5 Hip Hop blogs that are still relevant in 2019

With Hip Hop dominating the music charts in 2018, below we’re going to break down the top 5 Hip Hop blogs that are still relevant in 2019. So if you’re interested in staying up to date with the industry, these are the names you should pay attention to.

5) Hot97

Hot97 is a heavyweight name when it comes to Hip Hop culture and in fact, this is one of New York’s longest running radio stations that has played a key role in the promotion of hundreds of artists along the way.

Not only does Hot97 perform to the highest standards when it comes to music but they’re also active on the live events scene with Summer Jam, one of the most popular music festivals in the country.

4) Pigeons and Planes

Designed to be a music blog that pretty much breaks new artists but also promotes some of the most popular songs and videos from established name in the industry, Pigeons and Planes is special due to the harmony between the two type of artists displayed, independent and mainstream.

More than a few major label rappers made their debut on this blog so it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on their platform.

3) Fader

In an industry that’s more and more biased every single day, Fader still holds the flag high when it comes to independent and talented artists that are looking for new ways to gain more followers.

The magazine has a successful music blog and a killer YouTube channel that premiers videos from new (and established) artists on a daily basis. Fader first launched in 1999 so this year they’ll be hosting their 20 year anniversary which will most likely come with a ton of surprises.

2) Genius

After being blacklisted due to major SEO issue in the past, Genius is now back and stronger than ever. The platform holds hundreds of thousands of songs with complete explanations of the lyrics from fans and artists.

Up until this point, Genius has over two million people on their website and the community is still growing since they’re now focusing on all music genres, not just Hip Hop.

1) XXL Mag

XXL Mag remains one of the most relevant voices in Hip Hop with their music and album reviews, lifestyle pieces, and new artists submissions.

It’s true that some of their relevance is due to the XXL Freshman list that premieres each and every year, but we have to give the blog’s their credit for not being afraid to speak their mind when it comes to new rappers. Naturally, some of the names that are now A list in Hip Hop made their major debut due to XXL’s Freshman selection.

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