Focused on Victory – The Man’s Path

In a world that is always indecisive, always torn halfway between the gender roles, the right image of man’s role in life is often clouded and hazy. We’re here to try and sweep off the dust from the path that men should follow, as we have always done here at Negromanosphere.
Much of the difficulties in the lives of young men, the sort of “pathless” rummaging through life, could stem only from not knowing the true purpose of men, the mission in their life. Granted, each man is a story to himself, and all eggs shouldn’t be put into the same basket, but there is still a pre-determined pattern, a set of qualities that define a man and his path.
What this path is and which these qualities are, we will discuss together. In a sense, many of our previous articles tie in to this overall theme, each one giving you a little piece of the puzzle. Read on as we discuss.

The Burning Brand
There’s a darkness out there. A big ol’ shadow that is slowly creeping over the world. It threatens to engulf and erase the common sense, the morals, the man’s world and all the masculine values. The shadow comes in many different forms, many of which we wrote on here before, and many of which we are yet to write about. But today we’re focusing on the path. The man’s path is by itself – rebellious. All important decisions, all crucial thoughts and innovations come from “rebelling” against the established norms. Breaking the old habits, and reinventing the rules. Today, those rules and habits are crooked, disfigured and mostly turned against the masculine values. That’s why, today, in the 21st century, men are left with the responsibility of re-carving their path once again. Today, we are almost like burning brands, each one bright against this shadows that threatens us all. Because of this, we tell you – don’t give up. Don’t abandon your own values, your own dreams and desires. Fighting for them and pursuing your goals IS in fact the true path of man – doing what you desire and fighting for it. That sets you apart, takes you a notch above all the rest. Going with the flow is not a man’s trait – going against it, though – definitely is.

Light in the Darkness
You owe it to yourself to live the life to the fullest. Always do your best to fulfill your visions. But, you also need to remember that only you have the power to change your life for the better. Every aspect of it can be made better and improved. Your game is weak, and you have no luck with women? You HAVE the ability to turn that around. Make a better version of yourself. Work on your game and if you have to – fake it until you make it!
What we all together need to realize is that only we have the power to bring our own light into the darkness – whatever that darkness might be for us. Spiritual, global, material, or whatever – each problem can be solved.
Because why? Because men are always focused on victory. The one trait to set us above others – the relentless pursuit of higher grounds.

We hope that if you’re in a dark place today, and you are feeling the pressures of the modern world all around you, that you will not give up. A man’s only salvation is he himself, and those like minded individuals who are willing to share a helping hand and a inspirational word. You need to remember that we got your back. When one man picks up the flaming torch and heads out into the darkness, he lights the way for many others to follow him. He gives them a chance. And that my friends, is the ultimate revolution! The biggest fight and the sweetest victory.
Also, we want you to share your insights in the pressures that young men feel today. Have you had any shortcomings that you needed to improve? Any obstacles to fight against and overcome? Comment below and lend us your thoughts.
If you have any ideas for future articles, something you want to see covered or discussed – then by all means, let us know. We look forward to working together with you and making Negromanosphere the best source for man’s values!
Until then – keep conquering!

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