5 Reasons Why Black Mothers hate When Their Sons Date White Girls

We all know that black women hate them some white girls. They hate white girls with a passion. Now back in the day, they didn’t really pay ‘em any mind because they stayed in their world, and black women stayed in theirs.

But black women didn’t really start hatin’ on white girls when white girls started fuckin’ with black dudes because in the beginning, that was an outlier situation. White girls weren’t really checkin’ for niggas back then…..at least not as much as they are now. But what really started the hate for white girls was when black men started marrying and dating white girls when they became successful or rich.

He knows he’d be fuckin’ miserable with a black woman

The hate has exponentially increased now because everyday black men have started abandoning sisters for white girls. Now the reasons for this are vast and I’ve talked about it many times on my show and in the ebook Black Man’s Revenge: The Black Man’s Guide To Dating White Girls and Other Non-Black Women, but one thing I’ve really never delved into why MOTHERS of black boys don’t want their sons to date white girls.

It’s one thing for black women to hate white girls because we’re dating and marrying them more, but it is quite another for their SONS to make that choice. Black women get PISSED when their sons date white girls. They can act like they don’t, they can say they don’t, but we all know they do.

So here are 4 reasons black mothers hate it when their black sons date white girls.

#1: It highlights their failure as women

It’s an open secret that today’s black women aren’t feminine. They’re mannish, aggressive, angry people who have no an ounce of femininity in their veins. It’s as though looking, acting, and moving like a female is trained out of them at birth.

Men don’t want non-feminine women and this is true across all races. When a black son chooses white girls, he is indirectly saying he doesn’t want to be with woman like his mother, who is not feminine. Somewhere along the way his masculine hard drive responded to girls who act like actual girls and it didn’t take him long to jump ship.

My high school sweetheart was a white girl and interestingly enough, her father was a very effeminate male. All these years later I now understand why she gravitated towards black boys from an early age (her ex boyfriend before me was also black). It’s the same reason black boys gravitate towards white girls when they’re young.

It’s a natural reaction for boys to be attracted to women like their mothers. She’s the biggest influence in the first decade and a half of his life. Mothers are the only example of what a female is to the boy which shapes and molds his preferences in female companionship.

If a black boy is attracted to women who are the polar opposite of his mother, then the mother has failed her son. A mother is supposed to be the picture of femininity and grace but if she isn’t, her sons will look for women who are nothing like her.

#2: Public perception

As we all know, women are highly influenced by public perception. They would never admit this out loud but females are hive minded creatures whether they know it, admit it or not. A black mother with a black son who dates a white girl is akin to the scarlet letter in the black community. Especially among women.

A black mother’s friends and family will wonder “Where did she go wrong with him?” and so forth. White fathers face the same ridicule but it’s not quite as vocal. White fathers are scared to death because if word gets out that his white daughter is dating black boys, he’ll be labeled as “The father who’s daughter likes black guys.”

A black mother doesn’t want those questions from friends and family. They don’t want the furtive glances that come their way when their sons come to family get togethers or outings with his blonde haired blue eyed girlfriend.

She also doesn’t want questions from her own mother such as “You need to set him straight” or “What didn’t you do?” or “What happened?”

Public perception is every bit as responsible for a black mothers disdain for her son “race trading” as anything out there.

#3: She doesn’t want him getting validation from black men

A black woman will never congratulate a black man for dating a white girl…that’s obvious. But have you ever notice that black men rarely catch heat for catching jungle fever?

Black women don’t want black men uplifting each other. Why?

Because they want black men to be dependent on the approval of black women.

The black community is overrun by female leadership (no wonder it’s in the shit these days) and it’s gotten to the point where the black community can’t function without the black woman. It’s almost as though black woman is a drug that the body is addicted to. It’s harmful to the body, yet, the body can’t live without it.

Make no mistake gentlemen, black women are 100% responsible for the fact that the black community is now run by black women. But that doesn’t negate the fact that it creates a relationship of obligation and black women know this.

Black men admire black men who date white girls. And it starts when they’re kids. When I was in high school I got all kinds of love from my friends for dating a white girl (it also helped that she was drop dead gorgeous).

Mom doesn’t want this because she wants her son to get his validation from her, and subsequently black women which will eventually lead him to seek out black women to marry in order to get that seemingly never ending validation as a man.

#4: She knows once he goes white, he’s not coming back

Black women know what their deficiencies are but the fucked up thing is that they’re proud of it. They characterize themselves as strong and independent but deep down they know they’re little more than once giant headache.

Niggas ain’t tryna put up with a black woman he has to compete with. We ain’t tryna deal with a bitch who’s in our ear about this and that all the goddam time. Black women are never happy unless they’re unhappy.

To be fair, white girls are competitive too…but they’re competitive with white men because they have about as much respect for them as black women have respect for us. But white girls respect black men which means the last thing they want to do is compete with us like black women do.

Black mothers know that white girls are kinder, sweeter, more generous, and take care of black men far better than black women. Black mother know that black men are happier with white girls….they see it all around every day. She knows that if her son gets so much of a taste of that white girl, he’s not going back to black girls EVER.

There’s a pervasive saying among white girls: “Once you go black, you don’t go back!”

Black women are learning to live with another axiom they know is 100% true:

“Once he goes white, he’s out of sight!”


Any black mother who reads this knows this assessment is accurate. But like everything else that’s staring them in the face, they’ll deny it out of sheer stubbornness and pride. Interestingly enough, those are the same reasons they can’t lock down a black man of value anymore.

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