6 signs your girl has baby rabies

Now we know there are a lotta chicks runnin’ around out here who’s biological clocks are ticking louder and louder by the day and when it becomes apparent to them that they don’t have much time to get pregnant and have a kid, (or a kid who’s gonna be healthy because old bitches give birth to unhealthy children which is why women should marry young and have kids young in the first place) they start to panic and before they know it they’ve got a case of the dreaded baby rabies.

As a matter of fact, you might be with a girl right now who has baby rabies and you don’t even know it so I’m gonna give you guys 6 signs your girl is lookin’ to trap you with an “unexpected pregnancy.”

#1 – She proactively mentions a miscarriage

There aren’t too many situations where a woman would proactively mention a miscarriage…especially to a guy she’s dating or fucking. Most of the time when they mention it without being asked about it, it’s because they’re looking for attention and sympathy. Sometimes they’ll mention it at a doctor’s office if they’re asked because of a medical exam but that’s because they’re asked to talk about it. Ex: ”are you pregnant, have you ever been pregnant, etc”

If a woman you’re seeing starts talking about a miscarriage she had and it comes out of the blue meaning you weren’t even talking about kids or anything like that, she’s hinting to you that she’s looking to have a kid and it might mean she wants you to be the father.

Miscarriages are a mind fuck to women because they take it personally. They think to themselves “A baby died inside me, something must be wrong with me” and no matter what women say, they have a strong biological desire to reproduce and if they lost an opportunity because of a miscarriage, carrying a pregnancy to term, in her mind, will help her get over it and repair her reproductive self image.

#2 – She’s had an abortion

Now it’s one thing to have a miscarriage because that’s not something a female has control over. Sometimes a woman’s body just rejects a pregnancy for any number of reasons or no reason at all….that’s just how it is.

But when a woman chooses to kill her baby before it’s born, that’s not only a mind fuck, she’ll have an extremely guilty conscience. No matter what women say or what they THINK,  every single abortion stays with them. Life goes on, and they continue to live their lives, and party, and get fucked without condoms and all that but every so often they think to themselves, “I wonder what my kid would have looked like right now?” “I wonder if it was a boy or a girl?” “I wonder what I would have named it?” This is that kind of shit that goes through every woman’s mind who has destroyed her offspring before taking its first breath.

Well at some point a guilty conscience is too much to handle and they feel that in order to make up for the abortion or to right a wrong or wrongs, they need to have a baby to redeem themselves.

#3 – She’s in her 30s and asks you if you like kids

Now most men might think this is a standard question that comes from females….especially in the beginning like the first date or the beginning of a relationship. But if she’s over the age of 29 and she asks you if you like kids, WATCH THE FUCK OUT.

Keep in mind that younger women ask this question too but their reasons are a little different. They may be thinking about you as long term relationship material. Now that doesn’t mean a younger woman doesn’t have baby rabies but any woman over the age of 29 who asks you if you like children and doesn’t have children of her own, she’s got the rabies for sure.

#4 – She’s in her 30s and tells you she doesn’t want kids

This is a reverse projection ploy women with baby rabies like to use to try and throw a target off the scent. Like I said before, every woman on the face of the planet is born with a STRONG desire to reproduce and give birth. It’s who they are as women. It’s not something they can just turn off. It’s in their DNA.

And if she tells you proactively she doesn’t want kids, and she’s in her 30s, again, be on the lookout. Sure, she might be telling the truth but are you gonna take that chance? Are you gonna stop using condoms because she SAID she doesn’t want kids?

If someone told you that if a woman in her 30s proactively tells you she doesn’t want kids that it’s a 95% certainty she’s telling the truth would you raw dog a bitch and discount the 5% chance she might not be? You wanna be saddled with child support for 18 years?

Younger women think they don’t wanna have kids because they’re young. They’re having so much fun they think they can’t see themselves having children any time soon so they say out loud “I don’t think I want kids” or “I don’t want kids right now” which, in this day and age, is normal female slutty vernacular.

