5 Reasons why NOBODY wants Nigerian women including Nigerian Men Themselves

Nigerian Women

If there is one thing we can all agree on, then it’s the fact that no man wants Nigerian women. Actually nobody cares or even talks about them including their fellow Nigerian men who have since set up shop in Kenya with one mission and one mission only, to get and seduce Kenyan women.

And I totally get why because Kenyan women are to die for. Not only are they extremely gorgeous but their personalities are very bubbly. They understand what it takes to show a man a good time and thus go out of their way to make him feel wanted and appreciated.

That’s why even Nigerian men in Nigeria have no problem ferrying them all the way from Nairobi to Lagos on a first class air ticket. And that’s not all; they also go the extra mile of putting them up in expensive 5 start hotels and take them to expensive dinners and shopping expeditions which leave their local ladies exasperated.

But I can’t blame the men; Nigerian women basically have nothing to offer. They are way under in the women bracket, way below South African women which we have always assumed are at the bottom of the chain.

Which brings me to my topic of discussion today; just why doesn’t anyone give 2 fucks about Nigerian women?

First thing first, they are extremely ugly. I mean look at it, of all the women you know, show me one that is hot and I might as well ask Oshay to shut down this blog. Nigerian women have bad shapes, big manly hands and zero ass and hips. Their faces are also not exactly the best to look at and they can’t keep their hair organized. Now couple that with distasteful fashion sense and it’s a total disaster.

And don’t be thinking this ugliness is only in your average Nigerian broad, it transcends all the way to their music and movie stars. Apart from Chidinma and Yemi Alade, which other Nigerian female star looks good?

Now since Nigerian women know they don’t look good, they go to extreme levels to pull off a façade. What do I mean? I mean they result to fake beauty just to attract the few men that will dare give them an eye.

They spot on a weave, layers upon layers of makeup, fake butts, hips and what not just to look good. Some go to even extreme lengths to inject themselves with hormones which they have been told will make their booties pop out (more often than not this backfires).  So there you are at a club in Lagos thinking you have landed yourself a hot girl only to take her home and realize you carried a “Precious.”
This is when all the makeup is finally out, the weave is gone, the eyebrows and the corset which was holding down her big stomach.

Nigerian women are also very ill mannered. They are extremely loud, inelegant and the word etiquette doesn’t exist in their vocabulary. Actually if you pride yourself in being embarrassed, then get yourself entangled with a Nigerian woman and you will have your fair share of embarrassments.

I know of a friend who was dating one and one day when they were out in the club, he bumped into his first cousin. A lady of course whom he was very excited to see. So they hugged and attempted to catch up and that’s when his Nigerian lady started bringing all sorts of drama. She was being abusive and violent and she didn’t care to listen what explanation my boy was giving. Just to cut the story short, they all ended up being thrown out of the club for disturbance and breakage.

Nigerian women also have very bad breath if you ask me but I can’t entirely blame them. They only eat junk and are in the habit of drinking and smoking a lot thus making their breath really stink. And I mean really stink.

Lastly, don’t expect a Nigerian woman to keep anything to herself. If you are dating her, just know you are dating the whole clan and all its sets of problems. Don’t be shocked when you are 3 months into the relationship and she asks that you start paying for her siblings college fees; all 6 of them just to be precise.

She will also be involving all her friends in every decision that you guys make in the relationship. I learnt this the hard way when I was dating one and every time we used to get into  fight then she would always throw in some useless shit she had apparently being warned about by her girlfriends.

If you want to live a happy fruitful life, then get yourself a Kenyan girl or a Ugandan one. What the hell, just get any girl that’s not Nigerian.







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