Adidas and Pusha T to release the EQT Support Ultra “Bodega Babies”

Pusha T x Adidas

After collaborating with Adidas on several occasions, G.O.O.D. Music president Pusha T will benefit from yet another signature shoe release from the Three Stripes brand.

You guessed it, the collaboration will focus on another legendary running shoe that gets a modern spin and a co-sign from Pusha T himself. Find out all the details below.

While previously collaborating with the rapper on three different occasions, the brand is proud to announce the fourth partnership that’s set to release under the name of EQT Support Ultra “Bodega Babies.” As it’s probably easy to guess, the shoe is an inevitable tribute to the corner store anchors that contribute to New York City’s inimitable flair.

Bodegas are not only used for late night snacks or any sorts of emergency shopping but they’re also ground zero for natural born hustlers. The concept of the shoe is to support this hustle in the most comfortable way while providing a brand new look for anyone that finds himself in this situation. In order to create a proper climate for their release, Adidas took on social media to premiere the collaboration while allowing us to get an exclusive look for the kicks.

As we can see from the photos above, Pusha T’s EQT Support Ultra “Bodega Babies” is based on a “Hard Beige” upper inspired by the paper bags used at Bodegas while reflective stripes and carp leather paneling compliment the overall look. A perfect combination for anyone that rocks a sports-inspired outfit on a daily basis.

The final design also features “King Push” metal lace locks while benefiting from luxurious packaging. As you probably anticipated it, Pusha T x adidas EQT Support Ultra PK will be a “highly limited” release that only a few lucky shoppers will get to cop. That’s right, placing the “limited release” tag on a shoe drop still works but there’s some good news for the rest of us who don’t have an Adidas plug.

If you liked what you saw, be sure to be on the lookout starting November 4th when the shoe will benefit from a global release. As of right now the kicks are priced at $220 USD but resellers will probably jack the price up after getting their hands on this release. Anyway, best of luck with the drop and be sure to post some photos with the kicks in the comment section if you managed to get pair.

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