5 Lies We’re Constantly Told About Women

At some point in all of our lives we’ve been in conversations with our buddies regarding our wives and girlfriends about the endless bullshit they yap about and crazy things they do. There always comes a time in the conversation when one of them recites one of the many ridiculous relationship maxims American men have been brainwashed to follow:

“Well, ya know what they say….happy wife happy life! We all nod in agreement and raise our beers to further reinforce the falsehood.

If you’re on this site or others like it, you’ve probably figured out by now that a happy wife as it’s defined in the western hemisphere is about as far from being the recipe for a happy life as being a drug addict with a gambling addiction.

The thing is we’ve all been fed this bullshit our entire lives so it stands to reason that we’d believe it even today despite evidence to the contrary all around us. It’s far from easy to reprogram the male mind and see things for what they really are but the first step is to recognize it.

On that note, here are the 5 most prevalent lies men are told about American women.

5) Never ask a woman her age

I find it positively hilarious when women say this out loud. As someone with red pill awareness I now realize that when we ask a female her age we’re doing the one thing to them that they’ve been doing to us for decades.

Shit testing.

When you approach a an ample assed brunette at the grocery store and she’s receptive to your game and expressing interest, she’s ultimately going to test your mettle as a man which is otherwise known as shit testing or congruence testing.

Ignore this and ask away

She’s got to know if you’re the man you’re presenting yourself to be. The reason for this is that attractive women are very selective in terms of who they sleep with.They want to make damn sure they’re not fucking a loser who happened to be in the right place at the right time with the right lines.

So rather than asking him “Are you really the man you seem to be?” she’ll say something unexpected designed to throw you off guard like “You’re really cute but I have a boyfriend” or “But I just met you.”

Men, on the other hand, have only one way of “shit testing” women or decided whether or not we want to fuck them and that’s simply the way they look. The hotter the girl is the more we want to fuck her. Simple math, no psychological questions or complicated statements necessary.

In other words, we’re not really shit testing them. We take a look at her and decide in a few seconds whether or not we want to approach her. If we decide not to, we don’t give her the time of day and keep it moving.

But during any given interaction between men and women it’s mainly the women who are asking the questions because most of the time they’re undecided as to whether or not they want to sleep with him. They rightly assume that if a man is talking to her in the first place his mind is already made up.

This dynamic puts females in complete control of the interaction which is one of the many reasons they’re the gatekeepers to sex. So when you throw that monkey wrench into her engine and ask “How old are you?” it catches them off guard and makes them think on their feet for a change.

Females have lied about their ages for generations because they’ve always been keenly aware that men of value want younger, hotter women. Sure, there are plenty of ways they can make themselves look younger but they all know that no amount of cleavage, hair color, or ass lifting jeans can completely conceal the number of rings within her tree stump.

So the next time you ask a female how old she is and she tells you it’s rude to ask a woman her age, simply shrug your shoulders and say “So call me rude. How old are you?” Women don’t like to be put on the spot but when a man shows he’s got the balls to, she grows more attracted to him with every second of awkward silence that goes by as she tries to think of an answer.

4) Women age like a fine wine

Once again, this is an axiom that is so patently false, even the purveyors of this falsity are probably laughing under their breath as they say it out loud.

Women don’t age well at all and everybody knows it. Yes, there are exceptions to the rule like women who are lucked out and got great genetics. Also women who take care of themselves by staying fit, not smoking, eating right, not drinking excessively, and of course staying off the cock carousel (which ages women very quickly) manage to slow the aging process but eventually Father Time will collect his debt for having afforded her a decade of absolute power over men.

“Time to pay the check sweetie”

But the vast majority of women don’t age nearly as gracefully as the public would have you believe. This narrative acknowledges that most of a woman’s value is directly tied to her youth and beauty while telling men that value increases with age.

Even men with zero game whatsoever know this is complete and utter bullshit, yet, they’d never argue against this motto in front of women for fear of being shunned or shamed.

This myth is nothing more than a coping mechanism for women. They know better than anyone they age like shit but because they want to stay on the cock carousel as long as they possibly can they made up this lie to make men think their value increases the older they get.

The truth is, no matter how many women tell a 35 year old former “party girl” (read: slut) that she’s a great catch because of her awesome job, her Master’s Degree in women’s studies, and her winning personality, she knows that her SMV (sexual market value) is determined by her physical beauty and not much else. With each passing year her SMV drops and because American women have shown they’re ill equipped to handle rejection, they cling to the “fine wine” canard to cope with their decreasing desirability.

