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     I am so fucking tired and sick of hearing cry baby ass Dark Skinned Black Women groan and moan about a black man’s “PHYSICAL PREFERENCE.” Every other day on Ebony.com or some other less than stellar bullshit black female site, we see these “DARK SKINNED BLOGGERS” gripe because black men are not worshipping them. Here is what I say to you “DARK SKINNED BLACK WOMEN.”


For many years, Black men have sat back and listened to what “YOUR PREFERENCES” are in the Black Community. You don’t want a broke nigga right? You don’t want no fat niggas RIGHT? You don’t want no ugly niggas RIGHT? You don’t want no niggas who breath smell like ass, onion, cheese, and barbecue sauce RIGHT? You want a nigga to be 6 foot 4 225 pounds, 5 percent body fat WHILE you are fat as fuck, with a weave, having a booty belly, out of shape, and bringing 4 kids to the table from three other ghetto ass baby daddies RIGHT???? 


Black women CLEARLY state their preferences in what “THEY” want all the FUCKING TIME!


Sorry for the bold writing, but a nigga just wanted to state how I felt LOL.


I know I am. The problem with Dark Skinned Black Women (or black women at as a whole) is not that lower class black men desire a preference. The real issue is that Black Men who have MONEY, STATUS, or EDUCATION have a preference. This is why men like Trick Daddy or Gilbert Arenas can hurt feelings among the Dark Skinned Black Women Sisterhood. Gilbert Arenas made national headlines when he said Dark skinned actress  Lupita Nyong’o was only attractive with the lights off. The fact is that Gilbert Arenas is over 6 ft tall. He has status and he has money. This is the kind of man that Dark Skinned Black women are hoping to get. Black men who have “FUCK YOU MONEY” like Tyrese or Gilbert Arenas can say HOW they feel about Black women without fear of losing their job or financial security. It’s time for me to get to the 5 reasons “WHY Dark Skinned Black Women Need to stop crying about Gilbert Arenas.”



Get it this through your FUCKING HEAD, WEAVE, WIG, or wherever Black women. Successful Black men do not owe you a date, a marriage, a compliment, some dick, OR ANYTHING. You black women never supported these men when they didn’t have shit. You wasn’t checking for them when they didn’t have anything. Many of you were chasing popular athletes, drug dealers, thugs, and preachers (well some of you are still fucking preachers at your church because you are nasty as fuck). Black men have the RIGHT to like who they want to like! If that is not you, then OH FUCKING WELL.


2) Dark Skinned Black Women Worship Light Skinned Men and White Men All The Time…but never EVER publicly show their affection for Dark skinned Black Men

You cry baby bitches never show your support behind Dark skinned black men. In fact, Dark skinned black men are talked about heavily when they are coming up. As a dark skinned black man, I have been called everything under the book. African booty scratcher, Crispy, Chocolate, and everything else. Meanwhile, Dark skinned black women are ALWAYS worshipping light skinned men. How many of you have a Drake poster on your wall? How many of your Dark skinned black women dream about fucking some white man so you can have some mulatto baby you can enter into a modeling contract? Does anybody talk about your preference when you want a white man? NO! Does anybody talk about your preference when you want a light skinned man? NO!


3) Did you ever consider that Many Dark Skinned Black women are just not that pretty and are MORE VIOLENT than other women? 

Maybe if Dark skinned Black women wore their natural hair and took their beauty seriously, many more men would find you sexually attractive. However, many dark skinned black women in the United States are JUST NOT FEMININE. Many of you have deep ass voices like Barry white, ridiculous weaves , out of shape bodies, and you are quite violent. Many of you who COULD be pretty chose to destroy your attractiveness by TRYING to copy the white beauty standards. This is coming from a man who prefers dark skinned women (YES I LOVE YOU Now Let me rub on your ankles boo). As a group, Dark skinned black women are not as feminine as other groups of women. You are not as feminine as light skinned black women. You can’t compete with the femininity of white women. Therefore, your attitude also makes you UGLY!


4) The Dark Skinned Black Women who are complaining about this are UGLY AS FUCK

Beautiful dark skinned black women are not worried about what Gilbert Arenas and his comments. They have plenty of men beating down their door. The women who are crying about this are fat nasty looking black women who nobody wants (Like the Youtuber chrissie who refuses to show her face because she is fat..I seen the bitch). These are the women who are mad. Just face it boo; YOU ARE NOT THAT FUCKING CUTE! If you are ugly, fat, stinky, then guess what? You don’t make BLACK MEN’S PENISES RISE! Beautiful dark skinned black women are not offended; only you unattractive ones are!


5) Black men are simply tired of your shit…and you BITCHING about our preferences won’t change anything

Black men don’t give a flying fuck if you are upset about our preferences. Some black men love light skinned women. Some black men love white women. Some black women love asians. You bitching and moaning about it WON’T CHANGE SHIT. A black man has his fucking right to his preference. Many black men are leaving black women altogether because many of you are just that fucked up. It is the TRUTH. You cannot use shaming tactics like “Yo momma black.” Sorry boo…it won’t work. WE LIKE WHAT WE LIKE! Gilbert Arenas LIKES WHAT HE LIKES! He doesn’t owe you shit NOR DOES ANY OTHER BLACK MAN!


As you know, the buffoonery remains at an ALL TIME HIGH! 



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