6ix9ine wants back in the game, blames his crew for snitching

After getting out of jail for co-operating with the law, rapper 6ix9ine got on the Internet to break down the situation with his crew after everyone accused him of being a snitch. Fans, friends, family, and curious people jumped on the rapper’s IG live to witness his take on this entire situation, while 6ix9ine even managed to break the record for the most streamed live video ever on Instagram with over 2 million views.

Not only this was a first but 6ix9ine also has an interesting opinion on things went down:

After debuting two thotties dancing and wildin’ out to his music, the rapper entered the video dancing with a pair of handcuffs and mentioned that he will not beef with anyone that cannot match his jewelry game. After making the statement, 6ix9ine continue to scream at the camera that he truly believes that people hated him way before the snitching and that most of them only used this as an argument to hate on him more.

Afterwards, the rapper continued saying that he sees no particular reason why he should feel bad about putting his entire crew in jail for football years. Surprisingly, he puts that on the fact that before being arrested, his former crew kidnapped him, robbed him, beat him on camera and had sex with his baby mamma so there was no reason why he would not testify against them and take his punishment.

The rapper went on for 13 minutes in a video that “broke the Internet” according to fans. You can watch the whole thing on top of this post. Not only did 6ix9ine break the silence earlier last week, but he also shot a new music video in front of his house, after getting the permission to do so from the judge. Unfortunately for him, the video caught the eye of a peaky neighbor which, of course, posted everything on social media for fans, friends, and enemies to find out where he lives.

Police came to the scene and 6ix9ine was forced to move homes due to security reasons. A few days later, the story repeated itself and fans exposed the rapper’s second home. This, of course, was not that hard due to the rapper’s pink G Wagon being parked outside of his home. So a few questions remain after this story: was 6ix9ine right to snitch on his crew? Does he still have a place in Hip Hop? Is he safe being out after this episode? Make sure you share your thoughts on the situation in the comment section.

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