The bottom line here is that women don’t age anything like wine. The aging process of a female is probably closer to a half empty domestic light beer sitting in the fridge teetering on the edge of undrinkability.

3) Behind every great man is a great woman

The way we define a great woman in the manosphere is the polar opposite of the way they’re defined in mainstream culture. Feminism would like for you to believe that a great woman is one who is confident, acts like a man, and is secretly pulling the strings behind the scenes while her man is merely following her orders and that’s the reason he’s successful.

“They actually think we’re responsible for their success!”

An example of this would be when the media gives women like Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton any measure of credit for the successes of their husbands. But both Barack and Bill would likely still have accomplished everything they accomplished with other women. Michelle and Hillary were just along for the ride and what made them “great women” is that they knew their place, shut the fuck up, and looked pretty while their presidential husbands ran the country.

Men accomplish great things with or without women. We’ve been doing that since the beginning of time. Could the presence of a feminine woman make his journey more enjoyable and a little more fulfilling? Of course. I’m sure Julius Caesar and Genghis Khan enjoyed their harems while conquering their respective worlds and probably gave them an elevated measure of satisfaction knowing they had pussy on call at all times. But I’m fairly certain neither of them consulted their concubines when faced with a tough decision.

At the end of the day men don’t need women to be successful. We don’t need their guidance or influence to kick life’s ass. All we want are their bodies and compliance.

2) If she loves sports she’s a keeper

This is another example of American culture glorifying women who display masculine traits and selling them as attractive qualities to men. If she’s a ball busting wise cracking chick who’s not afraid to mix it up with the fellas, she’s hot. If she’s brash, opinionated, and unafraid to be confrontational, she’s beautiful. You get the idea.

This woman is not attractive

These days female sports fans are touted as ‘keepers’ and nothing could be further from the truth. Men want women who are women. Girly girls. Don’t get me wrong here….if your girl watches the game with you and gets excited when you do, that’s perfectly fine. She’s being supportive and taking interest in things you care about in an effort to connect with you. That’s a good thing.

But when she starts screaming at the television like a man and bitching about the penalty the ref called on this player or that, she ceases to be a feminine woman. She’s turned into a try hard trying to act masculine because everything around her tells her she has to be in order to be attractive to men.

No matter how many men say that dating a girl who loves sports as much as they do, in an honest moment he’ll admit that being with a chick who can go shot for shot with him on tequila night, brags about her kill streak on Halo, and can name every relief pitcher on the ‘96 Yankees is a turn off.

1) Happy wife, happy life

This is easily the biggest lie we’ve been told about women in the last half century. We’re promised endless sex, home cooked meals, and undying love and loyalty if we focus all our energy on her needs and wants according to how she feels at that very moment.

What’s really damaging about this particular fallacy is that men neglect their own needs trying to keep their wives happy. We neglect physical fitness, financial shrewdness, and overall self improvement in the name of the “happy wife happy life” maxim. By the time we realize our efforts are futile (meaning we’ve been served divorce papers)  we’re fat, broke, and unattractive.

This is what happens when you live to please her

This particular untruth is also a projection. That is, women believe their husbands should be completely selfless to keep her around when in actuality it is quite the opposite. Any man with solid game knows the secret to keeping your woman hot for you is to be unabashedly selfish. The less shits you give about her feelings, her needs in bed, or anything else, the more attached she grows to you. Women live for earning a man’s time and affections which is why they walk all over men who give it to them for nothing.

Females want selfish men so they are selfish themselves. Similar to the reason women try to be brash, egotistical, smart asses. They want a man with a ball busting devil-may-care attitude so they take on these traits as their own not knowing that’s really what they want in a man.

So stop sending her flowers, buying every little knick knack she wants, telling her she’s beautiful all the time, and taking her for surprise dinners to show her just how special and amazing and unique she is. Rather, tell her what she’s cooking for dinner, what she’ll be wearing while she cooks it and smack her ass while she cooks it and she’ll give you toe curling blow jobs so long as you maintain your frame.

Keeping her on her toes by not worshiping her for simply having a vagina and making her earn your praise is the real way to keep her happy while keeping her in check. And a wife in check is a happy wife. Happy wife, happy life.


If you’re new to the red pill, you would do well to internalize these lies and see them for what they really are. The world at large wants you to believe these things to make the lives of women around us even better.

Fuck that. Be your own man, don’t buy into this bullshit and do what you want and when you want to. If your game is tight enough your woman will come along for the ride and not give a shit about how selfish you are.

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