4 ways your girl’s friends will sabotage your relationship

When you’ve got red pill awareness, you can’t hide it. That’s not to say that you go around saying “Hey everybody I’m totally red pill” but your actions, your words, and how you conduct yourself will make it obvious to everyone around you that you don’t have the same ideas about women and relationships as most people. Some people will characterize you as a person who “marches to the beat of a different drummer” which is a backhanded dig at your lifestyle.

Now your girl’s friends are really going to hate on you but not because they disagree with who you are and how you run your woman. You see, they’re confused as to how to feel about you because they’re not exactly sure why they hate you out loud but wanna fuck you in their fantasies.

The truth is that hey’re hating on your GIRL because she’s got what they want what she’s got which is YOU. They want a man who has his shit together…. a man who’s in control… a man who makes them better women… a man to challenge them…a man who demands her best. They want a man like YOU but they can’t say it out loud because A) it’s bad for her reputation to admit they like a man who hates feminism, has no problem saying so, and says he isn’t afraid of women and B) that man is dating their friend.

But as we all know, women are rarely true friends with each other. Most of the time they tolerate one another so long as they both get something out of it. But as soon as one of them gets something the other wants, like, say a boyfriend who has his shit together, all bets are off. Women routinely throw loyalty and friendship out the door and start sabotaging their “friends” to either separate the thing from the friend that makes the friend happy, or to have the thing for themselves.

And what’s the #1 thing women sabotage each other for? You guessed it…MEN. So I’m gonna give you the top 5 ways your girl’s friends will attempt to sabotage your relationship with her.

#1 – They call you controlling, possessive, etc.

“He’s sooo controlling! That’s unhealthy!”

This is one of the most obvious signs and there are 2 main reasons: #1: Girls don’t really give a shit about each other….they only pretend to. Even if a “friend” of hers is in an abusive relationship and talks to her about it on the phone, she feigns concern while she’s on the phone during the 30 minute conversation because, again she’s getting something out of her “friend” at that point, but the minute she hangs up the phone she goes back to not giving a shit.

And #2: Girls WANT a man who’s possessive and controlling but not a man they don’t want. The only reasons girls complain about a man being controlling and possessive is because they don’t really want to be with him. Then she shames him into giving her the space she needs to cheat on him or she’s shit testing him in the beginning of the relationship to make sure she can trust him to protect her from herself.

So if your girl’s friends are expressing “concern” about your “red flags”, they’re actively trying to set your girlfriend up for failure with you.

#2 –  They give your girl bad advice

“What you need to do is start flirting with other guys in front of him. That will straighten him out.”

Nobody should ever take relationship advice from women…and that includes both men and women. But you’d be surprised at how little effort women make to cover up their intentions to blow up a friend’s relationship these days. I’ve heard girls flat out tell me that their friends have advised them to cheat on their boyfriends. Like straight up “you should cheat on him and that’ll make him want you more.”

Now obviously women know that cheating would do quite the opposite but now they have that excuse in their hip pocket for when they get caught so they can say “Well Tracy told me to do it to help our relationship.” It’s amazing to me that women will straight up advise their friends to stop calling or texting, they’ll tell them to stop putting out, they’ll tell them to sign up for Tinder, the tell them to do all kinds of dumb shit for the sole purpose of breaking you up.

#3 – They’ll talk shit about her to YOU 

“You know she’s cheated on every one of her boyfriends, right?”

This is one of the main reasons you should never get too close to your girl’s friends and NEVER exchange phone numbers with them. Because as soon as they have it in their minds that they want to fuck things up between you two, they start smear campaigns.

You gotta remember, your girl’s friends know all of her dirty little secrets and trust me when I tell you guys that they have ZERO issue with telling you this shit. One girl I was fucking told me about how her friend parked in a tow zone on purpose so that she could spend the night and ask me for money. One girl told me that her friend who was my girlfriend at the time had cheated on every boyfriend she’d ever had, AND THEN TOLD ME I DESERVED BETTER THAN HER!

Guys I could tell you stories I’ve heard and shit that’s happened to me and my buddies all day long but the point is that girls will not hesitate to air out your girl’s dirty laundry in an attempt to break you up guys and 9 times out of 10 they do it for the last and final reason which is…

#4 – They try to fuck you

“Your girlfriend is working tonight? That sux! Wanna hang out?”

The girl who told me about the chick who parked in the tow zone so she could spend the night at my place in Vegas? Fucked her. And I’ve fucked the friends of my girlfriends plenty of times guys. That’s the game, that’s how it happens.

And girls never feel guilty about it either. When your girl finds out about it, and she will because her friend’s eventually gonna spill the beans because she wants to break you up, they act all sorry…..they cry….they apologize….they beg for forgiveness but two hours later they’re hittin’ you up talkin’ ‘bout “you comin’ over tonight?”

If your girls’ friends openly flirt with you in front of her, it’s only a matter of time before she makes a play to fuck you and when they do they’ll make it very obvious. As in no plausible deniability. One girl who texted me asked me if I wanted to come over and hangout and I said to her “aren’t you and Crissy friends?” Her response? “Not really…..we just do stuff together when we’re bored”


Understand this gents. There’s no honor among thieves and there’s even less honor among women. It doesn’t matter how long they’ve known each other or how long they’ve been friends. If one of the friends gets a man that she wants, the other friend is going to try to take him It’s a mathematical certainty.

It may not happen immediately but somewhere down the line if you’re a red pill aware male and you have an attractive girlfriend and she has attractive friends, or if you have an attractive wife who has attractive friends, those friends WILL try to blow up your relationship. Be ready.

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