7 Reasons Why Black Men Are Tired of Black Women’s BullSh*T!

Tired of Black Women

I won’t waste anytime trying to seduce you readers with an elaborate introduction. Let’s make this very simple. BLACK MEN ARE TIRED OF YOU BLACK WOMEN’S BULLSH*T! For years, we sat back and watch you go on the White man’ talk show and talk about how we are gay, lazy, and terrible fathers. But now, its PAYBACK !!!




You  must understand that the African American woman presents herself to be sinless in the context of her relationships with African American Men. She presents herself as the most educated and also the most ambitious. However, she is the SAME FEMALE who is the most SINGLE!




Contrary to popular belief, Black men are usually not the buffoons that the media and Black Women make us out to be. Many of us are educated, own businesses, and have awesome job training which make us viable in the economy. However, Black Women will continue to act like ALL Black Men are horrific. Well, if Black Men are so horrific, then explain why Black Men have more marriages than Black Women?

Despite Black men having 2 million less in the population in comparison to Black Women, we are married 364,000 TIMES than they are. Don’t believe me? Click the link for yourself!





I know I know. It is hard to believe right? Yet, the propaganda against Black Men continues in an negative fashion to depict black men as being unfaithful, inconsiderate, and dysfunctional. However, if there are more black men Married with a population of 2 million LESS compared to black women, then WHO is REALLY “undateable?”



YOU GUESSED IT! Ratchet and uncompromising BLACK WOMEN! They are the evil despicable creatures who have pissed off a great majority of black men in the Negromanosphere. I will now give 7  reasons why Black Men are constitutively tired of Black Women’s Bullshit.



Have you women ever heard of “Shutting the F*CK UP?” The only time you stop talking is when you need to hold your head still to get that stanky sweaty ass weave installed in La Keisha’s apartment. Black men are tired of your mouth!


2) When you do talk, You sound like a MAN

Black women not only look a lot like men, they sure do sound like it. Most of you speak with the same lingo as men do and that is VERY UNFEMININE!

3) You don’t Know What You Are Talking About


Most of you women are pretty dumb. You have no idea what you are talking about. I know one of you will say that you are the most educated group of females with regards to education. However, how do you explain being the number one group in Obesity and leading in STDS? The reason why that is because YOU ARE NOT THAT SMART! You have NO IDEA what you are doing! JUST STFU!


4) We are tired of all your kids


Your kids are bad as sh*t. You expect us to provide for these satanic heathens and also take them places. Yet, these kids come first? What black man wants to come second fiddle to a child (OR CHILDREN) that do not belong to us?


5) We are tired of your Obesity


If we wanted to date something wide, we would ask a shopping mall out on a date. We don’t want our women resembling the same size arena that the Los Angeles Clippers play in.


6) Tired of Your Friends and Family


Black Women like to keep their friends and family in the business of the relationship. For example, black women like to use male cousins or brothers to intimidate the boyfriend or husband. She will disrespect the man and if the man reacts, she will call her male relatives to fight the guy. Black men are tired of this stupid game. Nobody got time for that.


7) We are tired of that stanking  weave


Black men do not want to help support your weave habit. If we want a non black woman, we will get one.


I’m out! Remember…the Buffoonery remains at an ALL TIME HIGH!!!!!

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