5 Reasons Black Men Should Date White Women

In the past, I’ve written multiple articles and have made appearances on various podcasts  to opine on why I no longer date black women. The reasons are obvious to everyone here so there’s no need for me to belabor the point.

What I haven’t done, however, is talk about the reasons white girls make great significant others (provided your game is air tight). True, there are many, many reasons black women are radioactive to us. But for every reason black men should avoid black women, there are two reasons we should pursue white girls.

Having dated, fucked, had one night stands, been fuck friends with, and everything in between with white women for quite some time, I’ve chosen 5 reasons brothers should run game on these chicks more regularly.

1.They take good care of you

If you’re fucking her senseless and running solid game, a white girl will move heaven and earth to make your life easier. Aside from giving you the pussy whenever and wherever you want, they’ll showcase their domestic skills to show you their appreciation.

I’m currently fucking a white chick on the east coast (I live on the west coast) and even though we only see each other every few months, she treats me like a God when I’m there. She cooks for me, makes sure her place is clean, and waits on me hand and foot.

Image result for hot white girl cooking
Black women would never cook for you in a thong

Another white girl I was dating in Vegas cleaned my apartment every time she came over. Although her cooking skills left a lot to be desired, she wasn’t terrible and always made a concerted effort to be the doting, dutiful woman she knows that every man wants deep down.

In my early twenties I fell ass backwards into the panties of countless black chicks and I can’t remember any of them cooking, cleaning, or even offering to pay for anything. In their minds, giving up the ass was all that was required to keep me around.

White girls know and understand that giving me the booty is just the beginning. They’re keenly aware of the fact that men of value can get sex just about any time they want so they step up their game in other areas to lock you down which increases their overall value.

2. They do it ALL in bed

I’m sure there are plenty of black women out there who suck a mean cock and I’m sure there are plenty who actually like going downtown on a man. But the conventional wisdom that sisters don’t give head didn’t come from nowhere. Stereotypes exist for a reason.

Woman for woman, white girls suck dick much more than black women. I’m not sure what the percentages are but based on my personal experiences the gap is wide. Yes, I’ve gotten my dick sucked by black girls in the past but every single solitary white girl I’ve ever fucked hasn’t hesitated to fellate my phallus.

Image result for hot white girl waiting for you in bed
White girls literally let you do whatever you want to them…and they like it

White females are also much more open sexually. Anal sex, swallowing, public fucking, and everything in between is all on the table with white girls. They’re down for whatever you want to do with them and are more than happy to comply with whatever you want sexually.

3. They don’t have an attitude problem

To be fair, it’s easy for women who get attention from every man and live the lives they live not to have an attitude problem. Life for pretty white women is great and rarely presents any real challenge or strife. As a result they don’t have the built in attitude problem that most black women seem to have.

Be that as it may, the plight of black females is no longer the problem of black males. And if you can date or fuck women who don’t wake up pissed off at the world, there’s no reason to avoid them for fear of angering black women or being labeled a race traitor or a sell out.

Image result for black woman with an attitude
You rarely get this front white girls

When white women belong to a man who is masculine, knows what he wants, takes control, and dominates life they fall in line. They have kind, pleasant dispositions because they know they’re being led by a man they can trust to be a man without resenting him for doing so.

Black women almost involuntarily push back when a man grabs his Y-chromosome and shows some backbone because they’re all raised to believe they should be the head of household and that they ‘don’t belong to no fuckin’ man!’.

Leave that headache alone and date women who actually want a man who acts like a man and rewards them bountifully for said behavior.

4. They’re naturally submissive

Every female has a natural desire to be submissive. It’s in their feminine hard drive to surrender to a man and submit to him. White women, when properly groomed and trained are naturally submissive to their men.

And let’s be clear here. This definition of submissive is a far cry from what feminists tout as a woman walking around the house with her head down, doing her chores with a black eye while fearfully avoiding his temper by not speaking. That’s an extreme example designed to give them carte blanche to be epic sluts.

Image result for hot submissive white girl
White females surrender their bodies and minds to the right men regardless of race while black women would laugh at this notion

A healthily submissive woman is one who puts the needs of her man before her own. If he wants to fuck, she submits and lets her man fuck her whether she has a ‘headache’ or isn’t in the mood. If her man is hungry, she makes him a meal. If he wants to relax she gives him his space. Whatever he needs, she’s there for him regardless of how she feels. His needs come first every time.

Black women would laugh at the above paragraph and that’s one of the many fundamental differences between them and white women. They can crack up all they want. This is a huge reason more black men are dating, fucking, and marrying their white counterparts.

5. They’re feminine

Regardless of race, a feminine woman is an attractive one. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that most black women exhibit masculine traits. This, again, is because of their culture, their upbringing and their environment but that doesn’t negate the fact that it’s highly unattractive for women to act like men.

White women are far more feminine than black women and it’s not close. In fact, the more masculinity you show, the more femininity they exhibit. If you verbally reprimand her for some reason or another, they soften up and heed your command. If you tell her you two are staying home rather than going to meet her friends or relatives, she’ll say ‘yes sir’ and be done with it.

Image result for hot feminine white girls
White girls embrace their femininity if your game is tight

Black women are the polar opposite in this regard. The more masculinity a man shows her, the more masculine she becomes. Men are not attracted to this and that’s all there is to it. And if a black woman attempts to shame you by saying:

“You just can’t handle a strong black woman!”

Hit her with this:

“Sure I can. I can also handle a bratty kid, but that doesn’t mean I want to.”

I’ve used this on more than one occasion and it never fails to shut their asses up.

In the end…

…this isn’t about race at all. It isn’t about men being conditioned to be attracted to white girls because of movies, tv shows, commercials etc. It’s about the fact that white women act like women and black women act like men. There’s nothing psychological or complicated about it.

No matter a female’s race, men want to be with kind, feminine, submissive women. And woman for woman white girls exhibit these traits at a much higher percentage than black women. I’m not breaking news here. Everybody knows this. It’s time for black men who are fence sitters to ditch females who do nothing but bring them down, and get with women who will appreciate them, take good care of them, and not compete with them at every turn for dominance or the upper hand in any relationship.


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