5 online trends for retail businesses

5 retail business ideas
Looking for some new inspiration for your retail shop? Check out 5 online trends for retail businesses this year.

Looking for some new inspiration for your retail website? Check out 5 online trends for retail businesses this year.

5) Free products

One thing’s for sure: people will never get tired of free products. So a quick and easy way to get your business going is to setup a contest with free products and to let the blogs know about it.

Blogs are willing to promote these type of events since most of them are running on the idea of updating their public with the latest news so this is how you get a good amount of free promo and possibly backlinks.

You can also target Social Media influencers to send them promo packs based on your products. This way you can get a cosign for what you’re selling without paying huge amounts of cash for promotion.

4) Limited time releases

If you’re in the retail business, limited time releases are the best promotion strategy you can use this year – especially for clothes and accessories.

There’s something that sets people’s mood when they find out about buying a certain product for a limited amount of time or that a product is part of a limited release. The best way to use this strategy is when you’re doing a collaboration release.

3) Live streaming

Did you update your stock with a new product that you plan on selling in a short amount of time? Tease it on Facebook or Instagram Live or maybe Periscope before making it available.

People love streaming and they trend to connect more with brands that offer insights from behind the curtains. Try to go live from time to time to do Q&As or to tease new products. You’ll most likely get a good response from your fan base with instant promo for whatever you’re trying to do.

2) Interactive content

Quizzes and polls, voting, gifs, assessments and animated infographics – people love interactive content. If you own a blog, now is time to populate it with this type of content.

Obviously, most of them take a lot of time for creation but the final results will be satisfying. And also, blogs can pick up on it so more free promo and possibly even more backlinks.

1) Videos

Videos offer a truckload of information, thoughts, and responses so be sure to get a video guy on board of your team. Promo videos for certain events, videos that showcase your products and everything else related to this segment will boost your brand to the top.

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