7 Successful Habits Black Men Need to Adopt Before the Age of 30

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“Time waits for no king,” that is an adage that over and over reminds us that time is of much essence in our lives. Are you almost 30 years of age or just over it and you feel you are not doing things right? Are you craving for success while you are still young? Then your habits help a great deal in answering all these questions. Below are several habits black men must adopt before 30 years of age to guarantee you success

1)Learn how to save and spend your earnings.

If you balance these aspects correctly, then you won’t run broke. A sizeable portion of your earnings should go toward savings and wise, well thought-out investments. Avoid spending your income on depreciating assets such as, cars and Jordan’s; focus on making that money work for YOU! Think of creating websites and creating small businesses that generate passive income.


2)Excellent organizational skills and time management.



Having excellent organization skills helps you prioritize things in accordance to their importance. The most important things are to be attended first. Organization and time management, for the most part, go hand in hand. The goal setting templates on www.goalsettinghabits.com can help you set great goals for your future.


3) Read books and the news daily.



Books help you figure out how other people think. News informs you about the world because you can’t change the world which you have little or no knowledge of. You can set a goal of reading a book a week. If you are ambitious, you can set a goal of reading a book every two days. Yes, a book every two day! The more you learn, the more you earn.


4) Getting enough sleep, waking up early and having morning exercises.

These habits give you an upper hand since you will have much more time during the day with waking up early. Exercise and enough sleep helps you improve your mental strength and, boost productivity.


5) Always want to try new things.

This helps one widen their scope and learn many things. It enhances diversity in thinking and action. You may uncover a hidden passion that you can now work on in your spare time or it can be a full-time endeavor. It all begins with trying!


6)Learn to consult and seek advice from successful people.

No man stands alone. People need each other for survival. Consultation helps one view things from a different perceptive. Information is helpful since it helps one not follow the wrong path or make a poor decision.


7) Accept challenges, work hard and repeat what mostly works for you.

When you make it a habit of accepting challenges and working hard, you will notice that experience the most growth in your personal and professional life. It’s fine to feel uncomfortable when you pursue your goals. Through this discomfort, you will learn what works and what doesn’t


8)Be decisive, and say no to what you think is not right.



With these habits, they bring with themselves a trait of responsibility. Here you take responsibility for your actions and decisions. When you say “no” to others you’re basically saying “yes” to yourself. By being decisive and saying “no” to things, you now have the time to focus on tasks and activities that are the most beneficial to you.


9)Make sure you have a daily plan which motivates you to have regular success.

Having a complete and ambitious daily plan sets the course for your day. Make sure you include tasks that inch you one step closer to your ultimate goals in life. Anything else is a waste of time.  



10)Make it a habit of hanging out with people who bring positive change in your life.

People whom you share the same dream, have the same vision and are goal-oriented. Please take the time to screen potential friends to make sure they are not energy vampires. Friends should be supportive or your goals and dreams. If people don’t show much support, they don’t deserve to be a part of your life.

These habits can’t bring any success without you being ready to pay the price and sacrificing enough for them. They are to be exercised daily for them to be called habits, be absorbed in our system and success will come knocking sooner than you imagined.

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