7 Reasons She’s Not Into You

Not Into You

You’re talking to a girl you’ve been trying to get with for a few weeks and you think things are going great. You spend time with her, you go on dates with her, and you’re always texting back and forth. You haven’t fucked her yet but you’re sure your time will come if you hang in there just a little longer. Then she drops this on you…

“I love you to death! You’re like a brother to me!”

At that very moment you realize you’ve been placed in the dreaded friend zone which means you ain’t gettin’ them panties any time soon if ever.

Platonic male friends are every girl’s dream. All the benefits of a relationship without having to put out. These days girls have become more adept at dangling that carrot over your head and give you just enough to keep you around because she knows you want to fuck her. Most of the time this works like a charm.

He will never fuck her. She knows it, he doesn’t.

They’ve honed this skill over the years because, thanks to the internet, more men are aware of friend zone tactics. This has forced them to adapt and predictably, they did.

Below are 7 reasons the chick you’re talking to doesn’t want you between her legs. A couple of these are obvious, but most of them are covert. That is, they’re designed to make you think she wants you to fuck her when it’s actually quite the opposite. Check ’em out:

7. She doesn’t hide her sluttiness

Asking a girl how many dude’s she’s been fucked by is always a bad idea. Especially if it’s a girl you like. When asking this ill advised question one of two things will happen: 1) She’ll divide her real notch count number by 7 and tell you “I’ve only slept with 12 guys” or 2) She won’t give you an exact number (likely because she stopped counting at 50) but she’ll say something to the effect of “A lot.”

A women will only give you a number well below their real notch count because she likes you. She knows deep down that men with options don’t commit to females who are whores. She doesn’t want you to think she’s a whore so she tells you she’s “only been with 10 men.”

She’ll tell you all about her one night stand with the hot new DJ in town

A girl who gives you a number closer to her real number isn’t trying to get with you. She may not give the real number (say….129 or so) but she’ll have no issue telling you she’s fucked a lot of dudes. The reason for this is that she doesn’t like you. She doesn’t care if you know how licentious she is because she has no interest in you.

When she tells you and you recoil or say “Wow, that’s a lotta guys!” she’ll simply laugh it off, shrug her shoulders and say “You only live once” because she doesn’t care that you think she’s a slut. And if she doesn’t care, she’s not into you. Period.

6. She uses you as an emotional tampon

You might think those 3 hour conversations about her childhood, past relationships, and the ongoing drama with her friends are greasing the skids for some pussy plundering but trust me when I tell you it isn’t. A man that allows a woman verbally vomit to him on the phone about whatever bullshit she’s yapping about becomes unattractive to her very quickly.

Don’t be her emotional tampon

I addressed this very element of game in a column on Return Of Kings two summers ago:

A woman doesn’t need a man who consoles her, talks about his feelings, and curls up on the couch with her for a chick flick-a-thon.  That’s what her girlfriends are for.

Listening to a woman drone on about her problems is akin to shopping with her—both are feminine activities. Being her shoulder to cry on is one of the quickest ways into the friend zone which all but eliminates your chances of bedding her.

5. You don’t hear from her at night

The way this works is that every morning you get a text from her saying ‘good morning’ or ‘hey you!’ to establish contact and reattach the umbilical cord that feeds her the relationship benefits she’s been getting for free because your dumb ass doesn’t have the balls to cut her off.

You’ll text back and forth throughout the day and maybe have a conversation or two. But when the evening arrives you hear from her less and less and when the sky is finally dark for the night, she disappears. You think to yourself “I guess she’s busy tonight.”

This is what she’s “busy” doing

Well, you’re right but not in the way you think. The truth is she’s getting busy with her flavor of the week who doesn’t text back immediately like you do or spends hours on the phone with her listening to her yammer on about her problems. You’re essentially taking her to the bar, buying her drinks, and making conversation and he swoops in at the end of the night, takes her home and fucks her leaving you to pick up the tab.

If the chick you’re after seems to disappear when the sun goes down you can bet your bottom dollar she’s getting her brains fucked out by someone who isn’t you.

4. She asks you for advice about other guys or talking about her hookups

When a chick you’re talking to asks you “Hey, what do you think of Mike?” or “Does Eric have a girlfriend?” you can kiss your chances with her goodbye.

The reasons for this is straight forward: 1) If she liked you, she wouldn’t ask you about other dudes and 2) She doesn’t respect you enough not to talk about men she’s interested in.

“Is your friend single?”

Another variation is when she regales you of her romps in the sack with this guy or that. She’ll happily text you the next morning about how much fun she had with whoever she met on Tinder and fill in the details when you talk to her on the phone.

