3 Simp Behaviors That Need To Stop Now

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“Baby here I am
I’m the man on the scene
I can give you what you want
But you gotta’ come home with me”

Otis Redding

Unfortunately, at one time or another, we as men have all engaged in simp behavior. No one is born enlightened.  Experience is the best teacher. Some time it takes touching the stove to realize that it is hot.  With age comes experience. With experience comes knowledge, and with knowledge comes wisdom.  Here are three simp behaviors that brothers need to stop immediately.

Stop Doing Things For Women Who Aren’t Your Women For Free

Unless you are running a charity, nothing in life is free. Everything has a cost, whether it’s time or money.  One thing that a lot of women like to do is use a man aka a simp for his time, money, or skill for free. The old adage is alpha fucks and beta bucks. These women know good and damn well that they have no intention of giving those poor saps anything.

What they will do is lead a man on for as long as they possibly can. They’re banking on the fact that he will continue to provide her with continued use of his time, money, or skills based on the possibility of sex with her.  She will dangle that carrot in front of a man until he eventually wises up and realizes what’s going.  Don’t be ashamed brothers. At one point or another we’ve all fallen victim to this tactic. Now we know the game. Don’t fall victim to it anymore.

If she isn’t your woman you are under no obligation to provide her your skills or to do things for free. If she needs her tire changed, curtains hung, furniture assembled, car fixed, or whatever the task maybe, she’d have to pay someone to do it for her. You should be no different. If she isn’t going to compensate you for your time with money or sex, then it isn’t worth your while.

Stop Being A Sympathetic Ear To Women Who Aren’t Your Woman

Women love a lot of things in life; clothes, shoes, make up, shopping, etc. The one thing that women seem to love more than anything is to complain. It doesn’t matter the subject. It could be about their friends, their job, their boss, anything.  They don’t so much want advice or a solution, so much as they just want hear themselves talk. If a woman isn’t your woman, you are under no obligation to listen to her complaining.

This is especially true when it pertains to her boyfriend or a guy that she is interested in. If she is talking to you about another guy, you can be sure of one thing; she sees you as a beta male and isn’t sexually attracted to you.  This is common tactic. She wants your sympathetic ear and attention because she wants them from the man that she is really interest in and isn’t getting it. In this situation, you are just a substitute for the attention that she really wants.

However, when it comes to most women, any attention is good attention and they don’t care who it comes from. In fact, I would venture to guess that they almost prefer attention from the guy that she has no real sexual interest in, in this case you, because she is reaping all the benefits without any of the costs. Remember brothers, your time is important. Any time wasted being a sympathetic ear or an emotional sounding board to a woman who is not sexually interested in you is time wasted that would be better spent pursing women that are actually interested in you.

Don’t Stop Pursing Your Own Interests For Women

Whatever you are into, be into it. Whether that is sports, hunting, fishing, video games, anime, comic books, cars, or whatever else. If you are into it, be into it. One of the most egregious simp mistakes that men make is to lose themselves and what matters to them in the pursuit of a woman.

There seems to be an unspoken expectation that as men, we are expected to give up our pursuits, interests, and all the things that matter to us when it comes to women and relationships. We’re expected to be ok having our things being relegated to a small confine that we commonly refer to as mancaves.

Often times are hobbies or interests are marginalized and maligned as childish or immature and as things that we should stop doing. Yet, as much as we may not care for the fact they like watching mindless shit like Real House Wives of wherever, Love and Hip, or insert whatever show that  show’s black people acting like coons that’s must see tv at the moment, we never ask them to change.

Women will not and do not respect a man that drops everything for them. They see any man that does this a desperate and definitely as a beta male. This is simping of the highest order brothers. Never lose yourself and what matters to you in the pursuit of women. There’s nothing good that will come out of it. You’ll lose out on the things you enjoy, and the women you are doing it for won’t respect you for it.

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