But it is biologically inconsistent for a woman in her 30s who is childless to say definitively that she doesn’t want children. Maybe she’s telling the truth, maybe she’s not but there’s no need to take a risk like that. It’s not even close to worth it.

#5 – She knows you have one foot out the door

Women are hyper aware of behavioral patterns in people and they have a supernatural ability to read people. Person for person the average female is much better at reading and interpreting non verbal human behavior than the average man. That’s where the term women’s intuition comes from. They have to have this ability because they’re the smaller, slower, weaker sex. It’s a survival mechanism.

Well females also use their intuition to gauge a man’s contentment in a relationship. When a woman asks you “where is this going” she already knows where it’s going…..she just wants to hear to you acknowledge it or come clean with the truth. She already knows whether or not you’re happy with her before she asks you. She just asks the question to start a dialogue to either fix whatever issue you have with her or to get the verbal reassurance that she’s holding it down as your woman and that you’re not going anywhere for the time being.

By the same token, a woman knows when you’re thinking about leaving her. You may not say so and you may not think you’re showing signs but trust me when I tell you women ALWAYS know. They’re almost never blindsided by the men in their lives. And if your woman knows you’re about to bounce on her she’ll catch a case of the baby rabies real quick because even though they know that having a man’s baby is the worst way to try to keep him around, bitches still engage in this nonsense.

So if you know you’re on your way out the door, your woman knows it too and if she does, you can either stop fucking her altogether and just leave or use metal condoms.

#6 – She asks questions about your genetics and health

Just because a woman has baby rabies doesn’t mean she’s not gonna be selective when choosing a target to trap with a baby. Women seek out the best genes just like we do. They want to have the children of men who are big and strong, have masculine qualities, etc.

Well obviously if she’s fucking you, you measure up physically. But when she starts asking you questions about your medical history, your illnesses, your family medical history like “is there heart disease or liver disease in your family” “have you ever broken a bone” they ask questions like this to make sure you’re as healthy on the inside as you appear to be on the outside. She may ask to see pictures of your mother and father because girls know that there are a lotta dudes out here on steroids who look strong and physically fit but they know that steroids don’t change a man’s genetic code.

She’ll also ask you questions about how you did in school, what kind of grades you got, what you scored on the SAT and so forth because she wants to know whether or not she’s gonna have a smart kid or a stupid kid.

The thing is, if a woman knows you well enough she knows whether or not you’re smart or dumb….she knows whether or not you’re healthy, she knows all these things. But because they wanna be 100% sure of what they’re getting in an offspring they give themselves away by asking the kinds of questions that only a woman who wants to have a baby with you will ask.

I was good friends with a guy I met in LA a few years back and he’s a few years older than I am but when I met him he had a two year old. I didn’t think anything of it because men have kids at all ages these days…..we’re fertile until we kick the bucket.

Anyway, i remember him telling me about his baby mama tricked him into getting her pregnant and he said she kept asking him questions about his high school and college transcripts. Then when his mom came over to visit she actually asked her if the family had any illness in their history. He didn’t think it was a big deal until his mother congratulated him on finding a life partner and he said he was like “Life partner? I’m just dating her” and his mother told him “well she’s got other ideas” and couple weeks later he found out she was pregnant.

Now the girl was really hot and they ended up having a boy and the last time I talked to him they were still together and doing pretty good so that situation appears to have a happy ending….at least for the time being. But what if he didn’t want a kid? What would she have done if he dumped her and said “I’ll pay child support and take the kid every other week but you and i are done.”

Girls never think this stuff through, especially when they have baby rabies which renders a female’s rationale and foresight useless when getting pregnant is the only thing on their minds. There is NO reason a woman would ask you about your genetics, family history, or SAT scores unless she wants to have your baby. She ain’t askin’ you this shit to make conversation I can guarantee you that.

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