5 Not so obvious signs she’s cheating on you

Any Man who’s been in the dating game long enough is well aware of the obvious signs his woman might be running around on him. Paying attention to her phone (then placing it face down after she looks at it), “working late”, and “my friend is going through a breakup and needs me” (for the 3rd time this week) are all evident signs of likely infidelity.

As expected, women have adjusted, evolved, and stepped up their cheating game as of late, to keep their infidelity under raps and it’s working. So here are 5 of the most inconspicuous signs your girl may be taking cocks on the side.

#1 She’s suddenly affectionate and vocal about her love for you

She’ll start to tell you she loves you a lot more, she’ll start to tell you she’s glad she’s with you, she start holding your hand more, she starts giving you more affection in public. Notice these things are EASY to do….it’s easy to tell a man anything…it’s easy to give him a little affection or to hold his hand a little more.

Be careful if she starts doing this out of the blue

Why: When girls are cheating they’re happy…especially in the beginning. The affair is exciting, they’re getting fucked good, the sex is great, the whole nine. She’s got the alpha fucks beta bucks going on and when females accomplish this, they’re elated…they’re content and they’re truly happy. They’re getting the alpha dick on the side and having her emotional and financial needs met by her boyfriend or husband.

#2 She stops sucking your dick and/or giving you anal

If she’s not blowing you, she’s blowing somebody else

Why: blow jobs and anal sex are 2 of THE most submissive things a woman can do for a man. Most blow jobs are done on a woman’s knees below a man, he’s physically above her, she’s kneeling in front of him and sucking his dick and quite literally in a submissive state mentally and physically with her posture and positioning: on her knees looking up at you in front of you

Anal sex, as I’ve mentioned before, is extremely submissive. When a woman allows you to fuck her in the ass she’s subjecting herself to discomfort at best, physical pain at worst and she does it to please YOU. Most women don’t get off on anal sex, they just do it because their men like it. They ain’t doin’ it for their pleasure trust me. So when a girl gives her you ass she’s at your mercy which is as submissive as it gets.

Now most women out there are raging sluts (we all know this) but a small percentage of them are ratchets…meaning she does it all with everybody. Regular sluts’ll give the pussy to anybody but it’s their mouths and assholes that are reserved for the men they love and the men they’re aroused by. Any woman who blows every guy and lets everybody go back door is a ratchet and these women aren’t hard to spot.

That said, chances are your woman’s not a ratchet which means she’s only sucking one guy’s dick and having anal sex with that same guy. If that guy stops being you, IT IS DEFINITELY SOMEONE ELSE!

#3 She starts to proactively reassure you about the relationship

This is when starts talking about future plans short, mid, and long term. “I’m not going anywhere” “I’d be stupid to leave you” “I’m so glad I found you” “I’m a lucky girl” “I don’t deserve you” are all go to favorites of cheating females.

Why: The reason she does this is to throw you off the scent. Women know men have huge egos and we like to have them stroked. So when she tells you things like “You’re the man of my dreams” or “I’ve waited so long to find someone like you” she’s bullshitting you so you don’t suspect anything. Your subconscious is telling you “she thinks SHE’S the lucky one, and she says SHE doesn’t deserve ME!” so you never even suspect the fact that she’s fuckin’ somebody on the side because she’s given you a false sense of security and you bought into it.

#4 She starts using hyperbole to describe you

For example “you’re the best I’ve ever had” “You’ve lasted longer than any guy” “You have the biggest dick I’ve ever had” or “Nobody has done XYZ like you” or “I’ve never loved anybody like I’ve loved you” and some even say “You’re the first guy I’ve ever loved”

Why: The reason she does THIS is the same reason as #3. She’s stroking your ego which is very effective to men who are unaware of the fact that women rarely stroke a man’s ego unless there’s an ulterior motive….such as covering up her cheating. Using hyperbole takes it one step further in that it makes you feel unique…it makes you feel like she can’t get what she gets from you anywhere else and when a man feels this way, he thinks he’s one of a kind and that his woman will stick around to keep him and his quote “uniqueness” You’ll think: “no man can fuck her like I do” or “No man has a bigger cock than me” “She’ll never love a man like she loves me” and you base this ONLY on what she’s TOLD you.

“you have the biggest cock EVER! I love you!

Example: This happened to a friend of mine when he lived in California. He told us he used to brag to people about how his fiance would never find a man like him and how awesome she thought he was. A month before the wedding he found out she was fucking some dude at her gym and it crushed him. Obviously he didn’t marry her but he was so devastated he had to leave Oceanside,  which is just outside of San Diego, and ended up in Las Vegas.

And the thing was when he was telling us this story you could still see the disbelief in his face. It was like he just couldn’t believe that a woman who was so enamored with him could cheat on him but the truth was she was never enamored with him in the first place…at least not when she started fuckin’ around on him.

So if out of the blue your woman starts to tell you you’re a superhero with a 15” cock who fucks her like no other man that she’ll never love like she loves you because you’re God’s give to her and other women world wide, she’s probably talking about someone who isn’t you.

#5 She’s pretends to be more “transparent”

All of a suddensShe shows you what’s on her phone, her tablet her computer, she’s showing you text messages, emails, her Facebook page her Instagram.  

Why: The reason she’s doing this is because she’s gotten a 2nd phone which is the one she uses to communicate with the dude she’s fucking on the side. Of COURSE she’s gonna show you everything…..there’s nothing to find on any of those devices

So if your woman just all of a sudden starts to show you everything on her devices and you didn’t ask her to, start looking for that 2nd phone. Girls NEVER do this in the first place unless you’ve groomed her properly and require her to be transparent from the start.

Never trust your woman if she volunteers confidential information on her phone. She’s distracting you like a magician by telling you to look at this over here while I’m doing that over there. It’s the oldest trick in the book.


Amatueur cheaters will make it obvious they’re cheating because they can’t help themselves. Experienced cheaters have been caught in the past but instead of not adjusting their strategy  they googled “how to know she’s cheating” and did the smart thing by proactively getting out in front of these behaviors so their men never have a clue until she says “I think we need to take a break.”

Be on the lookout for these 5 behaviors guys and keep in mind that if she’s cheating, these behaviors will come out of the blue. Girls are smart about cheating, but they’re not THAT smart. Because if they were,  they’d wait to fuck the guy they wanna cheat on their boyfriends with and gradually introduce these behaviors so as to not alert a man who’s aware of these.

But women are impulsive by nature….they can’t help it. They’ll never not fuck a guy they have on their radar. They’ll never exercise temperance or patience because of their impulsive nature. They’ll always start fucking the guy then think “oh shit lemme start telling him I love him and stroking his ego so he doesn’t figure out I’m fucking Donovan!” and most of the time it works because most men are grossly unaware of the behavior.

They definitely notice the change but because they’re unaware of the fact that the sudden onset of these chances likely means she’s cheating, they think these sudden changes are a GOOD thing. They think to themselves “Damn, Michelle’s really stepped up her game, she must really love me and want me to know I can trust her!”

But what he doesn’t know is that she’s started fuckin’ Kevin in sales she doesn’t want him finding out and knows exactly how make sure he never does.

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