8 Reasons Single Moms Are The Worst Significant Others On The Planet

Since the start of third wave feminism, single motherhood has been touted as heroic, noble, and worthy of the utmost reverence from all who have the privilege of laying their eyes on such a woman. Predictably, females have taken this false respect and wear it as a badge of honor. Anyone who doubts their inflated egos need only take a 5 minute stroll through any number of social media feeds and it’s easy to see these broads think much more of themselves than they should.

Most men with red pill awareness know that single moms are a bad bet in terms of any sort of commitment outside of a one night stand or a one week fling. But there are still dudes out here wifing these bitches up and touting these chicks as the queens of the fucking universe.

Women internalize bullshit like this

If any of you reading this are one of these idiots, don’t worry your secret’s safe with me. But allow me to free you of the shackles of making the egregious mistake of committing to a woman with one or more whipper snappers runnin’ around, and give you 8 reasons you need to get off this narcotic.

#1: Their bodies are NEVER the same

Back when they’re childless, women in their late teens and early 20s have awesome bodies. Their tits are perky, their asses are tight, their midsections are sexy as hell (often adorned with navel piercings), and their skin is soft and supple.

After even one child, things go south in a hurry. Her tits start to sag, cellulite begins to make its way onto her ass and thighs, and her tummy isn’t quite so tight anymore. Worst of all the ‘s’ word: STRETCH MARKS.

Fucking disgusting…

If she has more than one, it’s over with. Fraudulent clothing may help a little but you’ll run for the hills when she takes her clothes off.

Granted, there are many women out there with multiple children whose bodies show little to no signs of childbirth. But because of “body positivity” and the glorification of single motherhood, women have little to no motivation to get back into shape after shitting out a few offspring.

And why should they? They’re told they’re perfect no matter how they look and that their children make them the most desirable women out there!

#2: They’re terrible mothers

Let me be clear when I say this so there’s no mistaking what I’m saying: I have never met a single mother who was a good mother. Period.

Every single single mom I know is a bad mother and there are no exceptions. They’re selfish, impulsive, and rarely think of their children when making decisions (especially when deciding to fuck multiple men).

One chick I knew in Vegas has a son who’s so poorly behaved, he’ll end up in prison soon after he turns 18 and it may even happen sooner than that. I knew a couple of sisters in North Carolina who each had 4 kids by 3 different men but somehow find time to go to the club every weekend.

If you take a closer look at the single moms you know of, you’ll quickly see that they’re bad parents. And don’t give me this “Well I know of a woman who goes to all of her son’s basketball games!” That may be true but you can bet your ass she’s on her phone texting with the 8 niggas she’s fuckin’ and has no idea what happened in the game. But not to worry…her mother will tell her all about it when she picks him up from her house again when she returns the next morning from another all night fuck fest with whatever his name was.

#3: It’s never their fault they’re single mothers

Single moms are single moms because they had unprotected sex with men they had no business having unprotected sex with. They were being hos, decided to let a bunch of niggas raw dog ’em, and now they have 3 kids.

Oh they’ll tell you they were in a committed relationship and that her baby daddy(s) ain’t shit. They’ll tell you they were all alcoholic, drug addicts who fucked prostitutes while he gambled all their money away then came home, beat the shit out of her every night and called her names.

But it’s never true. They’ll never tell you they had a one night stand with their boss or that they went home with some dude from the club and forgot to take the morning after pill. It’s always the very worst case scenario that removes any and all responsibility and accountability for her single motherhood.

#4: They’re always broke

Females with a bunch of kids are some broke ass bitches. They never have money. Nevermind the fact that as women they’re naturally impulsive and aren’t good with money in the first place. If they have even one kid, most of her money in some way shape or form goes to the kid (if she’s a half decent mother in the first place)

Single moms are money pits. Trust and believe that if you ever date one, you’ll be footing the bill every single time:

Wanna go to the movies? You’ll be paying for your ticket, her ticket, her 3 kids’ tickets, and another $60 for snacks and drinks.

