5 basic E-commerce strategies that actually help you sell sneakers

Just like any other market, the Internet has its own rules when it comes to trading goods. If you’re interested in expanding your business online you’re off to a competitive adventure in the E-commerce world.

You won’t find any quick ways that allow you to skip a step in the process either, and you need to do everything the right way by yourself if you want to own a successful online shop. However,we decided to offer some help so we came up with 5 basic strategies you should develop in order to achieve that.

Start small, build your way up

First off, you need to remember that all businesses start small and make their way up. So start somewhere, and work hard to develop your store. If you chose to sell your products online you’re off to a good start because you can instantly expose your products to millions of shoppers from across the world.

If you have some good funds to begin with, develop your own website and start selling directly to your customers, but if not use an online marketplace like Amazon or E-Bay. This will save you a lot of time and efforts and we suggest doing this until you earned enough funds to open up your own platform online.

The best thing is that you won’t have to deal with promotion and advertising because the main website handles everything. However, you need to describe, list, and categorize your products correctly in order for potential shoppers to find them easily. Besides that, make sure you maintain a good customer service to have most of your shoppers come back and do business again.

Be aware of mobile optimization

Assuming that you decided to build your own website to sell sneakers, you should be aware that most shoppers purchase their products from mobile devices so if you designed a store that looks nice on your personal computer, but it’s an absolute horror to load onto mobile devices, you’re losing customers faster than you can image.

Optimize your online store, and make sure that the customers have an easy-to-use system for their mobile devices. Last but not least, work with a web developer that can make your shop look outstanding, and different from everything you can find online. So, the basic rules of online stores are: good-looking, simple, easy to use, and mobile-responsive.

The visual impact is everything

The way that you display your products is without a doubt crucial to sell them. If you have ever visited a big retailer’s website then you have seen how their products are displayed and described. You shouldn’t fall off behind either because every item needs to look at their best or else the sale numbers will suffer.

Also, consider adding a 360° pose for every product after you made some good stocks so that customers will be able to tell how the shoes look from every angle. If you don’t have the skills or the equipment to handle this, work with a professional that can do the job for you. Don’t forget about the store logo, and the rest of your graphic elements.

Don’t forget about e-mail marketing and social media

What’s a good strategy to keep your customers coming back? E-mail marketing. Consider offering discounts in exchange of newsletter subscription (especially for shoes that don’t sell that good), doing follow-up e-mails from time to time, and being on-point when it comes to promoting new arrivals and deals.

Engaging with sneaker lovers on social media won’t harm your business either. Spend a few hours a day online and try your best to build an audience with interesting news and articles. You can share your thoughts with the following that you have to prove that you’re an actual sneaker lover, not just someone that does this for a profit. Sneaker heads will appreciate this.

Make sure your shipping is on point

Free shipping will close a lot of deals for sure, but if you can’t afford to do this with a small business finding a fast, efficient and cheap way to deliver your goods for the customers will come with good results as well.

People want their products delivered fast and safe when they’re shopping online so look for the best deal you can possibly find to ship your products. This will bring a lot of your customers back to shop for a second pair of shoes, and if you’re selling on E-Bay you will also benefit from a good feedback score while building trust and reliability.

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