7 Reasons Why Your Ex Girlfriend Contacts You

You’re at the gym getting your lifting in and so far things are looking good. You hit your personal best on the dead lift, your bench was rock solid, and that squat rack is about to get dominated. You stretch out, take your place under the bar and push that iron. You bang out 7 reps, you’re feeling good, and ready to do more when your phone buzzes. You pick it up and see a text from a familiar number that reads: “I miss you.”

It’s your ex…

Few of us haven’t experienced that out of the blue random text from our ex girlfriends telling us they miss us, asking how we’ve been, or any other conversation starter designed to start a dialogue with you. Our ex-girlfriends reach out to us for many reasons. Based on my personal experience, here are my top 7:

#1: She’s horny

She wants the D

The average female has a lower sex drive than the average male but there are times of the month where all they think about is getting fucked stupid…namely when they’re ovulating or they’re PMSing.

Either way, she needs dick in the worst way and because she fondly remembers how you used to ravage her at all hours of the night, she’s looking to get her fill of that alpha cock you faithfully supplied her with when you two were an item.

We all know that even ugly women can get dick any time they want so when we get that text we might think to ourselves:

“She can get dick from anyone at anytime? Why’s she hittin’ me up?” Great question which leads me to #2…

#2: Her pipeline is dry

If ugly women can have a stable of cock at the ready, then good looking girls have an entire farm of them. Hell, even decent looking women have men into the double digits they can get a quickie in with at a moment’s notice.

But every once in a while a woman’s pipeline is dry. Maybe the guy she gets fucked by the most is out of town, her backup is with his girlfriend this weekend, and her #3 isn’t returning her texts.

Any time a woman’s access to regular dick is impeded for some reason or another, they often reach out to their exes to stymie any gaps in her carousel riding habits.

#3: She’s realized she’s fucked up and wants you back

The look of a woman who knows she made a mistake

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side but about half the time it usually is. Your girlfriend decided she wanted to upgrade so she left you for another dude.

Problem is, her new guy isn’t who she thought he was. Things were much more fun and exciting when she was fucking him behind your back but now that she’s exclusive with him and spends more time with him, she sees who he really is and realizes she doesn’t like him as much as she thought she did.

Realizing her mistake, she reaches out in an attempt to branch swing back to you and make things right. A LOT of girls do this on the regular and your ex is no different.

#4: She wants to cheat

Most of the time when a woman cheats on you it’s with her ex. And if you’re that ex, she’ll hit you up when she’s ready to step out on her man.

Similar to #3, she realizes she doesn’t like her new guy as much as she liked you but because he buys her things, is financially stable, and drives a bad ass car she wants to keep him around for a while (read: alpha fucks, beta bucks).

She wants the financial security but she always needs the side dick to satisfy both sides of the feminine imperative. So don’t be surprised if she calls or texts you for a quick fuck but has no intentions of leaving her current beau.

#5: She just got dumped and needs validation

Women have extraordinarily fragile egos and nothing bruises that ego more than being dumped. When a man rejects her for whatever reason she falls into a depression that all but consumes every part of her life.

At some point she’ll get so desperate for that validation that keeps her fueled that she’ll fuck anyone and everyone to prove to herself and others that she’s still desirable.

Hooking up with old boyfriends is one of many ways females do this to keep from slitting their wrists because “nobody wants me anymore!” And when you get that “Hey wanna hang out?” text from her, this is one of the likely reasons why.

#6: She’s shit testing you

A woman’s radar for male attention and validation is always on whether they know it or not. Even when they’re happily married or in a great relationship they’re always on the lookout for the next dude to branch swing to in case things go south with her current man.

So when your ex reaches out to you, she’ll make conversation, bring up the good old days, and be otherwise pleasant in an attempt to make you go in for the kill and suggest that the two of you hang out. She has no intention of hooking up with you again but if you refrain from suggesting a meet up, you’ll have passed a shit test which will make you more attractive to her.

When a woman sees that you’re not desperate to get back with her it says to her that you’re fucking other women, living your life and going about your business, or both. Rushing to impress her and trying to meet up for drinks is failing a shit test at which point she’ll move to the next guy in her phone as a backup plan in the event her relationship goes awry.

#7: She’s keeping you on ice

Let’s go back to the ex who got with a new dude, realizes she’s not going to stay with him for too much longer, but wants to stick around long enough to benefit from his money, car, and posh lifestyle.

When she calls or texts you out of the blue she’s gauging your interest in her despite her being in a relationship that she likely started before she ended things with you. If you show her you’d entertain thoughts of getting back with her, she’ll stay in contact with you to keep you on ice. Women always have a backup plan in place and she won’t hesitate to use you, her ex, as that backup plan.

In the end…

…your ex making contact with you after a significant amount of time has gone by isn’t because she likes you and wants to rekindle that flame. Yes, #3 stated that she wants you back but any man with red pill awareness knows that just because an ex girlfriend wants you back doesn’t necessarily mean she still likes you.

Women need to be in a relationship with or casually fucking a man regularly. A woman who doesn’t have a boyfriend or a husband is likely fucking at least 2 guys. This makes her feel wanted and validated and the status of her lovers is of little consequence so long as he or they are sticking their cocks in her reguarly.

Do yourself a favor when your ex texts you and ignore it. There’s way too much pussy out there to be going back to your ex who’s probably been fucked by dudes into the double digits since you split. You’ve got better shit to do than to entertain thoughts of getting back with your slut of an ex girlfriend.

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