4 reasons you should never get back with your ex girlfriend

A huge mistake that every man makes at least once in his life, is getting back with an ex. The thing is, most men know it’s a bad idea, but for whatever reason we can’t help ourselves. I’ve made this mistake myself plenty of times so I speak from personal experience.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to sit here and pretend to have absolutely no clue as to why Men routinely take back their ex-girlfriend‘s. If a Man loves a woman, it’s never easy for him to let go of her no matter how badly she has wronged him.

By the same token, if more men had Red Pill awareness, they wouldn’t make this mistake over and over again. But that’s not the end all be all. The hard truth is that, Red pill awareness or not, it’s never easy to refrain from getting back with an ex-girlfriend… Especially if the sex was great and you loved her.

But if a man knows beyond the shadow of a doubt that making the egregious mistake that is taking back and ex-girlfriend will most assuredly lead him down a path worse than the one he just walked down before, he is far more likely to make the right decision and tell her to fuck off for good.

Again this is far easier said than done, but like most things like this it still has to be done. And a lot of times your life depends upon it.

Now I want you to understand that this isn’t some sort of deep psychological analysis. I’m not smart enough to engage in this kind of mental gymnastics. This is a common sense, no bullshit, red pill approach as to why it is never a good idea to make a woman who was once your main chick you’re main chick AGAIN.

#1 – She’s been ran through

…especially if she’s a white girl

Trust and believe that when you and her end things, regardless of who does the breaking up, she’s going to start fucking dudes by the truckload. All girls do this after a breakup.

My friend and colleague Matt Forney wrote an article entitled All women have sex within 24 hours of a breakup and he’s 100% correct. Girls also have a saying when it comes to breakups: “To get over him, you have to get under him!” In other words, fuck as many guys and take as much semen as your uterus can handle and you’ll get over your ex quickly.

“But Donovan, what if it’s only been a week?” She’s still fucked at least 5 guys. This is just what girls do and it’s not changing. As soon as you go your separate ways, she’ll be on her knees within a few hours.

Getting back with an ex girlfriend even after a short period of time means you’ll likely be kissing at least a dozen guys when you lock lips with her for the first time in your reunion.

#2 – There’s a better woman out there for you

If you dumped her, you did it for a reason. Maybe she got fat, maybe she cheated on you, maybe you lost interest, or maybe she wasn’t upholding her end of the bargain. Whatever the case may be there’s no need getting back with her because you’re horny or your pipeline is dry.

If she dumped you then you KNOW there’s a better woman out there for you. Why? Because when a woman actually breaks up with you she is definitely fucking someone else. Girls are notorious for branch swinging and if you think you’re special and that she’d never do that to you, think again.

She’ll never tell you “Donovan I think we should break up” unless she’s been getting dicked in her boss’s office at work for the last 3 months.

So whether she dumped you or you dumped her, there’s no need eat leftovers. Move on and find a better girl.

#3 – There’s no honeymoon period the 2nd time around

We all remember the very first time we hooked up with past girlfriends. The sex was great, you were fucking all the time (face to face no less), you’re all lovey dovey, holding hands, she’s sucking your dick, everything is great and neither of you can do any wrong.

When you get back with an ex there’s no honeymoon period this time. You’ve fucked in every position 64 times so there’s no mystery, no excitement.

Getting back with an ex is like buying a new car, enjoying that new car smell, selling it, buying it back, and expecting the new car smell again. Not gonna happen.

#4 – She will lose respect for you

Whether you dumped her or she dumped you, crawling back to her will show her that you have oneitis. It doesn’t matter how much time has gone by, she will lose respect for you.

Women know they ain’t shit regardless of what they say out loud. They can post all the memes they want on social media they know that all they bring to the table is pussy, tits, and ass and a lot of times that’s not even worth keeping her around.

If you take her back she’ll subconsciously think:

Okay it’s been 3, 4 weeks and he just got right back with me. The guy I was fucking behind his back doesn’t wanna fuck me anymore so I took a shot in the dark and he took me back just like that? Does he not have any other girls? Was he just sitting around crying over me? What’s wrong with him?? I’ll keep him around until I find somebody better than I’ll dump him again.

Your ex will lose respect for you because she’ll assume you have nothing else going on in your life which is unattractive and does not engender respect.

At the end of the day…

…taking back an ex is wifing up sloppy seconds. It’s not even close to worth it. Keep your dignity and your sanity and leave her ass alone. Take some time, go into monk mode, and get your mind right.

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