7 Ways Black Men Can Make Money In Marijuana

The Marijuana Industry is the fastest growing business sector in America at present. In the last 2 years the industry has grown 74%. It is now estimated to be a 6 billion dollar industry with projections reaching 10 billion in the next 3 years. In the last article entitled Where Da Weed Man At , I argued for black men to take part in the oncoming legalization of marijuana. It’s kindergarden logic that some of that green (plant and paper), should fall into black hands. However, I am keenly aware that many black men simply will not qualify to obtain a grower or dispensary license due to a felony conviction. Others, will probably be leery about the initial investment required to enter the industry. Therefore, I am compiling the 7 highest paying jobs in the Marijuana Industry for Black Men. These job do not pay minimum wage. They pay a living wage that starts at $15.00/hr for entry level positions. So If your record is clean and you wish to make that green, these are the jobs for you.

 7. Marijuana Edibles Chef.  We are all familiar with the weed brownie. But there are other edibles that can be prepared using marijuana such as gummy bears, lollipops, mac-n-cheese, and peanut butter cookies. No! I ain’t trying to make you niggas hungry!…lol..But what I am trying to tell you is that Marijuana Edibles Chefs make anywhere from $50,000-$100,000 per year. Does that make you hungry?

  6. Marijuana Sales Representative (AKA the Weed Middle Man) These are the guys between the between growers and stores. They broker the deals for the stores with the growers. To be successful, you need to understand both the production and sales areas of the market. The going salary for a weed middle man is about $60,000 plus commission. That’s something you can roll a fat one to!

 5. Dispensary Store Manager.  Dispensary store managers run the day to day operations of the store, as well as, make sure you’re following all of your state’s obscure cannabis laws that keep the store owners and the customers out of trouble. They are an indispensable tool for success of any marijuana dispensary in the local area.  The average salary for a store manager is reported to be about $75,000/per year.

 4. Cannabis Extraction Technician.  Marijuana is a plant and the study of its’ properties mean lab work. Medical Marijuana may be legal in some states, but not all them allow patients to smoke it or consume edibles. Thus, there is a thriving field for those who know how to convert cannabis into oils or other forms to comply with state laws. The average salary for a weed tech is about $75,000-$125,000 per year.

 3. Marijuana Cultivator (Grower). Anyone with good lighting and the proper hydroponic equipment can grow some weed. But it takes a skillful person to produce large quantities to supply dispensaries. Cultivators must know the proper care for the various strands, exactly how much lighting is needed for large yields, as well as, how to protect mass quantities of marijuana from damage by pests. Cultivators can bring home an income at or between $80,000-$100,000 per year.

 2. Budtender (Weed Pharamacist). Budtenders are the Marijuana Industry’s equivalent of pharmacists.  Budtenders provide customers information about dosage, different types of cannabis, and the wide variety of strands and strains. Most importantly, they inform customers of the effects what they smoke, eat, or  purchase from a dispensary. Budtenders will typically caution new users to take half the recommended dose and then wait 60 to 90 minutes in order to experience the full effect. Budtenders receive rigorous training in their field that can go all the way up to one year. Some are even licensed in the industry. Budtenders tend to average about $100,000-$125,000 per year depending on the dispensary.

 1. Dispensary Owner.  A dispensary owner owns, directs and sometimes even works at a dispensary that supplies marijuana either medicinally, or recreationally. These guys buy direct from an authorized cultivator. Because they are buying in mass quantity, the usual rules of business apply: buy low, sell high. Although their product may be unconventional, their approach to business is still the same. It’s not just a vice, it’s a business! Because they deal with large quantities, the profit range can be huge. Chain stores can bring in from $125,0000-$2.500,000 million a year depending upon the size of the operation. For that kind of money, I’d be in love with Mary Jane too. So! the moral of the story is that Marijuana is a helluva drug! (shout out to Rick James).

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  • Cookiehead Jenkins

    Since we as black men been ruining our lives behind the sale and use of the Wacky Tobacky, not to mention the criminal charges incurred against many of us I am still skeptical if legal cannabis would be an equal opportunity game for us today. Considering this in the article “It’s kindergarden logic that some of that green (plant and paper), should fall into black hands. However, I am keenly aware that many black men simply will not qualify to obtain a grower or dispensary license due to a felony conviction.” So that being said this issue alone is already a critical barrier right there for the average black man to capitalize on legal weed. This is NOT including the capital. Furthermore there are new laws behind the scenes as it apply to the DUI laws. Let’s not forget that even in the state of California, this is an “at will employment” state. Which mean it would be easier to get rid of your black asse if YOU work at a private company if you are known to smoke weed despite the “state laws” because private companies can dismiss you due to violation of their “drug policies”. Just food for thought.

    • Power and Strategy

      1. The medical marijuana games is open if it is regulated at the state level; which it is. And skepticism noted. the fact remains that it is a multi-billion dollar opportunity for those who had the means to enter it. Also opportunity is never equal for black men in society that’s why you have to be willing to take chances. Opportunity belongs to those bold enough to claim it. There are no more excuses. While the ownership may be closed to those with felony records, for those brothers without them (and there are some out there) it is an open field. If the Game (the rapper) can get a dispensary, I know there are some brother that should be able to at least work in one. The laws behind the scenes are of no real consequence if the owners or employees are licensed to work in the industry by the STATE!!!!! Also, I was not suggesting partaking in the trade and working in some private company. The article is about employment in the industry for brothers with clean records. Just food for thought.

      • Cookiehead Jenkins

        I guess if the endgame is economic empowerment I definitely see your point and I like the context in what you have stated regarding the “opportunity”. I think we both agree one should NOT partake in this venture while working in some private company.