5 reasons your gym sucks


One of the most important changes a man has to make after he finds the red pill is getting himself into shape. Getting strong, and looking strong physically. A great physique is a game changer in all areas of life: Work, family, women, etc.

It goes without saying that a man who is in great shape is a man who has his shit together. People hold men who have good physical makeups in a higher regard. But let’s face it, men and women alike workout to either get laid or keep their significant others from cheating. Sure, there are health benefits but anyone who says they stay physically fit solely for health reasons is lying. Myself included.

That said, it is very important to pick the right gym. And most people are at gyms that are grossly inadequate in many ways. Here are 5 reasons your gym sucks:

#1 – They have “rules” to keep you from achieving an elite physique

There are other gyms similar to the one above but Planet Fitness is the ring leader in this regard. The “No Judgement Zone” gym quite literally encourages physical mediocrity by restricting members from doing exercises that will actually change one’s physique for the better.

Any time heavy compound lifts are discouraged by a gym, it’s clear what their objective is: Take people’s money without allowing them to change their bodies.

If you’re a member of a gym like this, cancel your membership. If you’re not, stay the fuck away from these outfits if you really want to change your body.

#2 – Inadequate equipment

Wannabe gyms never have this equipment

Speaking of the rules above, these wannabe gyms do their level best to make sure you don’t have the equipment to make your muscles grow. No squat racks, no barbells, no free weights over 50 lbs, no equipment that actually challenges your body to exert enough effort to get fit.

These gyms are full of nothing but nautilus machines, pink 2 lbs dumbbells, and exercise balls fat chicks like to bounce around on to pretend they’re exercising. None of this equipment is conducive to changing your physical makeup.

If your gym is absent even one squat rack, you’re at the wrong gym. Get the hell out of there and join what I like to call a “meathead” gym. It might not be the most luxurious with a bunch of amenities but you’ll have the equipment necessary to change your body for the better.

#3 – Female personal trainers

Nevermind the fact that most “personal trainers” at these wannabe gyms are rarely qualified, male or female. But when I see a woman training a man, I shake my head in amusement.

A man who willingly puts his physical fitness in the hands of a woman will be let down every time. I don’t care if she’s an IFBB body builder, a woman is utterly incapable of changing a man’s physique. And any gym with female “personal trainers” should be avoided like the plague.

Still not qualified to train men

Take a look at your own gym. Are there female “trainers?” Yes? Cancel your membership and go to a gym where all trainers pee standing up.

#4 – It’s more of a social gathering than than a fitness facility

Years ago I joined a gym. I sat down, signed the paperwork and signed up. Before I made it back to the locker room I hear someone blurt out “Donovan Sharpe just became XYZ gym’s newest member!!!!” Everyone in the gym erupted in applause and “WOOOOOOO”s.

It took me a week to figure out that this gym wasn’t really a gym. It was a social gathering venue masquerading as a fitness club. Every day there were balloons everywhere, people standing around talking while chugging their energy drinks or protein shakes, talking about everything BUT fitness.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between night clubs and fitness clubs

There are scores of these gyms in America. The party-like atmosphere is designed to draw people in who think working out is an excuse to mingle and talk and bullshit around rather than actually lifting weights. It’s not difficult to figure out if you belong to a gym like this.

If you do, get the hell out of there and go sign up at a fitness club that is more interested in training than talking.

#5 – Fat personal trainers, aerobics instructors etc.

Thankfully, the gym I currently workout at has the equipment necessary to actually get in a good workout. But when I look around and see the “personal trainers” it shocks me to see how many of them are fat, skinny, and just generally not in very good shape.

Sure, there are a couple that have above average physiques but by and large the “trainers” there are far from physically qualified to tell anyone how to build a better body.

I also see overweight aerobics instructors and fat spin class leaders. How they pull this shit off, I have no idea. But if your gym doesn’t have personal trainers who pass the eye ball test in terms of physical superiority, you’re at the wrong gym.


Similar to religion, the fitness community is focused more on profits than actual progress. There is way too much focus on making members feel good rather than motivating them to become their physical best.

This can be mitigated if you walk in with a workout plan in place and can block out the nonsense that happens at these outfits. But at some point you have to recognize when a facility is simply not adequate enough to meet your fitness needs.

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