On the flip side, she’ll also talk about her bad experiences like getting fucked and chucked by the hot bartender she met at the club or how she can’t figure out why the unemployed guitar player for a local garage band isn’t calling her back.

Whatever the case may be, if she’s talking to you in detail about her trysts with other men, she has zero interest in you.

3. She has no issue being naked around you

I remember one chick I set up a same day meet up with a few years back. I saw her at the gas station, chatted her up, got her number, picked her up, and took her to a downtown bistro later that evening. We talked and drank while I ran standard escalation game.

The sexual tension was palpable. We made out several times at a bar and in my car. I drove her home expecting to be invited in for “coffee.” Instead, she said “Look, you’re hella fine but I can’t sleep with you tonight.” I tried to overcome the LMR (last minute resistance) but I guess it wasn’t my night. Can’t win ’em all, fellas, it’s part of the game.

When she got out of my car she leaned over into the window and asked if we could meet up tomorrow night to which I answered “We’ll see.” She smiled went into her apartment. But something she did grabbed my attention when she leaned over…she covered her cleavage so I wouldn’t see down her blouse.

The reason she did this is because I was “a threat.” That is, a threat to her slut shields. She was obviously attracted to me and didn’t want to fan the flames lest I try again and she finally succumb to my game, so she covered up. Girls do this all the time.

“Do these look okay on me?”

However, if a woman makes no effort to cover up, not show leg, ass, or anything else that might happen to come into view she doesn’t view you as “a threat” to sleep with her. I’ve heard countless stories in my time about dudes who are at their crush’s apartment and they tell me stories about how she changes clothes in front of them, and even walk around naked.

Those girls didn’t view my buddies as threats, nor were they worried about them trying anything. They were perfectly comfortable prancing around sans bra and panties because they knew nothing sexual would happen, nor did they want it to.

So if the object of your affection gets naked around you on the regular and the two of you haven’t start sleeping together, she ain’t into you, playa.

2. You do things for her but she never returns the favors

Men all over this country who are stuck in the friend zone are all too familiar with the following texts:

Her: Hey do you mind picking me up from work? I’ve got a date tonight and my sister can’t come get me!

You: Sure! I’ll be there when you get off!

Her: OMG ur a life saver! I love you to death!

And like the sexless beta males they are, they rush over to rescue their fair maidens from certain disaster. But hey, the more they do favors for these sluts the closer they get to sleeping with them right?

Wrong. Dead fucking wrong.

Females in this country have made countless men the beta bucks to their alpha fucks. They get the beta orbiters they know they’ll never sleep with to do the things they know the men who are fucking them won’t. Borrowing money, giving them rides, or helping them move are just a few of the things they know they would never ask the alpha cocks in their lives to do because they know the answer they’ll get is “hell no” and risk him ghosting on her.

Straight up……

Worst yet, is that they never return the favors their bitch boys do for them. In her mind the fact that she lets him hang out with her and bask in her presence is payment enough. In fact, he’s the one in her debt so the things he does for her is the least he can do to repay her for the privilege of her mere presence.

You might think I’m exaggerating with that last paragraph but I can assure you I’m not. This is exactly how girls think and I might even be underselling it. That’s how narcissism females have engrained in them from birth for no other reason but that they have vaginas.

If you’re doing favors for a female you’ve got your eye on and you haven’t fucked her yet, its time to hit the eject button, get off that hamster wheel she has you on and find a new target.

1. She calls you her best friend

Western culture would have men and women believe that their significant other should be their best friend. There are countless memes, sitcoms, movies, even television commercials that push the “best friend with my boyfriend” as the best case scenario.

This is the closest he’ll ever get to fucking her

If this were really the case, the term “friend zone” wouldn’t have a negative connotation. I touched on this fallacy in the article I referenced earlier:

What they [women] need is a lover and protector who keeps her grounded by not feeding into her emotional shenanigans, holds frame, and shows as little vulnerability as possible.  Girls need to be able to rely on their men to be the immovable object in their lives—their rock.  It is impossible to be these things as her best friend.

The moment a woman thinks of you as a friend, or worse, her best friend, you’re beyond finished. Even men without game or red pill awareness know that once they’re put in the friend zone it’s game over.


At the end of the day it’s important to know and understand the signs a woman sends to let you know she’s interested in you. But it is far more important to know and recognize the signs that she is not. As stated in the intro, girls have become experts in giving men just enough to make them think they have a chance to fuck her and that’s how they keep them around for favors, emotional outlets, and the like.

Do yourself a favor and start paying more attention to her actions and start being honest with yourself about what she’s telling you verbally and non verbally. You’ll save yourself a lot of time and money chasing after a female who will never sleep with you.

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