5 Reasons Why The Drake-Pusha T Beef Is One Of The Softest Hip Hop History

Five solid reasons why the Drake-Pusha T beef is corny and soft.

1) Aside from the fact revealing , “Duppy” and “The Story Of Adidon” are mediocre

That’s right, aside from learning that Drake is a dead-beat dad, we know nothing new from the Drake and Pusha T diss songs.

All tracks were based on some super lazy flows with monotone beats and quite frankly pointless. Drake let his Godfather persona take control while over analyzing some random scenarios just to prove himself that he really is the man and Pusha T maintained the same tone while taking out the dead-beat dad card from his sleeve.

I’m sorry but both songs are weak and no career ended after they hit the Net.

2) They’ve been at it for so long that it became uninteresting

The two of them have been taking stabs at each other ever since 2011. Up until this point, the beef pretty much became irrelevant to Hip Hop. But still, both Drake and Pusha T decided to go along and diss each other one more time even if no one asked for it.

In my opinion, the perfect timing for the beef was after Pusha dropped “Exodus 23:1”, a song that pretty much flamed both Lil Wayne and Drake without even naming any names.

3) Pusha T admitted that it’s only rap beef

For everyone that actually expected something to happen, you can take a seat. Pusha T admitted that it’s only Rap beef between the two of them with the sole purpose of entertainment.

In the end, it’s better this way but it’s time to end it for real.

4) Drake is a Pop star (whether he likes it or not)

Despite him continuing to perceive himself as a Hip Hop character, Drake is more likely a Pop star than a rapper. He talks like one, he acts like one and his fan base consists of Pop music fans mostly.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, because that ultimately means more money for him but Pop stars releasing diss songs is not something that I want to hear.

5) Pusha T’s relevance as a rapper is at its minimum

I’m sorry Pusha but your time as a rapper has passed. There aren’t any more Pusha T fans out there.

Not that we don’t respect your work it’s just you’ve been disconnected from the music scene for so long that we don’t know how to get used back to you. Focus on your fashion and focus on being a boss at GOOD Music. It’s way better this way. I mean, why be a rapper when you can be a boss?

Bottom line, Meek Mill is probably the winner in this beef. His prize: time to find himself again as a rapper.

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