A Dangerous Predator – Part 2

Introduction – Time to Revisit
More than a year ago was the first time that we presented our audience with a bold concept full of truth. It was more of an introduction into the state and the situation that surrounds us, and was an important insight into the oddly sharp and calculated mind of women in the 21st century. That article was called “A Dangerous Predator: Understanding the Woman’s Ultimate Weapon”. And today, it’s time for part two!
A lot has changed since then, and sadly, for the worse.  If you paid attention back then – good! You’ve probably realized a thing or two that has helped you along the way, putting your game one step ahead. But today we’re confirming the previously learned and we are dishing out some more hard truths. How does the thot’s mind tick and what propels its cold and calculated cogs? Read on as we attempt to dissect that cold and dark place.

The Electronic Sacrifice
A thot requires sacrifice. Just like in ancient times, those who lack some matter in the brain compartment will quickly rush to give them offering and sacrifices in hopes to receive a shred of attention or something else. Which, of course, they will not get. These offerings and sacrifices are modern, designed to feed the one thing that propels a thot through life – her ego. These offerings are electronic, they are likes, shares, views and virtual hearts. The more likes, the bigger the offering.
Look, all people are different, but not all actions are justifiable. Not every deed is moral or right, or positive. As a matter of fact, most of these things (thot related) are decadent and immoral. But they don’t realize it. At their basic, thots are superficial and shallow, they only care about attention and their own bloated ego, both of which they get in heaps and heaps. But the biggest problem lies with those that give them this attention, and who give them this food for the ego, actively encouraging the decadent, promiscuous and wholly negative behavior. If truth was to be presented, and values reversed, the problems would soon resolve themselves.

The Ever-hungry Ego
Most of the attention consists of compliments. A compliment is a tasty bite for the ravenous ego, and how is she not to receive a metric shit ton of compliments every day, when she posts half naked pictures of herself, a tease for the thirsty beta dweebs that shower her with likes and dumb comments. And thus the circle is completed and it only goes like that. The problem only deepens itself, and in the end rationality, morals, self respect, modesty and personal values are all thrown out of the window and quickly becoming a thing of the past. That is a critically bad thing, and just why that is so, you will probably realize in the near future.
What can we do to defeat this dangerous predator, you might ask. What can we do to uproot this problem and finally erase the blatant encouragement of slutty behavior? We can do little, but even that little can mean a lot – expose them. Deny them. Discriminate. Call out. Uphold your own values and praise the positivity in this life.

Imma say it. And imma stick to it. Promiscuity and slutty behavior are degenerate. For both men and women. We need to change this. And only we can change it. A time will come when we will realize how grave this situation truly is, and perhaps then it will be too late.
Do you disagree? Do you agree? Let your voice be heard, now is the time. Comment below with your opinions on the matter of thots and sluts and their behavior, and how it affects men and positive lifestyle. We want to hear your thoughts. Until the next time – Keep Conquering!

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