4 Reasons You Should Ignore Her Needs In Bed

Needs In Bed

Conventional wisdom says that you have to please a woman in bed if you want to keep fucking her. The more you satisfy her needs between the sheets, the better the chances she’ll stick around. After all, a man who has the loyalty of a woman must mean he’s holding it down, at the very least, when it comes to sex right?


Believe it or not sex isn’t as important to women within the context of a relationship as it is to men. Don’t get me wrong, it’s important but in terms of where it ranks on a woman’s list of priorities when it comes to her man. But sex is much further down the list than most might think.

So long as he keeps her in line, demands her best, makes her feel attractive, protected, and increases her social status, great sex is just an added bonus as far as she’s concerned. His inability to make her squirt or shake is far from a deal breaker provided everything else is rock solid.

That said, men need to stop caring so much about a woman’s needs in bed and realize that not fucking her like a porn star is perfectly okay. Movies and television tell us that to keep a woman happy one of the eight million things we have to get perfectly right is to hit her G spot every time and be her best sex ever.

Fortunately for us, that statement is patently false and here are 4 reasons why:

#1: It’s needy and supplicating

Women despise men who worship them sexually

Nothing turns a woman off like a man looking up from eating her pussy and asking her “am I doing it right baby?” Other statements that dry their pussies up are “was that good?” and “what can I do better?”

Women want a man who takes charge in bed which means not taking direction from her about how to fuck her. Asking what she likes or how she wants it puts you in a submissive state and her in a dominant state because you’re asking for orders which is a feminine trait.

Girls don’t want to fuck feminine men who are overly concerned about whether or not she’s enjoying his cunnilingus. They want to be fucked by masculine men who flip her over, smack her ass, pulls her hair, and fucks her the way they want to fuck her.

Trying too hard to please your woman in bed is like failing a shit test she didn’t deploy. Some men out there would disagree with this assertion but I’m selfish as fuck in bed and I can’t remember the last time I licked a vagina and it has yet to cost me with a woman.

Women respect sexually selfish men infinitely more than sexually generous ones. Period.

#2: It doesn’t do anything for you

Good question…..

Back to licking pussy. What’s that doing for you? It’s certainly not keeping your dick hard unless you’re stroking it. The only thing eating pussy gets you is a wet beard and pubes in your teeth…neither of which keeps your dick hard which is her job and hers alone.

Prolonged foreplay is much the same way. If that’s your thing and it gets you off and warmed up go for it. But spending a half an hour trying to find all her erogenous zones is a waste of time if you’re putting in too much effort. And putting in too much effort between the sheets in order to please her is supplicating and approval seeking.

Some men out there like to proclaim how much they love eating pussy and most of the time they’re full of shit. Yes, there are men out there who genuinely get off on licking a woman’s vagina but most of us don’t really like it. It is simply a means to an end. Men think that in order to get a blow job, they gotta eat pussy.

Quit studying charts and graphs and stick your dick in her already

Wrong again. If a woman is attracted enough to you she’ll suck your dick whether you go down south or not. Females love sucking the cocks of men they love and respect and those men don’t have to do anything to get head but pull their dicks out.

Stop listening to these bitches out here telling us we have to give head to get head. They know damn well they’ve gone down on more men than men have gone down on them.

#3: Most of a woman’s satisfaction is tied to your satisfaction

Here are 2 sexual scenarios:

Scenario #1: A man fucks a woman, makes her orgasm and gives her best sex she’s ever had but he doesn’t cum.

Scenario #2: A man fucks a woman, she doesn’t orgasm, but he blows multiple loads.

10 out of 10 women would choose the second scenario. The reason for this is that 95% of a woman’s sexual satisfaction is tied to her man’s satisfaction and she knows it.

“The sex was great but he didn’t cum…is he not attracted to me?”

Today’s women talk all this shit about how men have to make ’em squirt and give them great sex in order to keep them interested but nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is that if she is unable to bring a man to orgasm, that sexual encounter is a failure in her eyes.

If she’s sucking your dick and you can’t stay hard, she takes it personally. If you have to fuck her for 45 minutes before you blow your first load, she’s wondering what’s wrong with her. If she thinks for one second that you’re not turned on by her or have a strong sexual attraction for her, she’s asking herself “what the fuck is wrong with me??”

This has happened to me more times than I can count and one girl I was fucking even dropped me because she didn’t think I was as hot for her as she was for me. The text conversation below is her kicking me to the curb:

Michelle loved the sex we had together. I made her orgasm all the time (she was a silent shaker and would sometimes apologize for cumming too soon….she’d be like “I’m s-s-s-sorry…..I’m s-s-s-sorry”……weird) but because I took too long to blow my first load she took it to mean that my attraction to her wasn’t as strong as she needed it to be. I gave her great sex but because my stamina gave her a complex and made her feel unattractive, she ended our arrangement. If I were busting all over the place while she failed to orgasm, I might still be fucking her today.

The bottom line here is that women are infinitely more concerned with her man’s satisfaction than her own so there’s no need stressing out about whether or not you’re “doing it right.”

#4: Biology

The biological purpose of life is procreation. A woman becoming pregnant is contingent on male ejaculation.

We’ve all heard different theories on increasing the odds of pregnancy like doggy style, standing up while fucking, etc. One that seems to be making its rounds is female orgasm. In other words, the world at large is telling us that a woman having an orgasm increases the chances of pregnancy.

My instincts tells me this is complete and utter bullshit designed to make men, yet, more supplicating during sex. But I’m not a scientist so I’m not certain as to whether or not there’s truth to this statement but I do know this: No sperm, no baby.

A female can squirt and shake all night long but if the man doesn’t blow his load in her, she ain’t gettin’ pregnant and that’s all there is to it. If female orgasm were a requirement for pregnancy most of us wouldn’t be here.

Another reason biology dictates that we not care about a woman’s sexual satisfaction is that pregnancy for women validates her sexual allure. Just like a rock hard dick in her mouth during a blowjob is continuous validation of her desirability and his arousal, a baby in her stomach is the same thing. A woman with child is proof that she was sexually attractive enough for a man to fuck her enough to get her pregnant and women love this.

Mother Nature made female orgasm unnecessary for conception

Yes, motherhood and her opportunity to nurture and take care of her offspring contributes to that motherly glow she’s sporting during that magical 9 month period. But make no mistake about the fact that in the back of her mind she knows that when people see her stomach, they know a man lusted after enough to raw dog her enough times to put a baby in her.

At the end of the day if Mother Nature doesn’t give a shit about a woman’s needs in bed, then neither should you.

Take Away

Keep in mind I’m not telling men to go out of their way to make sex unenjoyable for women. Doing that takes just as much effort as giving too many shits about her satisfaction. But making it your mission to be her best sexual partner ever is equally fool hardy.

While you’re down there slurping away she’s thinking “Why’s he trying so hard? All I did was take off my clothes and stroke his dick for a few minutes. I wish he’d hurry up so I can suck his dick.” Then after a while she’ll lose the urge to deep throat your cock because you’re acting like a supplicating bitch boy who’s indirectly placing her value above his.

Plus, no matter what you do to please a woman she either wants more, starts complaining about what you are or aren’t doing, or both. It’s not worth it gentlemen. Be selfish in bed, do what you want, and pay no attention to her “needs.” I stated before that paying no attention to what she wants or requests has never cost me with a woman…ever.

Adopt this mentality and you’ll quickly see that your female(s) will be more drawn to you.

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