4 Ways Women Objectify Men

If you watch a Taylor Swift’s music video or that of Lady Gaga, you’d see how men are portrayed in the lowest forms. Either used as pleasure givers or for the mere purpose of berating. Men are only good for pleasures but of course, no one would see that as a misnomer. Millions of men struggle daily to make a decent home and provide for family and the many demands of the society but few people take notice of that and this is one of the many things that go wrong in our world.


Quite often, you’d read discourses of women rights’ groups crying foul about the objectification of women. On the other hand, the men pay less attention to the unhealthy portrayal of men within the feminist sphere – because it is in the nature of men to not mind labels – to move on. Men don’t fare well, truly. Men are the ridiculous cheats or the abusive partners – according to these nazi-feminists. Everything done by the menfolk to ensure a great society perishes at the feet of their shortfalls. It is the way of the world, sadly.


To digress, there was an incident in India involving Nigerians, where a woman murdered a man in cold blood. The shared videos had the women rights leaders writing that the woman couldn’t have done it. She was exonerated even before proper trial. The man was the accused – he could have offended who had him killed and a ‘poor’ woman was accused. Sad. It was later discovered that truly, the woman killed the man and then the women expressed their disapproval with such updates like: why would he be with a woman twice his age. One remarked about her beauty, as if that was a determinant of how good or bad she could become. The expressions were just careful distractions – to pull laughter and forgo the necessary discussion. They would not want to address the issues of men who consistently die from poisoning from women. It is a debate that is worth discussing too, like every other thing that plagues society. It is only by discussing that we can right some wrongs. But those details were not considered. However, this is not the focus for today. Below are some of the observed forms that men have been objectified.



If you do not have some six or eight packs, you’re less of yourself. You are not truly out to be part of this century. It does not matter how intelligent you are. A girl can reject you because you ought to look sexy in your six packs. All men should appear in packs. This is just what makes the world a great place. Anything short of six packs from men equals hell. And who wants to spend time in relationship with a man who cannot even maintain six packs of his own stomach?


All short men have their place in the lake of nothingness. Who would date a short man? It doesn’t matter what character he has if he has the right height, he is worthy of all things great. Short men are quick to temper. They cannot hold conversation because they have all their senses reduced. And why would any woman stoop to kiss a man who is below her height. Short men should just become priests and forget about having anything to do with a woman.


Size of penis

Those folks who wield giant penis on porn sites, are they not humans too – men, to be specific? Any man who cannot boast of a huge penis, something that makes her cry for breath cannot make it into a woman’s heart. His penis has to be huge. It helps the ego. If a couple goes swimming, the lady wants everyone to look at her man and want what she has. What no one wants is not worth having. Huge penis or nothing else.



Oh, beards are heavenly. Oh, imagine you having something to stroke when he is lying on your laps butt naked. A man without beard is just a coming of age man misfit. He has to have some beards and oil it so that it makes you horny. Anyone with a clean shaven face is not wild enough to tame a fierce woman. It is beards all the way. And that’s all that matters.  

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