Going out to eat? She won’t even pick up the tip.

Wanna go on a weekend getaway? She’ll bring her kids because she wants them to experience things she knows she can’t and won’t do. And guess who foots the bill?

Single mother are a bad financial investment in every way. Stay the fuck away from them.

#5: You are NEVER the “priority”

You would think that because they’re bad parents a single mother would treat you like a king, right? If she only pays attention to her kids when it’s time to put them to bed or to yell at them for interrupting her while she’s scrolling through her Facebook feed, surely you’d be the beneficiary of her lack of good mothering right?


Single moms are selfish which means they only look out for themselves. If they don’t prioritize the needs of their own children, they’re damn sure not going to treat you any better.

These chicks also use their children as a shield for their poor treatment of you. “My kids come first!” is a go to favorite of the single mom when telling you why she hasn’t been over in a week. Then she’ll turn around and dump you and say it’s because you don’t get along with her kids.

Funny…..they seemed to get along with you just fine when you were buying them shit every week.

#6: They bring NOTHING to the table…

…because they don’t think they have to. The world tells single mothers that they’ve made the ultimate sacrifice by having children and raising them and that there’s nothing more they need to do because they’ve accomplished this harrowing feat.

You think a single mother is gonna cook for you? You think she’s gonna give you pussy when you want it? You think she’s going to be a pleasant women who represents you well in public?

Hell no.

And the reason for that is because as far as they’re concerned, being a single mother is all she needs to be to deserve the best life with the best man possible. Why should she expand her value as a partner if she’s already reached the pinnacle of womanhood?

#7: Being around her kids exposes you to false abuse accusations

Females do not handle rejection well at all. I dumped a woman once and a week later I caught her trying to put sugar in my gas tank. We’ve all heard stories of the crazy things females do when shit doesn’t go their way…especially when it comes to men.

A busted window, slashed tire, or a keyed car is one thing. A false accusation of abuse against her kids is quite another. And if you think a woman wouldn’t stoop to those depths to get back at you for a perceived “wrong” you’ve done to her, think again.

She won’t lose a wink of sleep

Women do this shit all the time and a quick Google search will yield a shitload of stories to back this up. Further, men are always guilty until proven innocent. There doesn’t even have to be evidence for the law to lock you up. All mom has to do is tell her kid to tell the cops you did something to them and you’re behind bars meaning your life is effectively over.

Tangle with these bitches if you want to but understand that if a woman wants to get back at you, she’ll stop at nothing to do it. Including using her kids to get you locked up.

#8: Baby daddy drama

If she’s still arguing with him, she wants to fuck him

Here’s the red pill definition of baby daddy drama:

The mating dance of choice between the unmarried parents of a child or children; a precursor to further sexual intercourse.

One of the biggest mistakes men who date single mothers make is actually believing them when they talk about how they hate the father(s) of their child(ren).

They listen with intent as she drones on and on about how he cheated on her, or about how he’s a womanizer, or about how he had a temper, or any number of “horror stories” she regales you with regarding their torrid relationship.

But those in the know understand that baby mamas are always checkin’ for their baby daddies. How do we know this?


She can say whatever she wants but at the end of the day, she let dude raw dog her enough to put at least one baby in her which means she was and still is aroused by him on a primal level. He can be a broke, abusive, alcoholic, drug addict but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t still want to fuck him and there are few exceptions to this rule.

And when she cheats on the man who made the mistake of committing to her in the first place (and she will cheat) most of the time she’ll cheat with the baby daddy!

So if she calls you to bitch about how she can’t believe her baby daddy did this or said that, it’s a mathematical inevitability she’ll be taking his unwrapped dick again very soon.

If you’re still not convinced…

…then you, my friend are a simp. I’ve always said that some lessons can be taught but most have to be learned. And if you’re the type that needs to learn this lesson the hard way, understand that the collateral damage, both monetary and emotional, will be substantial and potentially permanent.

You’ve been warned.

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