5 Reasons You Don’t Deserve A Quality Woman

Many men who’ve been unplugged from the feminist inspired matrix and taken the red pill are now more aware of the true nature of women in 2017. We’re aware of their slutty behavior, how they cover it up, their nefariousness, and their licentiousness when it comes to dealing with men and other people in general.

Men like myself know that bitches ain’t shit, we know they’re not good for much outside of sex, and we damn sure know most women aren’t worth committing to outside of a one night stand, occasional booty call, or a fuck buddy arrangement. We complain about how they can’t cook, are never loyal or faithful, and that it’s a fool’s errand trying to wife up or even date these chicks.

If the bitch can’t cook, all she gets is the nook

But there are just as many men out there not worth committing to themselves. Yes, we talk about the bad investments females are these days but the fact of the matter is, most men aren’t much better. Men talk all this shit about how they require their women to be attractive, know how to cook, have a kind disposition, and will remain faithful. The problem is, most of those men are out of shape, can barely take care of themselves, and are as broke as a joke.

If a man wants a quality woman, he’s got to have his shit together first. You can’t buy something if you don’t have the money. It’s a simple exchange. if you want a good woman, you’ve gotta be a quality male. That starts with the basics: 1) Getting and staying in shape 2) Getting your financial house in order. Without those two basic elements you’re just like the 95% of sexless beta males who simp for single mothers.

There are, however, a few reasons you may not be aware of as to why you don’t deserve a good woman. You could be in great shape and be financially responsible. Hell, you may even have minimal working knowledge as to how women work and what makes them tick. But so do a lot of men and they’re still getting used and abused by women by the truckload. So without further ado, here are my top 5 not-so-obvious reasons you don’t deserve a quality female in your life.

#1: You’re non-confrontational (read: coward)

Most people don’t like confrontation, myself included. But just because I dislike confrontation doesn’t mean I don’t realize that it is sometimes a necessary part of life. If I need to address a situation with a friend, colleague, a woman, or whoever, I never hesitate to do what needs to be done.

No, I’m not the guy who looks for confrontation or looks for a fight. But I don’t shy away from it either. But if your woman gets the idea that you’re non-confrontational, she’ll lose respect for you and start to behave badly because she knows you won’t confront her and check her.

To keep it 100, the root of our non-confrontational culture stems from our comfortable lives…that is, nobody fights anymore. A man who’s never been in a fight with another man is naturally going to be non-confrontational because he’s afraid of the unknown. A man who’s never verbally (or physically) checked a female and put her in her place isn’t going to be non-confrontational with her because he’s not sure what her response will be.

You’ve gotta be ready to lock horns at all times

A woman has to know that you’re a man who will confront uncomfortable situations. If you’re out at a restaurant and she tells you her steak is overcooked and you tell her to eat around it rather than calling to waiter over and demanding another steak, she knows you’re a coward. If your woman disrespects you in public and you don’t pull her aside and tell her to cut the bullshit, she loses more respect for you.

Your woman has to know that in any and all situations that you’ll man the fuck up and say what needs to be said and do what needs to be done to rectify any and all situations. Women don’t want to have to do these things but if they’re with a coward of a man she’ll end up doing the dirty work and eventually she’ll leave him. And if you’re dating a woman and she figures out that you’re a non-confrontational coward she’ll end things before they get serious.

Women respect men who are unafraid to be direct with them and others. If you’re not, you don’t deserve her. Period.

#2: You put too much responsibility on her

A few years back during my fledgling player days I was fucking a single mom (I know, I know but we all gotta start somewhere) who had a 9 year old daughter. I met the kid a few times and she seemed to be well mannered and obedient. I didn’t spend much time with her but the short interactions I had with her she seemed to be a pretty good kid.

One afternoon the single mom calls me and starts bitching about how she gave her kid $10 for lunch at summer camp and rather than buying a sandwich, an apple, and a drink the kid bought sour patch kids, french fries and a soda. “I’ve had conversations with her about making good food choices!” she told me and talked about how disappointed she was in her daughter.

I had to explain to her that her daughter is a 9 year old kid and shouldn’t be given that kind of responsibility. I said something to the effect of “She’s 9…..what did you think she was gonna buy? An organic kale salad and cucumber water?” She laughed and said “You’re right, I never thought of it that way.” The point was she was putting too much responsibility on her kid to make the right choice which was a mistake. Kids wanna be kids. They shouldn’t be required to make decisions on their health or anything else important.

“Why is he putting everything on me?!”

The same goes with women. As men, we’re bigger, faster, strong, and smarter than women. We’re the superior sex and women know this. For this reason she wants you to be a control freak. She wants you to make the plans, decide on the restaurant, and what you’re watching on T.V. and so forth.

As a man you are the leader of the relationship. And as the leader you must take responsibility for everything that goes on which means making any and all decisions as it applies to you as a couple. There are many women out here who are the leaders of their respective relationships and they’re stressed out because that’s not the natural state of a woman.

