she jumped on it. It funny because she didn’t think I was serious but I was.

However, she wasn’t out of the woods yet. She still had to prove to me that she could not only be the kind of woman I wanted and needed, but she had to prove that she could MAINTAIN it.  So over the next few months I put her through her paces. I trained her, corrected her bad behavior, rewarded her good behavior, taught her the concept of sequence and consequence, and drilled into her head that my requirements were non negotiable. And make no mistake gentlemen, this wasn’t smooth all the way through. There was a lot of yelling from me, a lot of tears from her, and a lot of introspection, evaluation, and reevaluation on both ends.

Devon adores me and proves it every night

But she stayed the course and in August of 2017, a  year and a half after we met, we moved in together and we’ve been together ever since. The life I have with Devon is FAR better than my life was in Vegas. Yeah I had the time of my life out there, there’s no doubt about it.

But there’s something to be said about not having to get tested for STDs every couple months because you were so fucked up you don’t remember using a condom on whatever stripper happened to be there at the time. There’s something to be said about KNOWING you have pussy at the ready every night rather than wondering if the hot poker dealer you met at MGM is gonna flake on you. There’s a big difference between home cooked meals from your woman and Chinese take out from whatever girl you’re fucking at the time.

The bottom line is that a long term relationship is simply a better life. But like I said earlier, I wasn’t thinking LTR when I met Devon. She happened to be in the right place at the right time and got discovered by a man who happened to be in the beginning stages of transitioning to the next stage of his life, who knew how to turn her into the best woman she could be.

But don’t get it twisted, guys. Had I never met Devon, I’d be just fine. I’d still have my podcast, I’d still be content as a man and I’d still be kicking life’s ass (likely in Phoenix). My life is better with her in it but I don’t NEED her to be happy.

Most guys who find the red pill hold onto the belief that true happiness involves a relationship with a woman and that’s simply not true. Yes, if you train a woman correctly she has to potential to elevate your life but women are far from necessary for a man’s overall contentment.

So many guys out here meet a girl they like and they start thinking about a long term relationship with her and that’s where they get tripped up. They start giving her the time and attention that only a woman who earns it should enjoy and at some point she takes it for granted, cheats on you and you’re back to square one looking for that “special girl”

Red Pill aware Men know that women are a luxury and not a necessity. Purple Pill and Blue Pill Men still believe that women are a necessity and because of this, they get caught up time and time again and they continue the search because they still buy into the “there’s somebody for everybody” myth not knowing that quality women are made by Red pill aware Men.

#2 – You don’t make women earn your trust

A lotta dudes who find the red pill, but don’t fully digest it still believe in this silly notion: “I’ll trust you until you give me reason not to” and it gets them burned every single time. This mindset is the embodiment of purple pill thinking. You admit out loud that your trust can be broken but you still give women the chance to break something they haven’t earned in the first place.

This mindset comes from fear. Nothing more. Men are afraid to show their inherent distrust for women because they’re afraid of being called “possessive” or “controlling” or “jaded” not knowing these are shit tests. Women know damn well they’re not to be trusted no matter what they say. They’ve cheated on their last 6 boyfriends with that same garage band guitar player who may or may not live in a storage unit and she still texts him even though she told you she’d love to be your girlfriend after you asked her, which, of course is a mistake in and of itself. 

Trust her at your own peril….

Purple pillers KNOW women can’t be trusted because they’re red pill aware. But the blue pill in them paralyzes them with fear when the girl says “don’t you trust me?” Rather than telling her “I don’t trust anybody until they give me a reason to trust them” he tells her “Of course I trust you I’m sorry! You can totally go hang out with Dave tonight!”

A purple pill man takes a woman at her word when she says she was “raped” on a business trip by a douchebag in the sales department named Kevin, even though she told him not one week ago that she hooked up with Kevin several times over the summer.

Red Pill Men know women are liars. Blue pill Men have no idea that women are liars. Purple Pill Men are the worst because they know the truth but they’re afraid to act on it. At least Blue Pillers can live in blissful ignorance for a while.

#3 –  You don’t take action

I can’t give you percentages on this because nobody will ever know but there are so many dudes out here who have red pill awareness. They’ve read The Rational Male by Rollo Tomassi, they watch and read me, they watch the brother pill, they watch the red man group, and can recite every answer to every shit test known to man. They know all the red pill vernacular like The Wall, hypergamy, all women are like that, the cock carousel, and so forth.

Dudes are afraid to talk to girls

They’re on 30 different subreddits giving dudes red pill advice telling them what to do and what not to do. They even came to the 21 convention, shook my hand, smoked cigars, and met The Godfather Rollo Tomassi. But when push comes to shove, and they find themselves in the presence of an attractive woman, they freeze like a deer in the headlights and don’t say anything. When their girlfriends get outta pocket, they don’t check ‘em and get ‘em back in line. When the new iPhone comes out, they wait in line overnight for the privilege of spending $1000 on a phone.

All the red pill knowledge in the world doesn’t mean shit if you don’t apply it. And if you have red pill awareness but don’t apply what you know, you’re no better than blue pill betas. Having red pill awareness and not putting it into action is worse than not having red pill awareness at all. Like I said before, at least blue pill men can have their blissful ignorance.

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