4 Dishes Every Woman Should Know How To Cook

Those of you who watch, listen, and follow me regularly are well aware of 2 things:

#1: My woman is attractive…

Yes, I’m showing off and bragging…
…and no I don’t give a shit

#2: My woman can cook

One thing I’ve always been adamant about since the beginning of my Red Pill broadcast career is making sure my audience knows that I am congruent with what I talk about. A lot of guys who do what I do are fakin’ the funk. They talk about “All these bitches I’ve fucked” and “My woman is sooo hot” and “My woman better know how to cook.” But in reality, their on air personalities are nowhere near who they are when the camera is off. They’re either sexless beta males who talk a good game, or they have fat girlfriends who are every bit as bitchy as the women they claim to hate or reject.

I’ve made it a point to let people know that I am who I say I am. I don’t just write and talk about this stuff. I live this life and you guys know it. You guys also know that one thing I absolutely positively will not compromise on with regards to the women I spend time with is her ability to cook. I’d rather date a 6 who can cook than a 10 who cannot…and that’s an easy decision to make. 

A woman who cannot cook is a woman who doesn’t deserve the commitment of a high value male. Obviously not every woman is going to be a Michelin Star level chef. But if a woman doesn’t possess at least remedial culinary faculty, she’s not worth investing time, energy, or resources into to begin with.

That said, I’ve tapped my woman for a little guidance on the basic dishes every woman should know how to cook. If she can’t or won’t make any of these, put her in the fuck buddy category and leave her there.

So here are 6 dishes every woman should know how to make to impress and please their men.

#1 – Scrambled Eggs

Believe it or not, I’ve dated more girls who don’t know how to make scrambled eggs than women who do. It’s a sad reality but the truth is the truth.

The wrong way: Cracking eggs into a skillet and pushing them around until it’s solid. Any bitch can do that.

The right way: Cracking eggs into a bowl, adding milk and whisking it until it’s ready to put poured into a skillet.

The extra mile: Adding baking powder to the eggs and milk for bright fluffy eggs that are pleasing to the eye and taste great. Also, adding other fruits and/or veggies make great garnishes.

Any woman who can’t at least make scrambled eggs does not deserve anything but your dick in her mouth. Period

#2 – Pancakes/Waffles

This is a simple “just add water” recipe that takes little to no effort. But if a woman has never made pancakes or waffles or puts forth very little effort, she’ll be bad at it…at which point you’ll know what kind of woman you’re dealing with.

The wrong way: Other than burning them, there’s no real way to fuck them up. Simply follow the directions on the box, butter the pan, add the batter and wait until the pancake has bubbles all over then flip it. Rinse and repeat. Easy peasy.

The right way: If a girl knows what she’s doing here, she’ll put a small pad of butter between flapjacks when they’re finished. Aside from buttering the pan to keep them from sticking (unless she’s using a ceramic pan), this is what makes the difference between good pancakes and bad ones.

The extra mile: My woman likes to add vanilla extract for flavor. She’s also made chocolate chip pancakes. If your girl is a quality woman who wants to show you she loves you and knows how, she’ll do a little something extra as mentioned.

#3 – Tuna/Chicken Salad

Now we’re into the realm of lunch. And tuna and chicken salads are both quick and simple options. But just because they’re simple, doesn’t mean it doesn’t take some effort. The basic ingredients involved are easy to get and mix, but it’s very easy to mess up.

The wrong way: Getting the proportions wrong. Too much mayo in a tuna or chicken salad renders it inedible.

The right way: Again, following simple directions will yield good results. but paying attention to detail is what will make this a great lunch option.

The extra mile: If your woman knows that she can use lettuce, tortillas, sandwich bread, or a fancy bun, then she has above average culinary faculty. Variety is the spice if life and understanding there’s more than one way to skin a can in this regard helps a girl to realize that this one recipe can turn into potentially 6 different lunches.

#4 – Steak and a baked potato

So now that we’ve gotten breakfast and lunch out of the way, let’s get into dinner time. And one, very simple, cant’ miss meal that every red blooded American male adores is steak and a baked potato. This is one of my personal favorites and my girl is well aware of that.

Unfortunately she’s one of only 2 women I have ever dated who know how to prepared this simple, yet important meal.If a woman can’t make a man the classic meat and potatoes meal, she’s not worth committing to….period.

The wrong way: Though very simple if you know what you’re doing, fucking up a steak is equally easy. Throwing a steak onto a skillet until it turns brown is far from the right way to make one properly.

The right way: The way my girl makes steak can also be found on the internet. In a nutshell, she heats up an iron skillet to 500 degrees, sears the steak on both sides, then pops it in the oven for another 10 minutes. My steak comes out perfectly every time. Though it takes little effort on her part, possessive some cooking knowledge helps in this area.

The extra mile: If your girl really wants to flex her culinary muscle, she’ll top your steak with a bleu cheese butter or a garlic butter. Both are very easy to make and once again, my girl has done this before, as pictured below:


If a woman is unable to cook these 4 simple dishes…

…then don’t waste your time with her. Fuck her and chuck her. That’s all shes good for.

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