I’ve been on plenty of vacations or weekend getaways and seen many couples where the woman looks like she’s having the worst time of her life. The reason for that is likely because she made all the plans. She set up the vacation, booked the hotel, made reservations at the restaurants (which means she had to choose them which takes, yet, more time and brain power) and set up the car rental.

She’s miserable because she was indirectly given all the responsibility. Women don’t want responsibility. They want the accolades that come with it but they are ill equipped to accept and execute it.

Be the captain of your ship and lead the relationship. Don’t put any responsibility on her. Simply allow her to be a woman who is relaxed and along for the ride on your train.

#3: You don’t protect her from herself

In 2017 women are safer than they’ve ever been in history. If any harm were to befall them, it’s a rarity indeed. There are laws set up to protect women from any and all perils of the outside world. The only protection she needs from you as a man is if she’s in imminent physical danger and even then you’ll seldom be required to step in and defend her person.

That said, women need to be protected from themselves more than anything. Females are self destructive by nature and pose a greater threat to themselves than anything out there. If you’re a man who doesn’t know how to protect a woman from herself, she’ll self destruct and take you with her if you’re anywhere near her blast radius. I speak from personal experience.

Protecting a woman from herself means one thing and one thing only: Eliminating any and all activities or habits that are conducive to or could lead to slutty behavior and/or infidelity.

“Damn this nigga gotta big ass dick! Thanks Snapchat!”

Make her delete all her social media accounts because you and her both know that social media is way for women to get attention and offers from men. Put a GPS on her phone so you know where she is at all times (read: not fucking anybody else). Put a key logger on her phone so you know what she’s texting to whom at any and all times. There are many, many other things you can do but you get the general idea.

Episode #94 of my podcast lists 8 things women should do to build iron clad trust with men of value in an effort to gain a long term commitment from him. It’s also a de facto guide for men on how to keep tabs on your woman to make sure she is where she says she is and doing what she says she’s doing…a double edged sword of sorts:

Most men don’t have the balls to implement these techniques and most women would find it laughable to volunteer this level of transparency to any man. But like I said before if you want a good woman, you have know to protect her from herself and be unafraid to enforce these edicts. If you don’t, it’s only a matter of time before your woman steps out on you because, again, you didn’t protect her from herself.

#4: You’re a male “slut”

No, not in the way you’re thinking. A male version of a “slut” is a man who freely gives his commitment to any and all women for little to no reason at all. Like females who give their pussies away for little to no reason at all.

Example #1

Male “slut”: Been out on two dates and decides to make her his girlfriend

Slut: Been out with a guy for two hours and fucks him the same night

Example #2

Male “slut”: Has had 8 girlfriends in 8 months

Slut: Fucked 8 guys in the last 8 days

“I just met him last week and he already wants to get serious?!”

Example #3

Male “slut”: Proposes to a female he’s been dating for only 6 months

Slut: Cheats on her boyfriend 6 times in 6 weeks

See a pattern here? Men are the gatekeepers to commitment, women are the gatekeepers to sex. It’s very easy for them to give away what they’re the gatekeepers to. A female who gives up the pussy too soon, loses the respect of a man. We as men think “Damn, she was easy to fuck. I met this chick 2 hours ago and all I did was buy her a couple drinks, make conversation and she gave it up that fast. She’s obviously a slut. I’ll use her till I’m done with her.”

A man who commits to a woman too soon without making her work for it is unattractive. A woman thinks “All I did was fuck him a few times and he already wants to be exclusive? I’ll use him for free food and companionship for a while until a man who makes me work for his time and attention comes along.”

Men who give up commitment too easily are just as unattractive as slutty females who fuck every dude they meet. It’s easy for them to do so which is why they’re shamed for it. Women value what they are required to work for and if you’re ready to put a ring on it after just a few months she’ll see you as a male “slut” and look elsewhere.

#5: You’re a closet simp

Even though you frequent websites like this and are starting to understand the true nature of women, you’re still secretly holding on to concepts like NAWALT (Not all women are like that), that your woman “should love me for me,” or any other ridiculous notion you claim to have seen the light on.

No matter how well you think you hide it, females will eventually sniff it out and when that happens she’ll be gone before you even stick your dick in her. Women have positively zero respect for men who worship their vaginas or don’t know or understand how to handle them.

Renouncing your simphood verbally is one thing. It’s quite another to actually do it in real life. Women have a supernatural ability to detect even trace amounts of incongruity. If you’re a closet simp posing as a red pill aware male she’ll run circles around you if she decides to stick around in the first place.

You can talk all you want…

…about what women are and what women aren’t. You can talk shit about how slutty they are, how terrible they are, and everything in between. You can list all the things you require in a woman before you commit to her and know that few women will measure up and that’s perfectly okay. We must have standards as men.

But if you’re a non-confrontational coward who puts too much responsibility on your girl, has no idea nor the balls to protect her from destroying herself via cock, commit to her too soon and are a closet simp, you don’t deserve a woman with your requirements.

Stop talking shit about what women aren’t until you become the man women want and need.

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