5 Hip Hop Songs of 2018 I Wish I Never Heard

Let’s go through the worst Hip Hop songs of 2018 so far real fast while deciding which one is actually the worst.

5) Top Off – DJ Khaled

I’m going to be honest with you. I thought that by 2018 Hip Hop is going to be able to get rid of DJ Khaled. Not because I’m hating on him, it’s just that he doesn’t do anything. He doesn’t rap, he doesn’t produce, he doesn’t even DJ. He doesn’t even know squat about the game, he just coult chase every major artists until they give him a feature.

Some people will say that he’s a label owner but what major talent did he ever discover? His parent label simply gathers a bunch of major artists on a song and then allows Khaled to scream out his name in the beginning and in the end each song. Top Off is just another example for that.

4) I Like It – Cardi B

I don’t understand how people can bare with Cardi B’s voice. Let alone dance or enjoy themselves to it.

Somehow, I Like It managed to climb onto number one on the Hot 100 charts without having a special meaning or a vibe attached to it. Seriously, there’s really nothing to like about the song. Not even the beat, the melody and especially not the lyrics. Ridiculous.

3) Booty – Blac Youngsta

Man, so many years have passed and I still don’t get the Blac Youngsta phase in the mainstream music. At first it was entertaining to see dude doing his thing despite him being slow and everything but now I feel that people gave him too much power.

So much power that he started feeling himself too much. Blac Youngsta with another song about butt even if the year is 2018.

2) Bartier Cardi – Cardi B

Cardi B, once again. Our former gentlemen’s entertainer decided to go full retard with this one by spinning another song and creating her own version.

While everyone considers Cardi B a damn genius for it, I’m still missing the point of giving here the spotlight. The song sounds off, I still don’t understand what she’s saying and her damn voice is still cringy as hell.

1) God’s Plan – Drake

Drake fans, I’m sorry but God’s Plan is just clear proof that radio spins, views and streams are being purchased by record labels to pump up the artists. This has got to be the case because there’s no way a mediocre song like that could get this much air play, not even if Drake sings it.

God’s Plan is pure torture for everyone with common sense. And the worst part of it is that you’re forced into this bs simply because it plays everywhere you go.

“I only love my bed and my momma I’m sorry” – Drake

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