5 crypto currencies predictions for 2018

It looks like the crypto market is currently heading for yet another dip so let’s check out five predictions that might come true this year.

5) Useless protocol tokens will be dropped

Currently, there’s a considerable number of tokens available in the market but unfortunately for some of the buyers, more and more of them will be dropped by the end of the year. The number one reason why this will happen is because a considerable number of tokens are relatively useless.

That means the technology can function without being backed by a token so buyers will realize that there’s no reason for them to store that specific token.

4) The privacy war

The most important fight in the crypto world this year will revolve around privacy. With taxes being imposed on trading crypto and heavy regulations, Zcash, Monero, and Dash will be the main competitors for the number one privacy coin.

Whoever wins will gain a huge portion of the market cap while making token owners extremely happy. Also, at least one of these three coins has the potential of being recognized as “the next Bitcoin” by the mainstream media so we’re going to see big boost in this area.

3) Decentralized AI start-ups

After SingularityNet sold out in a matter of minutes in their ICO, more and more companies are going to try their luck in the decentralized AI market. People who are currently working for big companies that are investing in AI will leave their jobs to start their own start-ups and naturally, the market will generate a lot of attention for this sector.

How many of them will succeed remains to be seen.

2) More regulations

This one is obvious. After China, South Korea, and India took a significant stand on crypto, more and more regulations will follow.

However, after impacting the market negatively on the short run, everyone will start to realize that most regulations are actually beneficial to cryptocurrencies on the long run. ICOs disappearing with their funds, shady exchanges and quick ponzi schemes will be a thing of the past in the crypto world at some point.

1) Crypto will pickup in the retail market

The retail market is going to be the first one that will adopt cryptocurrencies. Not only will this mean a huge boost for the market itself but most coins will return to their main purpose – trading.

Who’s going to adopt them first remains to be seen but it’s only a matter of time.

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